Pretty Old Mural Bibelkunde Patmos 20 Die Crucifixion 77x50 Vintage~1964

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Seller: raikolaf (3.082) 99.7%, Location: Cottbus, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 293192547380 Pretty Old Mural Bibelkunde Patmos 20 Die Crucifixion 77x50 Vintage~1964 The description of this item has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. See in the list under NrL591 Patmos 20 the crucifixion (SE481) Card collector (allumfassend...speziell German affordable cards from 1900) sold here his duplicate copies of the school wall map (wall map roles roles map maps wall maps), questions are answered like, price comparison for new wall maps e.g. Westermann de buy large items (from approx. 30 - 50 - 100Stück school wall map, depending on the distance to me, effort!) to this call... it these are offered by about 2000 wall maps, definitely provided me by the same Publisher in partly different editions They offer on each 1 card (according to the picture original photo of the respective offer), Shipping costs are calculated only from the shipping weight of a specialty shipper for large cargo according to the price list, several cards is standard 17EUR, at up to 5 packed together naturally, kg weight, unless it's a card with less as < span class = "notranslate" > 1.75 m length, 11EUR, or more than 5 kg, probably multiple cards together, so if necessary in the peace and quiet which put West German publishers together then have most Holzstäbung, partial article description see also damage will be as far as possible called when the hadü suspension/mounting is needed, please if any extra questions or know because I may reserve the dismantling of deficient/shaky hook me, what is it can be not broken or disrupt transportation, and I've got one if necessary Hook for the use intended use: nursery, youth rooms, tradition rooms, millwork, classroom, hallway, Aula, information, discussion with students, travelers, parents, children, grandparents, friends, etc. or intellectual to the own flight in time and Most area of the card content, you need only the possibility of a suspension (the emergency times the lamp in the room), because many cards have incorporated a cord in the upper bar, I like to use a racks I send to you the great photos, so in detail what search and can examine, to send your mail address I get mass of pure canvas (width x height) scale standards Mio million Edition Publisher etc. still, generally over 2 m width, therefore shipping 1.Maß plus 20 cm for the rods note length looking left and right, Total height most 2.Maß plus 5 cm for both rods together L1. The graying of the hair (DE102) chart 7, Schwarzkopf, metal rods, 78x116cm L2. Hair chart No.. 2 (DE84), Schwarzkopf, 80x116cm L3. Hair coloring chart 6 (DE82), Schwarzkopf, easily broken, 79x117cm L4. The career of a brick (DE4), broken, 64x87cm L5. Blades along the brick layers easily broken after the new order of mass (DE96), 90x59cm L6. the digestive organs (S213) Dr te new approx. 1955-58, 83x115cm L7. Erdkundliche Basics Part 1 (S113) Stockmann, 159x114cm, up sticker L8. History of architectural styles 6 Baroque (ch69), Publisher of modern equipment Gelsenkirchen, 80x116cm L9. History of architectural styles 8 present (K42), Publisher of modern equipment Gelsenkirchen, 80x116cm L10. History of mankind (HD88), Hunter, variant with aircraft, top right broken, glued down, thereby not rolled out, well, 156x207cm L11. Handmade yarn to crochet to knitting (DE46) Schürer, top state, 138x93cm L12. In the Roman Empire at the time of the Emperor Augustus (HD158) Dr te new, top left damaged, 98x69cm L13. Inca city Machu Picchu (HD138) Westermann, 76x51cm L14. Monastic life (HD164), 105x69cm L15. Vivid civics T3 construction of the Federal Republic of Germany (SB785) Hagemann, above left a head defect, 118x81cm L16. Wall thickness (wall bricks DIN105) (DE107) wasserfleckig, missing lower staff, 64x87cm L17. Nutrients, nutrition & vitamins 2 (K79), 83x115cm L18. Standards writing transformation figures (DE38) vocational school teaching MAIER Schwenningen, 120x77cm L19. Typical village street in Felsöszentrivan Hungary (G72) Westermann, 72x52cm L20. Periodic table of the elements (U168), V & W 1979, 227x159cm L21. Roman camp (HD146) 106x69cm L22. Settlement to the early stone age (HD151), down just as a bar as above to see damage above right, thus the bracket for the photo, 98x75cm L23. Our body Panel 2 of the digestive tract of food (BG13) Hagemann, ok, 165x115cm L24. Our bodies table 3 respiration and blood circulation (NU104) Hagemann, ok, 166x116cm L25. Our body panel 7 the healthy teeth and the consequences of lack of care (BG4) Hagemann, top left and right easily knittrig, 166x113cm L26. Tile formats (DE105) lower bar is missing, 64x88cm L27. Gallery forest at Nairobi (TR584) Westermann, top, 75x51cm L28. Johannesburg (SE475) Westermann, 75x51cm L29. Copper mine in Katanga (TR447) Westermann, 75x51cm L30. Crater landscape in the Marra mountains (Hambourg Sahara) (TR679) Westermann, 75x51cm L31. Game reserve in the Etosha Pan / South West Africa (TR585) change in Westermann, top, 75x51cm L32. The fanning Island, Gilbert Islands (Micronesia) (TR682) Westermann, 55x72cm L33. Cotter dam near Canberra (TR461) Westermann, 75x52cm L34. Bottle tree on the road to Alpine in Queensland (TR595) Westermann, paper error left, 75x52cm L35. Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise/Queensland (TR663) Westermann, 75x51cm L36. Cable car in the blue mountains, new South Wales (TR671) Walter 75x51cm L37. Tekaposee in the New Zealand Alps (TR616) Westermann, 75x51cm L38. Wine-growing in South Australia (WN133), Westermann, 75x52cm L39. Allgäu farms in Oberstaufen (TR396) Westermann, top, 75x51cm L40. Westermann, 75x51cm bridge across the Fehmarn sound (TR391) L41. Burg Vischering in Münsterland (G31) Westermann, 72x51cm L42. Danube breakthrough in monastery of Weltenburg (TR394) Westermann, 75x51cm L43. Growing hops in Wolnzach (TR680) Westermann, 75x51cm L44. Karwendel near Mittenwald (TR426) Westermann, 75x51cm L45. Lahn mill in Argenstein at Marburg (TR576) Westermann, 75x51cm L46. Land reclamation on the North Sea coast (NU229) Westermann, 75x51cm L47. Obstbauernhöfe in the old country (TR601) Westermann, 75x51cm L48. Pottenstein in the Franconian Switzerland (TR581) Westermann, 75x51cm L49. RUR (TR519) Westermann, 75x51cm L50. Hamburg harbour (RU104) Westermann, 75x51cm, Alustäbung L51. Forest House in Gutach Valley to Hornberg (NU212) Westermann, 55x72cm L52. Cliffs of the island of Sylt (TR610) Westermann, 55x71cm L53. Vineyard in Volkach am Main (TR611) Westermann, 75x50cm L54. Coast of the Virgin Island St.John (G83) Westermann, 72x52cm L55. Organ pipe cactus in Mexico ((G26) Westermann, 72x51cm L56. Popocatepetl, Mexico (G5) Westermann 52x70cm L57. Waste of Yugoslav Karst in the Sea (G29) Westermann, 72x51cm L58. Budapest Danube/Hungary (G23), Westermann, 72x52cm L59. Church Burg Biertan Transylvania / Romania (G58) Westermann, 72x52cm L60. Landscape of the Danube Delta (G61) Westermann, 72x52cm L61. Landscape on the Narew, Poland (G67) Westermann 72x52cm L62. Landscape on the Warta River in Sieradz, Poland (G81), Westermann, 72x52cm L63. Prague: Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral / Czechoslovakia (G53) Westermann, 52x71cm L64. Puszta with traction / West Hungary (G71) Westermann, 72x52cm L65. Rice cultivation in Albania (G24) Westermann, 72x52cm L66. Rosenfeld in Bulgaria (G8) Westermann, 52x71cm L67. Beskids / Romania (TR589) Westermann, top, 75x51cm L68. Wine-growing in the Lake Balaton, Hungary (TR395) Westermann, top, 75x51cm L69. China-Great Wall (G4) Westermann, 51x70cm L70. Chinese workers at the dike construction (G46) Westermann, 71x51cm L71. Japanese women in the rice plants (G21) Westermann, 71x51cm L72. Yurts in the Mongolian steppe (G42) Westermann, 71x51cm L73. Camels in the desert Gobi (G75) Westermann, 71x51cm L74. Channel road in Bangkok (G69 Westermann, 51x70cm L75. Coconut crop in the Philippines (G2) Westermann, 51x70cm L76. Crater landscape in the Tengger mountains (G28) Westermann, 71x51cm L77. Beijing forbidden city (G47) Westermann, 71x51cm L78. Temples in Bangkok / Thailand (G12) Westermann, 71x51cm L79. Residential boats in Hong Kong (G37) Westermann, 71x51cm L80. Housing silos in Hong Kong (G44) Westermann, 71x51cm L81. Indians on the upper reaches of the Amazon (G19) Westermann, 72x52cm L82. Inca city Machu Picchu, Peru (G16) Westermann 72x51cm L83. Llama and alpaca herd in the Peruvian Andes (G64) Westermann, 72x52cm L84. Magellan road in Punta Arenas (G79) Westermann, 72x51cm L85. Herd of cattle in the Argentine pampas (TR460) Westermann, 75x51cm L86. Typical Andean high Valley (G78) Westermann, 72x51cm L87. Ankara, mausoleum (G33) Westermann. 71x51cm L88. Beehive settlement in Syria (G55) Westermann, 71x51cm L89. OASIS in the Valley de Jordan (G49) Westermann, 71x51cm L90. Summit massif of the Kantschindschinja in the Himalayas (G48) Westermann, 71x51cm L91. Hindu temples in Patan-Nepal (G3) Westermann, 51x70cm L92. High steppe Lake on the cow i b mountain / Afghanistan (G50) Westermann, 71x51cm L93. View of Jerusalem from the Mount of olives (G20) Westermann, 71x51cm B94. Landscape near Beirut with Lebanon Cedars (G80) Westermann, 71x51cm L95. Ruins of Baalbek before the anti Lebanon mountains (G13) Westermann, 71x51cm L96. Sand dunes in the Arabian Desert (G39) Westermann, 71x51cm L97. Tehran with Elbrus mountains (G51) Westermann, 71x51cm L98. Tuff landscape with cave dwellings in Anatolia (G32) Westermann, 71x51cm L99. Germany - land on the Rhine – on the Loreley (NU147) Westermann, top, 75x51cm L100. Finnish Lakeland (Lapland) (LA79) Westermann, ok, 70x52cm L101. -France-vintage in Champagne (TR626) Westermann, 54x71cm L102. Italy - Westermann, 72x50cm Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius (G14) L103. Sunart Northwest Glasgow (TR264) Westermann Scottish Highlands - hole top right 15 cm, 50x72cm, cracked, knittrig, L104. Switzerland - terraced vineyards on Lake (close to Kraków) gener (LA27) Westermann, top, 72x51cm L105. Spain - Castilian Plateau (TR617) Westermann, top, 75x50cm L106. The history of the hairstyle Egyptians Table 2a (DE81) Wella-gauge plates, 70x97cm L107. On the history of hair Germanic table 5B (DE85)-Wella - gauge Panel, 70x97cm L108. The history of the hairstyle of Greeks Table 3a (DE80) Wella chart, 70x96cm L109. The history of the hairstyle of Greeks table 3b (DE83)-Wella - gauge Panel, 70x96cm L110. On the history of the hairstyle of Roman table 4B (DE58)-Wella chart, 70x96cm L111. Zachary: Nope Nope? (K52) Holzstäbung, 64x89cm L112. Zacharias: Emmaus-gang (K73) Holzstäbung, 64x89cm L113. Zacharias: Pharisee and publican (K77) Holzstäbung, 64x89cm L114. Zacharias: Creation Thomas Z. (K62) Holzstäbung, 65x80cm L115. Traffic education Panel T6 NRW (TR705) 2 x crack, Tellus, 120x87cm L116. Road signs map 2 (B31) Köckler / Herbern, 121x83cm L117. From reality to a map of T2 (TR485) boots, 115x152cm L118. Percussion T4 (B22) Späth/Ditzenbach, 92x61cm L119. Streets once and today Tellus-Verlag, ok, 118x82cm T3 the waterway (BU121) L120. Knight's Castle (13.Jahrhundert) (HD148), Dr. te new cracked, glued, 96x69cm 121. Wicked head mold... (HF39) Hagemann, 82x113cm L122. Ore cast in the bronze age (HF50) Velcro, 100x78cm L123. Sanga 2seitig note wall panel (K101) 7zeilig, top, gewachstes paper, 137x95cm L124. Fabric with stiffening L125. White leinwandähnl. Area (B8) Metallstäbung, central loop, 149x151cm L126. Cells... (NN322) Source: Meyer Leipzig, currently without mass L127. Adventurous conversion of raw