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Seller: lots-of-uk (604) 100%, Location: Northolt, Middlesex, Ships to: GB & many other countries, Item: 254236769767 if multiple listings bought will combine all purchases and will send for the cheapest rate When Dinosaurs Rule The Earth Jurassic Park John Hammond (Richard Attenborough), the founder and CEO of bioengineering company InGen,has created a theme park called Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar, a tropical island near Costa Rica, populated with cloned dinosaurs. After a park worker is killed by a Velociraptor, the park's investors, represented by the lawyer Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero), demand that experts visit the park and certify it as safe. Gennaro invites the mathematician Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) while Hammond invites paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern). Upon arrival on Isla Nublar, the group is stunned to see a Brachiosaurus and a herd of Parasaurolophus in the distance. At the visitor center, the crew learns through an explanatory video and a tour through a laboratory that the cloning was accomplished by extracting the DNA of dinosaurs from mosquitoes that had been preserved in amber. However, the strands of DNA were incomplete, so DNA from frogs was used to fill in the gaps. The dinosaurs were all cloned genetically as females in order to prevent breeding. The group is then joined by Hammond's grandchildren, Alexis "Lex" and Timothy "Tim" Murphy (Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello) for a tour of the park, while Hammond oversees the trip from the park's control room. However, the tour does not go as planned, with most of the dinosaurs failing to appear and a Triceratops becoming ill. As a tropical storm approaches Isla Nublar, most of the park employees depart on a boat for the mainland and the visitors return to the electric tour vehicles, except Ellie, who stays with the park's veterinarian to study the Triceratops. During the storm, Jurassic Park's computer programmer, Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight), who has secretly been paid by a corporate rival to steal dinosaur embryos, deactivates the park's security system to allow him access to the embryo storage room. Most of the park's electric fences are deactivated, leading the Tyrannosaurus to attack the tour group. Grant, Lex, and Tim narrowly escape while the T. Rex devours Gennaro, injures Malcolm and shoves one of the vehicles over an embankment, where it lands in a tree. On his way to deliver the embryos to the island's docks, Nedry becomes lost, crashes his Jeep, and is killed by a Dilophosaurus. Sattler assists the park's game warden, Robert Muldoon (Bob Peck), in a search for survivors, but they only find Malcolm before the Tyrannosaurus returns, chasing them in one of the vehicles and ultimately failing to catch them. Unable to decipher Nedry's code to reactivate the security system, Hammond and the park's chief engineer Ray Arnold (Samuel L. Jackson) opt to reboot the park's computer and electrical network. The group shuts down the park's grid and retreats to an emergency bunker, while Arnold heads to a maintenance shed to complete the process of rebooting the system. When he fails to return, Sattler and Muldoon head to the shed themselves. They discover the shutdown has disabled the remaining fences and released the velociraptors; Muldoon distracts the raptors while Sattler turns the power back on, discovering the severed arm of Arnold afterwards. Soon after, the raptors ambush and kill Muldoon. Alone in the park, Grant, Tim, and Lex discover the broken shells of dinosaur eggs. Grant concludes that this means the dinosaurs have been breeding, which occurred because they have the genetic coding of frog DNA—West African bullfrogs can change their gender in a single-sex environment, which the dinosaurs were able to do as well. On the way back to the visitor center the trio encounter a herd of Gallimimus when suddenly the Tyrannosaurus appears out of the jungle and kills one. Grant, Tim, and Lex reach the visitor center, and Grant leaves them there as he goes searching for the others. After finding the bunker, Grant and Sattler head back to the visitor center, where the children are being attacked by two velociraptors. The four head to the control room, where Lex restores full power, which allows the group to call for rescue.While trying to leave, they are cornered by the raptors but escape when the Tyrannosaurus suddenly appears and kills both raptors. Hammond arrives in a Jeep with Malcolm, and the entire group flees together. Before they board a helicopter to leave the island, Grant says he will not endorse the park, a choice with which Hammond concurs. The Lost World: Jurassic Park A British family is on a yacht cruise near Isla Sorna. The daughter (Camilla Belle) wanders on the beach and encounters a Procompsognathus,more Procompsognathus arrive and attack her, much to the horror of her mother but her father and the sailors rescue her. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) publicized the incident at Jurassic Park, but disbelief destroyed his academic reputation. Four years later, John Hammond (Richard Attenborough), having lost control of InGen to his unscrupulous nephew Peter Ludlow (Arliss Howard), summons Ian to his home and tells him about Isla Sorna. Isla Sorna is the island where the dinosaurs were engineered and nurtured for a few months, before being moved to the Jurassic Park's main location, Isla Nublar. He explains that after the park was shut down, a hurricane destroyed the containment facilities on Isla Sorna, and the dinosaurs have been living free in the wild ever since. Hammond requests Malcolm to join a team that will travel to Isla Sorna to document the dinosaurs in their natural habitat as a way of rallying public support to prevent Ludlow from exploiting the site for InGen and encourage him to leave it as a nature preserve. Ian initially declines, but after learning that his girlfriend - paleontologist Sarah Harding (Julianne Moore) - is part of the team and is already on the island, agrees to go. Ian meets the other two members of the team: equipment specialist and engineer Eddie Carr (Richard Schiff), and video documentarian Nick Van Owen (Vince Vaughn). Shortly after arriving on the island, they find Sarah and discover that Ian's daughter Kelly has stowed away on the trailer that the group is using as a mobile base. Ian tries to take Kelly home, but they're interrupted by the arrival of an InGen team of mercenaries, hunters, and paleontologists led by Ludlow, which they spot chasing and capturing several dinosaur species such as Parasaurolophus, Pachycephalosaurus, Gallimimus, and Triceratops, for another park Ludlow plans to build in San Diego. Tracker Roland Tembo (Pete Postlethwaite) wishes to hunt and kill a male Tyrannosaurus by luring it to the cries of its injured offspring. That night, Nick and Sarah sneak into the InGen camp to release the dinosaurs, which causes a huge commotion as one of the Triceratops destroys the camp and the dinosaurs escape. During the commotion, Nick frees the infant Tyrannosaur and takes it to the trailer so Sarah can set its broken leg. Ian takes Kelly to the "high hide", a lift Eddie built to keep them safe above the trees. Ian, after trying and failing to contact the trailer by phone, returns on foot. Shortly after he arrives, two adult Tyrannosaurs - parents of the infant - find the trailer. The team gives the infant back, but the two adults become angry about their injured infant and begin pushing the trailer over the edge of a nearby cliff with the team inside. Eddie leaves Kelly in the "high hide" and returns to the trailer in an SUV. With the adults temporarily gone, Eddie is able to tie a rope to a tree trunk and send it down to Ian, Sarah, and Nick to grab onto. He then ties a cable to the trailer and tries to use the SUV to pull it back over the edge. He partially succeeds, but is attacked and devoured when the Tyrannosaurus return. The trailer and SUV fall off the cliff, but Ian, Sarah, and Nick are rescued by the InGen team. With both groups' communications equipment destroyed in the attacks, they team up to reach the old InGen compound's radio station.During the trip, Dieter Stark (Peter Stormare), Rolands second-in-command is killed by a pack of Compsognathus. The next night, the pair of T.Rexes come across the group's camp, having followed the scent of the infant's blood on Sarah's jacket. One of the hunters notices them and screams, causing everyone to awaken and flee, except Ian, who hides. The female T.Rex chases the group, while Roland stays behind and manages to tranquilize the male. During the chase, the female T. Rex squashes Carter underfoot he sticks to the sole of the foot and gets crushed for several more steps as the female T. Rex continues chasing the remaining hunters. The hunters disband into the thick trees, while Sarah, Kelly, and Nick hide in a crevice behind a waterfall. The hunters exit the thick trees into a field of tall grass, and are killed by a troop of Velociraptors. Ian reunites with Nick, Sarah, and Kelly, and they continue on toward the compound. Nick breaks off to find the communications room where he can call for rescue. After barely escaping a trio of Velociraptors, Ian, Sarah, and Kelly reunite with Nick and fly away in a rescue helicopter. From the air, they spot the unconscious male T.Rex being prepared for transport. A freighter carries the T.Rex back to the mainland, but upon reaching San Diego, crashes into the dock. Ludlow and several guards investigate the boat and find that the crew has disappeared. A guard opens the cargo hold, accidentally releasing the T.Rex, which escapes into the city and goes on a rampage. During its rampage, the dinosaur enters a suburban backyard, drains the pool for water and disturbs the family dog tied to its kennel in the yard. The dog barks but the Tyrannosaurus devours it and departs, inexplicably leaving the parents and their son unharmed. Realizing the T.Rex is likely searching for its infant, Ian and Sarah learn from Ludlow that the infant was captured and is in a secure InGen building somewhere in the city. They rush to retrieve the infant, and use it to lure the adult, who is destroying the city and eating several of its inhabitants, back to the boat. The pair leave the infant at the boat's cargo hold, prompting Ludlow to go and retrieve it. The adult arrives, trapping him in the cargo hold and injuring him when he tries to