cotton in Schürer handmade yarns VS paper rear RS linen Jammin knitting (E22) each semicircular bars, 137x94cm L128. Descent teaching skeleton comparison Gorilla man (NN323) DDR Metallstäbung, from the beginning of my collection without mass to absorb L129. Washable cloth slate (ME73) Reinecke Leipzig / Makkleberg, 150x125cm , RS blue cloth, heavy 5 kg L130. Washable cloth slate (205 purple) for Russian font 1 line in the ruling as for German script, hard, 148x125cm L131. Washable cloth slate (ME114) technical drawing, nearly 5 cm grid, 104x126cm L132. Wastewater treatment and sludge treatment (B51) Association of German water protection e.V. 106x72cm L133. Adjectives (K31) Tower-Verlag, 118x79cm L134. Ape man (NN325) Academy of Sciences of the GDR, CA 115x76cm L135. Egyptian (RU94) Westermann style customer, top 1 half strip away, 104x75cm L136. Maple, domestic Woods (ME89) people and knowledge, table VII water damage, some dry mold, 118x77cm L137. Algae: from the single-celled organisms to the multicellular organisms (FG48) people and knowledge of Berlin, 116x78cm L138. Algae II: freshwater algae (FG12) people and knowledge of Berlin, upper bar is missing, Blechstäbung, 81x112cm L139. Old man (h.s. praeneanderthalensis) (195, red) damaged, people and knowledge of Berlin, 116x78cm L140. Old man glued to early man (189, red) people and knowledge of Berlin, wooden bars, 109x75cm L141. Old man (h.s. neanderthalensis) (194, red) people and knowledge of Berlin, above all left resolved, below Rod bent, 108x78cm L142. At the Court of Emperor Karl of the great (153 light green) Retzlaff Publisher / Distributor 107x69cm L143. Ants (S3) Hagemann, young chef Quintell, 81x114cm L144. Antarctica (175, red) DDR, painter: Bernitz, 219x74cm L145. Equator system of rotating sky (ME136) people and knowledge of Berlin, sheet metal, very good 81x111cm L146. Work card: city map and environs 1:5000 (OL175) Stockmann, 80x125cm L147. Car repair facility (WN118) produces KÖSTER at MDI in France, 1968, small paper error outside of the image above right, ca. 89x64cm roll, the tongs down holding pure canvas, gestäbt, the image rolled out, stored there for years rolled up, decoration for your Take your classic car garage, etc, is the detail screen of my collection copy L148. 1492 Columbus lands in the new world (NT380) Velcro, almost top paper, 99x79cm L149. Indigenous town of Kano (TR652) Westermann, water stains, top, 55x71cm L150. Abbey Church in Maria Laach (TR639) the new Schulmann Nr. 4084, Stuttgart, CA 90x60cm L151. Fixed General geography of heaven and Earth Nr. 2 (B48) neuzeitl Publishing House. Work equipment Gelsenkirchen, 69x96cm L152. Our Sun General geography heaven and Earth Nr. 3 (B19) neuz Verlag. ON the Gelsenjirchen, 70x96cm L153. Planet all. Erdk H + E Nr4 (B7). neuz. MOST, Gelsenkirchen, 70x96cm L154. Our Moon all. Erdk. H + S Nr. 5 (B68). neuz. MOST, Gelsenkirchen, 69x96cm L155. The stars determine our time (B56). neuz. MOST, Gelsenkirchen, 70x96cm L156. Respiratory system (DB296) or hyG. MUS. Dresden, Nr2036, Metallstäbung, linen, get top, 84x114cm L157. Atom - smallest part of the element (S214) Dr. Elliott, 1954, 83x115cm L158. Nuclear reactors and Atomkraftanlagen (LA61) Dr Elliott, panels on the doctrine of nuclear No. 5, 1957, top, 84x115cm L159. Nuclear fission (NT358) DrteNeues, panels on the No. 4 nuclear doctrine, enlightenment. Stripes across top, 84x114cm L160. Nuclear power plant (AB119) V & W, RS graffito Großschöna, ok, 94x63cm L161. Uprising of sailors in Kiel (NE56) V & W, Berlin, Metallstäbung, fas ttop 116x76cm L162. Revolt of the guilds in Cologne in the year 1396 (AB60) V & W, Berlin, Harnas, ok, wood and canvas, 118x78cm L163. TeNeues, c. 1952, heavily used eye and Visual process (S162) Dr card 82x115cm L164. Pathogens (AB32) dt hyG MUS Dresden, Nr. 2041, ok, 82x113cm L165. At Stubbenkammer chalk cliffs (Rügen) the new Schulmann, Stuttgart, top, 64x88cm L166. Crusader Jerusalem - 1099 (TR436) Wolters Grønningen, 100x70cm L167. Krönunsinsigine of the HRRDN (TR664) the new Schulamnn, Stuttgart, nearly top 64x87cm L168. Barricade fighting in 1848 in Berlin (U184) V & W, Berlin, 1959, etwss knittrig, 115x73cm L169. Pelvic organs of women (NT245) Velcro, Stuttgart, 1956, top, 118x80cm L170. Pelvic organs of man (NT246) probably Klett, Stuttgart, German GES. Cologne Museum, top, about 1956, 118x80cm L171. Threatened environment (BG144) habe, 1972, Holzstäbung, 158x107cm L172. Eirreifung and menstruation, T2 posts to the sex education (BU159) Ministry, slightly broken, 84x56cm L173. Fertilization, T3 contributions to the sex education (BU162) Federal Ministry of, ok, 84x56cm L174. Pregnancy, T4 posts (BU156) sex education Ministry, above cracked 84x57cm L175. Components of our food 1 main components (LA100) GIS... Berlin, 115x80cm L176. Movement used the planets and satellites (NT368) Dr Elliott, Tafels in physics no. 3, above amplifier stripes, top, 84x113cm L177. Image formation in the microscope (DB291) V & W, Berlin, smells something, Metallstäbung, linen, 80x111cm L178. Post packages (TR734) tender Ministry post, edge, small metal rods, there is a 6-series, see Kat.Sachkunde, 119x85cm L179. Blood circulation (NE91) Dr.te new, around 1958, national german and Latin, slightly cracked, 84x194cm L180. Blood circulation, heart and blood vessels (AB116) or hyG. MUS. Dresden, Metallstäbung, linen, top, detailed numbered label without legend without text, 83x185cm, L181. Brown coal forest (AB70) V & W, Berlin, painter: Daphne, 1954, margins slightly cracked, 158x114cm L182. Buchstabenhaus (WN67) film, dirty, above middle probably 5cm, 148x119cm L183. Butter - nothing to replace (DB210) slight damage, ok, 119x84cm L184. Port of Hamburg on the sweeping back top (TR598) Westermann, top, 75x51cm L185. Landscape along the wine road (TR554) Westermann, top, 