escape. With the adult's encouraging, the infant pins him to the floor and kills him. Sarah uses a tranquilizer gun and shoots a dart to sedate the adult, while Ian seals the cargo hold doors. Ian, Sarah, and Kelly watch television reports of the cargo ship on its way back to Isla Sorna, surrounded by a convoy of naval vessels. John Hammond explains in an interview that the American and Costa Rican governments have agreed to declare the island a nature preserve. He ends the interview by saying "life will find a way", paraphrasing something Malcolm told him in the first film. Jurassic Park III Despite deadly and dangerous incidents being connected with Isla Sorna, tourists Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby decide to parasail around the island.A dinosaur of unknown species attacks and kills the crew, but Ben uncouples the line and they go sailing into the wilderness of Isla Sorna. Meanwhile, Dr. Alan Grant has become famous as a result of his survival and involvement in the scandal of Jurassic Park and subsequent dinosaur attacks. Ellie Sattler has married a lawyer named Mark Delger and has a son, Charlie, who calls Alan "The Dinosaur Man" and a baby daughter whose name is unknown. One afternoon, while out on a dig, Alan's assistant, Billy demonstrates how he can use a 3D printer to replicate the larynx of a Velociraptor, and he gives the piece to Alan. They also discuss how raptors are far more intelligent than they had previously believed, and had a complex social structure and hunting pattern. A wealthy couple, Paul and Amanda Kirby, drop by and offer Alan some generous funding for his research if he will give them an aerial tour of Isla Sorna. Alan reluctantly agrees. He flies there along with Paul and Amanda, Billy, plus Kirbys' associates, Udesky, Cooper and their pilot, Nash. The group flies over the plains of Isla Sorna, populated with Brachiosauruses, Parasaurolophuses, Corythosauruses, Triceratops, and Stegosauruses. Alan learns that the Kirbys plan to land on the island, which contradicts what they had promised earlier. When he objects, he is knocked out by Cooper, only to awaken to the sound of Amanda calling out to someone on the island using a bullhorn. This attracts a hungry Spinosaurus and Cooper manages to lead it into the path of the plane before he is devoured. The plane then crashes into a tree and the Spinosaurus attacks the plane, killing Nash. After fleeing the plane, they manage to briefly lose the Spinosaurus after it gets caught between two trees. As they flee to safety, a Tyrannosaurus appears, and the Spinosaurus returns but the humans escape while the two distracted dinosaurs fight each other; the Spinosaurus kills the T. Rex by breaking its neck. Alan demands an explanation about what is really going on and the Kirbys confess they're actually a middle-class divorced couple who are using their life savings to look for their lost son, Eric, who vanished with Ben eight weeks ago near Isla Sorna. Alan is dubious that Eric could have survived eight weeks on Isla Sorna. Further exploration leads them to find the parasail entangled in a tree, with Ben's decaying body still attached to it. A video recorder shows them Ben and Eric's final descent onto the island. When they stumble upon some raptor eggs they flee, taking the parasail with them. They find an abandoned compound and search in vain for communications equipment. After finding a broken-down vending machine and phones, they make their way to a derelict laboratory. Amanda sees a Velociraptor and the group flees, but the pursuing raptor signals its pack mates to chase them, demonstrating the complex social structure and coordinated actions earlier theorized by Alan and Billy. During the ensuing chase, Udesky and Grant become separated from the others after causing a herd of Corythosaurus and Parasaurolophus to stampede, Alan grabs Billy's satchel that he dropped, and Udesky is killed by the raptors.Alan suspects the raptors are searching for something. He is rescued by Eric, who has managed to survive for eight weeks in an overturned supply truck, clearly impressing Alan. Eric recognizes the sound of his father's satellite phone, which was lost when Nash was devoured; they're reunited with the Kirbys and Billy before the Spinosaurus arrives again. They hide inside a small building and bar the doors. After failed attempts to open the doors, the Spinosaurus leaves. Billy becomes possessive of his satchel; Alan realizes he has taken two eggs from the raptor's nest in the hope the contents will fund their next dig, this explains the raptor's attacks. Alan berates Billy for his careless behavior, comparing him to InGen. They make their way to a large outdoor complex, and Alan realizes in horror that the complex is a giant cage to house Pteranodons; they attack the group and fly away with Eric, taking him as food for their young.Billy uses the remnants of Ben's parasail to rescue Eric, shortly before he falls into the river below, then is attacked and seemingly killed by a group of Pteranodons. The group find their way out of the cage and make their way down river using a small boat. Alan is shocked by Billy's 'death' and explains to Eric that Billy was a person who wanted to do something, not just sit by and watch. The boat passes by a valley containing herds of Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Corythosaurus, Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus while Eric states that "Billy was right". The group finds and retrieves the satellite phone from inside the feces left by the Spinosaurus. A Ceratosaurus appears and is repulsed by the smell. The Spinosaurus attacks and capsizes the boat as Alan is trying to contact Ellie, and he is only able to convey the words "The River, Site B" before he is disconnected. Alan and Paul manage to drive off the Spinosaurus, and they start making their way toward the shoreline. Close to their goal, they are surrounded by raptors who see Amanda as a female 'leader' and a threat to their clutch of eggs. Using the imitation raptor larynx, Alan manages to communicate with the raptors, and Amanda surrenders the stolen eggs before the sound of helicopters startle off the raptors. Returning to the beach, they find that Ellie had called in the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy to rescue them. They discover that Billy, while seriously injured, is alive, and has Alan's hat, which he had lost earlier. As they leave the island, they see the Pteranodon group flying free, and Alan recounts that it's time for them to find their place in the world again. The Pteranodons fly off into the clouds, seemingly happy of being freed of their cage. Jurassic Park IV Twenty-two years after Jurassic Park was overrun by cloned dinosaurs on the Central American island of Isla Nublar, a new park, Jurassic World, has become a successful resort. The Masrani Global Corporation – owner of the genetics company InGen that creates the dinosaurs – has been operating the park on the same island for the past ten years. Brothers Zach and Gray Mitchell visit Jurassic World to see their aunt Claire, the park's operations manager. Claire, a busy workaholic, assigns her assistant to be the boys' guide. Owen Grady, a Navy veteran, has been researching the intelligence of the park's Velociraptors. InGen security chief Vic Hoskins believes the raptors should be trained for military use despite Owen's objections. Park owner Simon Masrani has Owen evaluate the paddock of the park's new hybrid dinosaur, Indominus rex, before the attraction opens. Owen warns Claire about the danger of raising Indominus in isolation, pointing out its lack of socialization with other animals. When the staff learns that the Indominus appears to have escaped its paddock, Owen and two others enter the enclosure. Able to camouflage itself and mask its heat signature, the Indominus suddenly appears and devours Owen's companions before escaping into the island's interior. Owen orders the Indominus to be killed, but Masrani instead sends a specialized unit to capture it. When most of the unit is killed, Claire orders the evacuation of the island's northern sector. Zach and Gray, busy exploring in a gyrosphere ride, enter a restricted area. The nearby Indominus attacks and destroys their sphere, but both manage to escape to the ruins of the original Jurassic Park visitor center. They repair an old Jeep Wrangler and drive back to the park resort. While Claire and Owen are searching for the boys, they encounter the Indominus and barely escape themselves. Masrani and two troopers hunt the Indominus by helicopter, but when the Indominus smashes into the park's aviary to escape gunfire, it releases a flock of pterosaurs that collide with the helicopter, causing it to crash. Gray and Zach eventually find Owen and Claire at the resort as armed personnel subdue the pterosaurs with tranquilizers. Assuming command, Hoskins orders that the raptors be used to track the Indominus; Owen is forced to accept Hoskins' plan and lead the raptors. Upon reaching the Indominus, the dinosaurs begin communicating with one another. Owen realizes that the Indominus was created with raptor DNA, and it becomes the raptor pack's new alpha, taking command away from Owen. Hoskins arranges for chief geneticist Dr. Henry Wu to flee the island by helicopter with dinosaur embryos, in order to protect his research. Owen, Claire, and the boys find Hoskins at the lab packing up more embryos. Hoskins reveals his plan to create miniature versions of the Indominus for use as weapons, but a raptor breaks in and kills him. Owen reestablishes his bond with the raptors before the Indominus reappears. The raptors attack, but are all apparently killed. Claire releases the park's veteran Tyrannosaurus rex from its paddock and lures it into a battle with the Indominus. The T. rex is overpowered, but before the Indominus can kill it, a surviving raptor joins the attack. The raptor and T. rex force the overwhelmed Indominus toward a lagoon, where it is dragged underwater by a Mosasaurus. Isla Nublar is abandoned, and the survivors are evacuated to the mainland. Zach and Gray are reunited with their parents. When Dinosaurs Ruled Science Documentary hosted by Jeff Goldbaum When Dinosaurs Ruled This is a collection of 8 DVDs examining the discovery and our understanding of dinosaurs - palaeontology - through interviews with current dinosaur hunters - palaeontologists - and reconstructions or original film of them at work, with occasional archive footage of early explorers. You get to see the palaeontologists in their natural habitats, searching for and digging up bones, as well as many scenes set in museums, workshops and laboratories, with some major discoveries being shown or reconstructed - and reconstruction is what palaeontology is all about! Mixed in with this is CGI footage of the dinosaurs in their habitats, going about their business, which is mainly stamping about or hunting each other. 