75x51cm L186. Modern urban landscape in Berlin (TR638) Westermann, almost top 75x50cm L187. Water Cross of Minden (HF35) here Weser cross, title changes, Westermann, top, 75x51cm L188. Intestinal parasites 1 (DE64) or hyG. Museum Dresden, partially Nr2019, CA 1959, taped, 84x116cm L189. Darmparasieten II (AB134) or hyG. Museum Dresden, 2014/II, metal rods and lines, 81x110cm L190. The crochet (TR259) 16 pictures, back image 8-16, top right 45 cm, paper veiling, 98x125cm L191. The land of North Rhine-Westphalia (DB222) habe, 122x85cm L192. The human central nervous system (AB108) or hyG. Institute of Dresden, about 1954, Metallstäbung, linen, later than 1954, da Metallstäbung, 81x111cm L193. The metric system, RS-specific weights (TR351) Sandre, 101x99cm L194. The Römsche Empire (F13) boots, 2seitig, 1 x rodent hole, 156x111cm L195. Notre-Dame Cathedral (TR627) the new Schulmann, Stuttgart, Nr4087, some slicks, 64x86cm L196. The phone (LA53) cracked, ok, post-war production until about 1965, 97x65cm L197. Declension of Russian nouns and adjectives (AB90) V & W, Berlin, spotty, slightly cracked, 116x78cm L198. Bolshevism and its opposing forces (SB868) Tellus, 1961, damaged, approx 117x166cm L199. The T1 coal formation of hard coal (DB257) Tellus, top, 118x82cm L200. The T4 coal use and refinement of carbon (DB223) Tellus, 117x82cm L201. Dezimalmaße and weights (BG222) Röhr, Nr. 133, top, 119x83cm L202. The e - and i - conjugation (NN349) V & W, 1 loose, 1 loop, approximately 115x76cm L203. The English vowels (vowels) and diphthongs (diphthongs) (NN332) TurmVerlag, CA 119x79cm L204. In Germany fully protected plants (S241) Reich Office for nature protection Berlin, very good 115x90cm L205. The Kaaba in Mecca (HD159) the new Schulmann, Stuttgart, good, Nr. 4064, 91x60cm L206. The partially protected plants in Germany (TR236) Reich Office for nature protection Berlin, easily broken, 115x90cm L207. T1 water supply the water in nature (WU102) ok, Tellus, 120x82cm L208. T2 water supply ... (SB775) Tellus, glued down, and this wavy, 118x80cm L209. T3 water storage (SB749) tellus, bottom water supply glued and rolled out broken, 118x81cm L210. The most important parts of speech and your changes in RS of the record mirror (SB101) Mildenberger, rubberized fabric, ok, film by gluing and unreeling dissolves, 161x125cm L211. The cell (AB125) V & W, ok, 81x112cm L212. diesel engine Jet engine (WU104) may be Stockmann, 100x66cm L213. Village forms 1 (SB793) 97x68cm L214. Village Forms 2 (SB770) 97x68cm L215. Dr. Lips blueprints of the Animal Kingdom no. 7 birds (S101) Lüdemann Grambke Berlin, probably Holzstäbung, 98x137cm L216. Dynamic history panel (TR56) Köster, up amp, bottom right wasserfleckig, the Green is a glued on felt directly by the adjuster, 240x187cm L217. Native songbirds (TR542) Graser/Schreiber, Esslingen, Nr. 9, 57 units, with legend, top, 100x68cm L218. Brain development table 2 grass snake pigeon (AB15) V & W, 116x77cm L219. Brain development table 3 cat man (AB5) V & W, metal rods and lines, 116x77cm L219. Development of life (TR169) Hunter, top amplifier, very good 162x223cm L220. Oil drilling (TR223) Verlag Gehlen, with Esso advertisement, defect, 122x81cm L221. Petroleum exploration and exploitation (LA87) possibly Stockmann, top left spotty, 100x66cm L222. Ore mountains (AB37) V & W, Bernitz 1958, margins left and right, top with points, lines, and Holzstäbung 220x78cm 223. At a German court in 18.Jahrhundert (NT365) the new Schulmann, Stuttgart, Nr. 4030, Erich pipe deer Stuttgart, lower Rod right out, 90x60cm L224. Crayfish (DB292) V & W, Metallstäbung, linen, 1973, 81x110cm L225. Freiberg on Stockholm-weather diagram (AB139) self-construction, slightly damaged, 40x72cm L226. Yellow film, thick construction map (BG160) 167x126cm, L227. Germanic farmstead, awakening to the Hungarian conquest in the migration period (NT379) DrteNeues, Kulturgesch. Images no. 7, top li 15cm out, re veiling, 99x69cm OJ L 228. History of mankind 2.Teil 15 to 20 Jahrhudnert (WN144) Hunter, top, 1 Strip above the detail photos are from the card (BG36), 172x219cm L229. Frieze of history 1500-1800 part 3 (SB715) Arbogast, upper bar half out, no picture, 160x67cm L230. Mail (WN129) Federal Minister for post..., thick paper, 119x82cm L231. Telegrams (TR731) Federal Minister for post..., thick paper, poster, approx 119x85cm L232. Large and small forms of the surface of the Earth part 1 (SL159) Tellus, top repaired, below bar almost off, new einstäben, 117x78cmL233. Large and small forms of the surface of the Earth part 2 (TR320) Tellus, down through fresh paint paper damage, 119x82cm L234. Large and small forms of the surface of the Earth part 3 the sea, forms of coast and Islands (SB703) Tellus, 118x82cm L235. Postal savings bank (TR738) Federal Minister for post..., thick paper, about 119x82cmL236. Handmade stitches (TR382) art printing Karlsruhe, possibly in about 1957, rest cracked, down again paste, bar has eyelets, 104x81cmL237. Craft and trade to the bronze age (SB789) Wachsmuth, Leipzig, enlightenment- and cracked, about 1929, 95x67cmL238. Resin (brocken area) (NE48) V & W, Berlin, artist:... in 1958, ok, 118x77cmL239. Skin and tongue (BU120) DrteNeues, which menschl. Body no. 14, easy wasserfleckig, 118x81cmL240. Help with the gymnastics 1 (AB121) V & W, Berlin, 1984, knittrig, 66x92cmL241. V & W, assist in the gymnastics 2 (AB127) Berlin, 1984, lower bar is missing, re tender rest, 65x90cmL242. Help with the gymnastics 3 (AB129) V & W, Berlin, 1984, well, 66x92cmL243. Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (AB131) V & W, wood and linen, below 40 cm out, ok, 80x110cm L244. Insignia table 5 (AB12) V & W, Berlin, upper stab away, later partly the bar out, Metallstäbung and linen, 114x77cmL245. Dutch polder landscape (TR557) the new Schulmann, Stuttgart, no. 4058, 92x59cmL246. In the thirty years war (S137) DrteNeues, around 1954, Kulturgesch., no. 8, 98x71cmL247. In the monastery courtyard (X.Jahrhundert) (K61) Adolf Lehmanns cultural and historical pictures, cracked, 89x63cmL248. Always in the form of milk (TR275) Association of the dairy industry..., 1969, slightly knittrig, well, 98x66cmL249. In a Bank and trading house to begin of the modern era (Fugger) (NT298) DrteNeues, approx. 1954-1957, Kulturgeschichtl. No. 9, upper right corner slightly torn, 97x71cmL250. In a medieval town (DB279) V & W, Metallstäbung, linen, probably later version, 115x77cmL251. In a medieval town (LA68) DrteNeues, Holzstäbung, linen, Western variation on the theme, 98x67cmL252. Infectious diseases of the child (NN341), Hy. MUS. Dresden, 9906, somewhat veiling, CA 83x117cm L253. JKQ real rust (BU141) Hagemann, 1 kl. Hole up, 83x113cmL254. JKQ Hare, wild rabbit (NU202) Hagemann, Düsseldorf, without supplement!, 82x112cmL255. JKQ birds of prey (NU145) Hagemann, no. 15, 83x112cmL256. JKQ chicken (NU158) Hagemann, Düsseldorf, 83x113cmL257. JKQ domestic cattle (KÖ80) Hagemann, Düsseldorf, 1968, 83x112cmL258. JKQ honey bee (NE44) Hagemann, Düsseldorf, 86x111cmL259. JKQ carp (NU206) Hagemann, Düsseldorf, 81x113cmL260. JKQ horseL261. JKQ earthworm (NU163) Hagemann, no. 40, 1966, 83x113cmL262. JKQ grass snake Viper (NT369) habe in AG, F & M, no. 17?, 84x113cmL263. JKQ Mussel (NB255) Hagemann, no. 28, 82x112cmL264. JKQ Mussel (NU216) Hagemann, Düsseldorf, 1963, 83x112cmL265. JKQ white dead-nettle (NE70) Frommann & Morian later Hagemann, Düsseldorf, top, before 1963, 83x112cmL266. JKQ meadow mushroom (LA67) Frommann & Morian AG Hagemann, ok, 83x114cmL267. JKQ male fern (NU169) Hagemann, Düsseldorf, 1969, 82x114cmL268. Charles the great is crowned Emperor (LA42) Tellus, 40cm upper-right corner of the bar, veiling, series 1, Figure 3, ok, 83x57cmL269. Seed development (NT248) DrteNeues, the Menschl. Body no. 23, top, 1960, 84x115cmL270. Development of germ and baby care T1 female reproductive organs (TR366) Hagemann, top left 4 cm, 1962, 83x114cmL271. Development of germ and baby care T2 prenatal development (TR302) Hagemann, 1 small hole, 196?, 83x114cmL272. Monastic life (12th century) (SB718) Velcro, 1952, top, 100x71cm L273. Baker (TR441) Köster MDI France, Figure 8, 1964, 90x64cmL274. Airfield (WN93) Köster MDI France 6, 1967, easily stained and slightly stockfleckig, 90x64cmL275. Nursery (WN91) KÖSTER MDI France, Figure 3, 1967, almost top, 90x64cmL276. House construction (WN94) Köster MDI France, Figure 10, 1967, 91x64cmL277. Potato harvest (WN95) Köster MDI France, fig. 9, 1968, 90x64cmL278. Gravel pit (WN100) Köster MDI France, Figure 5, 1967, 90x64cm L279. Post Office (WN92) KÖSTER MDI France, fig. 12, 1968, easy knittrig, 90x64cm L280. Joiner (joiner) (WN97) Köster MDI France, Figure 2, 1968, ok, 90x64cm L281. Self-service shop (WN98) Köster MDI France, Figure 2, 1967, 90x64cm L282. Artificial nuclear transformation (NT392B) Velcro, 1955, panels on the doctrine of nuclear No. 3, above 1 sticker strips, 83x113cmL283. Artificial nuclear transformation (AB104) V & W, Berlin, Metallstäbung and tissue 96x63cm L284. Position of the internal organs of animals Board 1981, lower staff lack 1 perch (FG45) V & W, Berlin, easy to retrofit Metallstäbung, put up, if present, 94x62cm L285. Position of the internal organs of animals table 2 fence lizard (DB277) V & W, Berlin, Metallstäbung, linen, 116x75cm L286. Position of the internal organs of animals table 4 cat (AB105) V & W, Berlin, wsserfleckig, slightly cracked, Metallstäbung, linen, 94x63cmL287. Latin output font (B26) possibly Finch publishing or reprinting, PVC, single sided, 100x143cmL288. LB T11 our State a rule of law (NN356) is glued Hagemann, down, 80x150cm L289. LB T2 from the budget of our city (DB226) Hagemann, 117x81cmL290. LB T4 towards the unification of Europe (WN132) Hagemann, with rods, thick cardboard, 118x79cmL291. LB T5 Sun is a federal law (TR362) Hagemann, slightly wavy cardboard, ok, 83x108cm, L292. LB T6 so managed down glued the Community (SB777) Hagemann, himself, therefore not on length 108 rolled out, 84 x + cm L293. LB T7b the State of Lower Saxony (BG199) Hagemann, bottom right veiling, 116x81cm L294. LB T7x construction and management of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia (WU107) habe, 120x82cm L295. LB T8 democracy dictatorship (OL198) Hagemann, up slightly broken, 114x83cmL296. Human rights (TR480) habe LB T9, top, 119x81cmL297. Age and law (SB787) teaching materials GmbH, 1957, 167x116cm L298. Air cover of the Earth and outer space (TR481) de te new, Board on Physics Nr. 2, top, detail of this map (TR481), 119x163cm L299. Luther to the diet of worms (TR572) oD, possibly Schulmann, top, 100x70cmL300. Margarine raw materials and production (NE43) Räth, Leipzig, broken down, wasserfleckig, rear painted, 93x122cm L301. Mecklenburg Lake District (NE34) V & W, after E. Lenz, still good, 119x81cmL302. Man and image work part 10 Heimatvertrieben (TR693) Schropp, without rods, 4 eyelets, 119x85cm L303. Human and material table 15 the circulation of money (TR715) Schropp, without staff, and others left bumped, 84x120cmL304. Human and material table 4 the countries of the Federal Republic (TR694) Schropp, without rods, bottom right light knittrig. 