1) Africa The Land Time ForgotThis programme takes us beyond the lush forests, roaring lions and the blazing sun of Africa to reveal the World's most remote and hard to reach dinosaur fossils known to exist. We follow paleontologist Paul Sereno and his team from the southern tip of Africa to the northern reaches of Morocco as we meet some of the most diverse dinosaurs to have roamed our World. 2) South America Ground Zero This DVD focuses on dinosaurs found in South America and the hunt for the first dinosaur. The DVD's special features include direct scene access where you can jump between thematic sections such as Nomadic Dinosaurs, Small Dinosaurs, and Disaster in Tunisia, a trivia quiz to see how well you remember the information presented, and spotlighted dinosaurs where you can jump to the specific dinosaurs presented--Majungotholus, Rahonavis, Kirky, Carchardontosaurus, Deltadromeus, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Massospondylus. 3) North America The Real Jurassic Parkthis DVD focuses on dinosaurs found in North America. The DVD's special features include direct scene access where you can jump between thematic sections such as Nomadic Dinosaurs, Small Dinosaurs, and Disaster in Tunisia, a trivia quiz to see how well you remember the information presented, and spotlighted dinosaurs where you can jump to the specific dinosaurs presented--Majungotholus, Rahonavis, Kirky, Carchardontosaurus, Deltadromeus, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Massospondylus. 4) Australia And Antarctuca At the Ends of the Earth In the searing heat of Australia and frozen wastes of Antarctica, the dinosaurs that ruled these lands were the toughest creatures that ever lived. Follow a path of over 3000 footprints left in soft clay, proof that dinosaurs lived in the deadly Outback. 5) Europe Birth of the Giants Far beneath the ruins of Europe's glorious civilisations lies an even more ancient World when dinosaurs were kings. From the Isle of Wight to Los Hoyas in Spain, leading paleontologists trace the rise and fall of the European dinosaurs. 6) Asia the Land of the Dragon This programme looks at the major dinosaur discoveries made in China and Mongolia, including "cutting edge science, extraordinary locations and intrepid scientists. In addition to its unique dino-birds, China boasts the greatest number of dinosaur eggs and embryos in the world"; not to mention the secret origin of the T-Rex... 7) Tyrannosaurus Rex Was T-Rex the most fearsome predator of all time or a simple scavenger? Did he ponderously stalk his prey or was he as fleet-footed as a bird? Was he actually a doting parent and not the fierce killer he's been portrayed to be? From its origins to its downfall, this programme looks for clues that can fill in the crucial details and unlock the mysteries of the T-Rex. 8) Beyond T Rex Everyone knows that the T-Rex was the King of the Dinosaurs, the fiercest and meanest flesh eater of them all. However, Beyond T-Rex scours the area from Morocco to Patagonia to unearth two new killer dinosaurs, Giganotosaurus and Carcharadontosaurus, who could have been even more ruthless. Walking with Dinosaurs which must have surprised even its makers by reaching the viewing figures usually reserved for royal weddings, was the undoubted television event of 1999. Extending the computer animation techniques developed for Jurassic Park (1993) these six 30-minute programmes, narrated by Kenneth Branagh, became the first blockbuster special-effects documentary. Here was natural history with a difference, recreating "the lost world" of the Cretaceous and Mesozoic with modern technology, the remarkable visuals enabling the programme-makers to show what life may have been like during the estimated 160 million years "when dinosaurs ruled the Earth". As well as the dinosaurs, the series investigates the plants, insects, climate and geography of the distant past, and considers the mystery of why the creatures became extinct so suddenly. There has been some argument over how much is scientific fact, and how much is entertaining speculation--after all, Life on Earth (1978) and The Living Planet (1984) had the advantage of living subjects to film--but for the moment this series must stand as the definitive visual chronicle of the life and times of the fascinating "terrible lizards". Those interested in special effects techniques will appreciate the inclusion of a 50-minute "making of" documentary . There's also an informative director's commentary, plus some behind-the-scenes picture sequences and additional graphics. Condition: Good, Condition: 14 dvds + 3 large hardback book walking with dinosaurs... will be a 5kg parcel hence adjustment in cost... discounted this week only price will go up next week... as have added more books and puts parcel weight into different bracket, Modified Item: No, Format: DVD, Non-Domestic Product: No

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