119x85cmL305. Man and image work table 6 the household book of the Federal Republic (TR691) Schropp, without rods, top right broken 119x85cm L306. Man... (WN105) at that time meant for water soluble wax pens, today slide pins, make sure permanently or not, 67x166cm test, approx. L307. Metallurgy of iron (AB123) Graupner Leipzig, CA. 1960, spotty, slightly cracked, 83x117cmL308. Middle Devonian landscape (AB31) V & W, Daphne, bottom bending, wood and linen, 117x79cmL309. Mediterranean landscape (Sicily) (AB28) V & W, Bernitz 1965, Metallstäbung, linen, wasserfleckig, 220x69cmL310. Munich, Ludwig Street (BU142) the new Schulmann, Nr. 4119, left about 20 cm, 83x60cmL311. Natural Atomic decay (WN79) Velcro Panel to the atom lesson no. 2, ok, 84x115cmL312. Latest history table 1: the Empire / the Weimar Republic (S106) Tellus, 117x83cmL313. Latest history table 2: the Third Reich (SB675) Tellus, lower staff fully from, excluded for the photo, 117x83cmL314. Note ruling 4 group back blue (DB158) Leipzig? Production, 138x124cmL315. Ear and ear canal (TR365) Paramasivan007 new, the menschl. Kö No. 7, top veiling, ok, 83x114cmL316. Oil seeds vegetable oil margarine (TR333) margarine Institute, ok, bottom left 20 cm out, details of (SB747) 119x83cmL317. Patmos 10 the miraculous multiplication of bread (TR520) Patmos 1963, 77x50cmL318. Patmos 11 the Transfiguration (TR582) Patmos 1964, well, 77x50cmL319. Patmos 13 of the prodigal son (TR579) Patmos 1964, top, 77x50cm L320. Patmos 14 entry into Jerusalem (TR580) Patmos 1964, well, 77x50cmL321. Patmos of 16 of Jesus on the Mount of olives (TR578) 1964 Patmos, top, 77x50cmL322. Patmos 17 Christ before Pilate (TR606) Patmos, 1965, 77x50cmL323. Patmos 18 the mocking (TR466) Patmos about 1965, 77x50cmL324. Patmos 21 the three women at the Tomb (TR615) Patmos about 1965, 77x51cmL325. Patmos 22 the Emmaus disciples (TR678) Patmos about 1965, 77x50cmL326. Patmos 4 the presentation in the temple (TR412) Patmos 1967, 77x50cmL 327. Patmos 7 the wedding at Cana (TR620) Patmos about 1965, 77x50cmL328. Patmos 8 the young man of Naim (TR622) Patmos, about 1965, 77x51cmL329. Patmos 9 the storm on the Sea (TR590) Patmos in 1961, well, 77x50cmL330. Pflanzenkundliche basics 2 distinguishing features (LA48). Nadler. AT the Gelsenkirchen, 96x56cmL331. Pflanzenkundliche concepts 4 flower families (LA54). Neuzeitl. Work equipment GK, 96x65cmL332. Pflanzenkundliche fundamentals of 5 sheets (LA141). NZ on the GK, 96x65cmL333. Pflanzenkundliche 6 fruit and seed (LA84) concepts. NZ on the GK, 96x65cmL334. Physical quantities and units (ME71) V & W, top water stains, Metallstäbung, 151x113cmL335. Mushrooms of our homeland Panel II (NU205) Publisher Röhr, 86x122cmL336. PIM mothers kitchen RS the PIMs House (NE84) Cornelsen, 1967, rubber, 119x82cmL337. PIM the PIMs House the PIM family (NE98) Cornelsen, bar and paper, 1963, 86x118cmL338. Rice cultivation in Indochina (TR377) DrteNeues, 1952, 98x70cm L339. Revolution in Germany 1918 Scheidemann calls the Republic of (LA60) Stockmann, representation Act. History, def something. top left and right, 98x66cmL340. Broadcasting (LA115) probably Stockmann?, wasserfleckig, ok, 100x65cmL341. Savannah in Africa (NE20) V & W, Bernitz, ok, Metallstäbung, detail of photo by (AB80), 155x107cmL342. black fabric (BG203) wooden bars, 127x147cm L343. Marine fish (edible) now marine fish - the most important for our diet marine fish and marine animals (NU179) now fisheries Publisher of Rühmer, top, 122x166cmL344. Skeleton grass Snake (DB289) V & W CA. 1983, Metallstäbung of the bottom bar is missing, above cracked, 97x66cmL345. Skeletal signs of vertebrate animals No. 3 fence lizard (AB100) V & W, Metallstäbung and linen, 118x74cm L346. Skavenmarkt in ancient Rome (NE66) V & W, CA. 1983, wasserfleckig, cracked, according to Humayun, 116x76cmL347. So paper (TR300) is Schroppsche teaching KG, wavy, slightly cracked, 118x81cmL348. Spectra grammar table (BG130) spectra, above right crack also PVC, VS with the tree, 154x95cmL349. Spektralkalssen of the fixed stars (AB124) V & W, upper bar of some verb ogres, Metallstäbung and linen, 81x112cmL350. Spectral Panel (NT395) Dr te new table to no. 5, physics 1 enlightenment. above, 83x112cmL351. Freshwater fish table 1 (NE37) V & W, 1956, wassefleckig, Metallstäbung's oxidized, 81x51cmL352. Mail payments (TR736) Federal Minister for post, poster only with thin metal rods, plus small hook bar approx. 119x82cmL353. Taiga (AB24) V & W after Bernitz, 1962, well, Holzstäbung, 220x78cm plus Stäbung! L354. Keyboard DIN 2127 (SB794) Olympia Wilhelmshaven, works without bottom bar, 139x97cmL355. Thousands of slab 500 (BG8) Rökare, Arbogast, ok, wasserfleckig, 177x40cmL356. Tellus history frieze Nr. 1 3000-711 (TR298) ok, Tellus, 121x83cmL357. Tellus history frieze Nr. 2 800-1498 (TR231) Tellus, almost very good 122x82cmL358. Tellus history frieze Nr. 3 1500-1789 (NT217) Tellus, ok, 120x81cmL359. Tellus history frieze Nr. 4 1800-1950 (TR359) Tellus, top left damaged, thick bars, 121x83cmL360. Tellus history frieze T2 600-1500 (W74) Tellus, 118x83cmL361. T3 1500-1800 (DB224) history of fries in Tellus Tellus, 117x83cmL362. Tellus history frieze T4 1800-1920 (BG245) Tellus, very good 116x84cmL363. Tellus history frieze T5 1920-1970 (BG231) Tellus, stains, 1.kl. Ripped, well, 117x84cmL364. Station (TR427) Köster, MDI, top, Figure 11, 1964, 90x64cmL365. Farm (WN96) Köster, MDI, Figure 1, 1968, 90x64cmL366. The River (TR404) Köster, MDI, image 7, 1965, 90x64cmL367. Fire Brigade (TR405) Köster, MDI, fig. 12, 1965, 90x64cmL368. Fishing port (TR443) Köster, MDI, Figure 6, top, 1965, 90x64cmL369. Harvest (TR472) Köster, MDI, image 7, 1964, 90x64cmL370. Freight depot (TR473) Köster, MDI, fig. 5, 1964, 90x64cm L371. Hay harvest (TR558) Köster, MDI, image?, 1964, 90x64cmL372. Fair (TR470) Köster, MDI, image?, 89x63cmL373. Hospital (TR510) Köster, MDI, Figure 11, 90x64cmOJ L 374. Dairy (TR434) Köster, MDI, fig. 9, 1965, 90x64cmL375. Police (TR506) Köster, MDI, fig. 4, 1965, 90x64cmL376. Shoemaker (TR469) Köster, MDI, image?, 90x64cmL377. Road and village types (TR398) Köster, MDI, image?, 1965, 90x64cmL378. Road construction (TR508) Köster, MDI, Figure 1, 1965, 90x64cmL379. Vintage (TR386) Köster, MDI, Figure 4, 90x64cmL380. As the city us KÖSTER, MDI, fig. 3, 90x64cm supplies (TR501)L381. Brickyard (TR398) Köster, MDI, Figure 10, very good 90x64cmL382. Tropical rain forest in the Congo Basin (AB51) V & W, 1964, Holzstäbung, linen, among others wasserfleckig, 222x76cmL383. Tuberculosis (TR248) Dt.Hyg. Museum Dresden, foiled, well, 84x116cmL384. Tundra (DB147) V & W, with subtitles, bottom left and right bar slightly damaged almost top, linen, Metallstäbung, 218x75cmL385. Ukrainian steppe in the early summer (NE7) V & W, 1963, Bernitz, 221x77cmL386. Our bodies table 1 the skeleton (SB702) Hagemann, approx. 1965-1974, top, 115x160cmL387. Our body panel 10 hormone - active agents of the body (BG38) Hagemann, around late 60s, 164x115cmL388. Our bodies table 4 the eye and his achievements (BG207) habe, 166x117cmL389. Our body Panel 6 sensation and control by the nervous system (OL111) Hagemann, up damaged, 167x115cmL390. Our body plate 8 the skin organ and his achievements (BU84) Hagemann, slightly cracked, 163x114cmL391. Our body panel 9 metabolism, excretion and water balance (BG179) Hagemann, bottom and left veiling, Alustäbung, 166x115cmL392. Our weather (cyclones and Antizykone) (NU5) Westermann, 1969, 4.Auflage, top, 214x175cmL393. Our Earth in space (BU62) Hunter, sticker, ok, 197x177cmL394. Our environment - endangered environment part 1 forest (DB281) Steinberger, printed with a notice "Horst" on the bar, double-sided, 114x152cmL395. Processing of crude oil (ME90) V & W, cracked, bottom right 30 cm, 116x157cmL396. Birds in winter (AB101) V & W, 1957, bottom bar away, cracked, etc., 115x78cmL397. Instruction signs (AB87) V & W before 1990, Metallstäbung and linen, 1-8 pencil, edges of damaged, ok, 117x79cmL398. Industrial landscape of Duisburg (TR281) Westermann, small hole, 70x52cmL399. WE Germany - Lüneburg Heath (TR672) Westermann, 75x51cmL400. WE France - Mont Saint-Michel (TR439) Westermann, 75x50cmL401. WE high Gebirgslandschaft in Switzerland - Rhone glacier at Furka Paß (TR368) Westermann, almost very good 70x52cmL402. WE Norwegian Fjord landscape Geranger fjord South-East Aksund (TR457) Westermann, top, 75x51cmL403. Female genital structure and function (NE69) V & W, stockfleckig, Metallstäbung, 80x113cm L404. Dialling (TR726) Federal Minister for post..., poster with kl. Metal rods, approximately 119x82cmL405. Desert westdt. here in Central Asia with a river OASIS (RU19) Output, paintings by B.Bernitz, 1963, 228x67cmL406. Number line (BG170) spectra, bottom left 5 cm crack, PVC, for chalk entries, 154x84cmL407. Cells and tissues (TR204) DrteNeues, the Menschl. Body Nr. 22, top, 119x80cmL408. Cells and cell division (BU144) DrteNeues, the Menschl. Body no. 21, more damage, 84x133cm L409. Rayon (WU113) w Leipzig, above broken, 96x67cmL410. Global economy Panel (OL112) Westermann, 1952, stickers, details by Belegex., 202x136cmL411. Hydroelectric power plant (ME134) V & W, top water damage, otherwise very good, Metallstäbung, 80x111cmL412. Foothills (Chiemsee)(TR556), the new Schulmann, 4127, stains, 92x60cmL413. Send Earls Court (WM206) w Leipzig, slightly cracked, 83x60cmL414. Roman Fort on the Limes, the Saalburg (WM203) the new Schulmann, slightly cracked, still good, 92x59cmL415. Knight's Castle castle gate with drawbridge (TR374) Wachsmuth, cracked, stains, 64x84cmL416. Rio de Jainero (WM262) the new Schulmann, 4139, after 2.WK image series, photo there color well after WW2, 2.WK, 92x59cmL417. Series and parallel connection (WM58) unite Verlagsgesellschaft, NL9, 70x96cm, well L418. The hotplate (WM100) United publishing company, NL6, 70x96cm, well L419. The light bulb (WM62) United publishing company, NL1, 70x95cm, wellL420. The bicycle Dynamo (WM90) United publishing company, NL8, 70x95cm, wellL421. The electric Bell (WM87) United publishing company, NL2, 70x95cm, wellL422. The transformer (WM54) United publishing company, NL12, 70x95cm, wellL423. The magnet (WM59) United publishing company, NL3, 70x96cm, wellL424. The lightning rod (WM57) United publishing company, NL10, 70x95cm, well L425. Nutrients, nutrition & Vitamie 1 (WM116), possibly Dr.teNeues, defective, please einstäben, 84x115cm up newlyL426. Medieval manuscript (WM195) the new Schulmann, 4076, above re 1 crack, 92x61cmL427. Coffee crop in Brazil (WM233) the new Schulmann, 7078, liecht knittrig, ok, spotty, 92x60cmL428. Istanbul (WM227) the new Schulmann, 4135, top, 92x59cmL429. Internal organs (NE71) DrteNeues, CA 1951, the human body no 5, 84x114cm, crackedL430. In the stream of time (LA162), n. publishing, slightly wavy and wasserfleckig, top, 197x65cmL431. Craft of the Teutons (WM232) Dresden school Publisher, somewhat patchy, above re crack, 98x134cm lighterL432. Frieze of history of Panel 1 3000v.C.-500n.C. (CH332) 161x67cmL433. (Germanic) Tree coffin burial to the bronze age (WM591) Paramasivan007 new, formerly of Wachsmuth, veiling, pictures of prehistoric Nr. 11, 97x68cmL434. A way through 2000 years of history (WM141) air top knittri, cracked, let, 100x165cmL435. The great wall of China (WM212) the new Schulmann, slightly stained, 89x62cm L436. The Nile at Aswan (WM235) the new German?, good 92x59cmL437. The Kremlin from the Moscow river from (WM267) slight traces of, well, 92x60cmL438. Image Panel to prehistory (WM148) Flemming, wasserfleckig, 1-72 images, 97x133cmL439. Cotton in Tajikistan (WM220) the new Schulmann, no. 4116, in the sky 3 cracks, 64x87cmL440. Structure of the Earth's atmosphere and the Earth's crust (CH378) V & W, 1 835.000, and 1zu5Mio, after 1957, above re tear, 161x183cmL441. Solar and Lunar Eclipse (SE657) formerly Interdidact SWE, Eckert/Heideck, 100x67cm, topL442. On the River Thames in London (WM270) the new Schulmann, 4114, 92x59cmL443. Old Norse and Germanic burial grounds (WM31) publishing Pestalozzi Fröbel House, above broken, 101x139cmL444. Points of the compass (WM139) neuzeitl Publishing House. AM, 70x97cmL445. The flight of the people development of flying (16 turquoise) jensen, good detail photos are from my copy from the offered card!, 199x185cmL446. On Mount Kilimanjaro (AH129) vest man, 70x52cm L447. KHEOPS pyramid and Sphinx (SE593) Westermann, 75x51cmL448. Village at Lake Kivu (SE518) Westermann, 75x52cmL449. Herd in the savanna of the Ubangi (Congo) Westermann. 75x52cm L450. Farmland in the Nile Delta (AH113) Westermann, 70x51cm, top right crackL451. Sandy desert in the Sahara (AH112) Westermann, 70x51cm, okL452. Table mountains on the edge of the Red Kalahari (SE675) Westermann, 75x51cmL453. Tea plantation in Eastern Africa (SE668) Westermann, 55x71cmL454. Administrative centre Abidschan (Ivory Coast) (SE504) Westermann, 75x51cmL455. Cosmopolitan city of Cairo (G27) versts er man, 75x52cmL456. Egyptian burial (AH70) Westermann, 95x69cm, top left and right crackedL457. All. Weather the major climate zones (AH109). Nadler. AM, 79x116cmL458. All. Weather third element: Luftfeutigkeit - rain (AH99). NZ MOST. 80x116cmL459. All. Weather first element of the weather: temperature (AH283). NZ, 80x116cmL460. All. Meteorology weather signs (K70). NZ, 80x115cmL461. All. Meteorology second element of the weather: air pressure (WM129). NZ, 80x116cmL462. old canvas (WM374) 198x188cmL463. At the Holstein gate in Lübeck (KR203) Tellus, 85x54cmL464. On the coast of Greenland (TR417) the new Schulmann, 4071, 102x59cmL465. The annual circulation of the earth around the Sun (SE551) Eckert / Heideck, Nr. 1, 100x67cmL466. From the wonderful world of the small (AH232) the new Schulmann, 4070, 64x87cmL467. Baroque 1 (K94) Westermann, non-top-right out a little, 104x76cmL468. Baroque 2 (K80) Westermann, style Customer Panel, 104x76cmL469. Farmers and landsknechts (RU101) Wachsmuth. Leipzig, K 1.10., 85x63cmL470. Cotton on the Mississippi (HD183) Dr.teNeues, pictures foreign crops 1, 96x68cmL471. Conversion of the Germanic tribes to Christianity (SE184) Finland. Artist, 99x65cmL472. Brown coal mining and briquette factory (CH411) DrteNeuse, 1955, 1 spot left below, 115x80cm L473. Book printing to Gutenberg's time (KR18) the new Schulmann, 4022, ok, 92x60cm L474. Crack plant (AH253) the new Schulmann, 4107, top right 1 hole, 64x85cmL475. Lignite mine near Cologne (SE117) Westermann, 75x52cmL476. Lindau / Lake Constance (SE146) Westermann, top, 75x51cmL477. The Wrocław Town Hall (AH248) the new 4075 Schulmann, minor damage, 64x88cm L478. The extended set (LA56) Konkordia, Bühl/Baden, Holzstäbung pur, 85x115cmL479. The circulation of water (AH103) if Sandra, 103x100cmL480. The human body 10 respiratory system (KR328) Dr.teNeues, 1954, 84x115cmL481. The T2 coal cutting... () Tellus, 119x81cmL482. The T3 str a coal mining... (AH23) Tellus, 119x81cmL483. The storming of the Bastille (KR113) Tellus, S1 B6, above stained 84x56cmL484. Germany is an equal member of the League of Nations (KR224) Stockmann, 98x66cmL485. The German peasant history as fate of people... Rural court session in the middle ages the thing (KR8) if necessary the Pestalozzi Fröbel Leipzig, above left and right tears, 99x67cmL486. The Schildbürger catch sunlight (SE111) Tellus, top, 99x66cmL487. Apiaceae plant (LA63) possibly Stockmann, 68x96cmL488. Dr. Lips blueprints amphibians and mammals (HL31) g berlin, 100x136cmL489. A village in the new stone age (SE235) Tellus, 83x57cmL490. A medieval castle (AH162) Tellus, above stained 84x55cmL491. Elbe sandstone mountains (AH31) after painting by Werner Lenz, probably 50's patina, upper bar, painted green, 119x75cmL492. Eleltrizität is in the House (G13) Plano poster, 100x68cmL493. Eletrizitätserzeugung (AH1) 99x66cmL494. Eleltromagnetische radiation (186 green) DrteNeues, 83x115cmL495. Empire (SE93) Westermann, 108x77cmL496. Earth and atmosphere (LA76) Klüppel Bochum, tender top right, 97x134cmL497. Oil drilling (G14) the new Schulmann, 4083, Plano, sticker on the edge, 91x65cmL498. Oil field in the desert Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (DB266) DrteNeues, around 1954, geographer. Images no. 7, ok, 100x70cmL499. Oil production and crude oil processing (LA51) Hofmann pressure Vienna, slightly cracked, wasserfleckig left, 99x66cmL500. First German railway (1835) the Eagle (CH494) without data, possibly cultural Publishing House, top, 94x64cmL501. Forming the surface of the Earth 1: the Interior of the Earth (AH91). Nadler. AM, 80x116cmL502. Forming the surface of the Earth 5: changes of the Earth's surface by external forces part 2 water forces (AH93) 80x116cmL503. Forming the surface of the Earth 6: changes of the Earth's surface by external forces part 3 the Sea (AH19) 79x115cmL504. Forming the surface of the Earth 7: changes in the Earth's surface by external forces part 4 the ice (AH100) 80x115cmL505. Prince Castle in 18.Jahrhundert (AH226) the new Schulmann, 4101, above a crack, 92x60cm L506. Birth process (KR43) or hyG. Inst. DRD. 2048, 83x109cmL507. Cereals rye Wheat Barley Oats (BU131) Tellus, bottom right 30 cm, 99x135cmL508. Frieze of history of 500-1500 (CH412) Arbogast, slightly yellowed, 160x67cmL509. Tasks of the nutrients (SE60) Gisevius Berlin, PVC rods, Nr8, 114x80cmL510. Importance of water (SE21) Gisevius Berlin, PVC rods, 114x81cmL511. Components of our food II other nutrients and ingredients (AH214) Gisevius Berlin, PVC Stäbung, 114x81cmL512. Proposal for the distribution of the daily allowance (AH224) Gisevius berlin, PVC rods, spotty, 115x80cmL513. Way of the nutrients I digestion schematic (SE-) Gisevius berlin, PVC rods, 84x113cmL514. Way of nutrients II nutrient transport (SE61) Gisevius Berlin, 84x112cmL515. Important suppliers of mineral materials (SE58) Gisevius Berlin, Nr. 12, 115x81cmL516. Most important food for the supply of protein (SE57) Gisevius Berlin, Nr. 9, 115x81cm L517. Most important food for the supply of fat-soluble vitamins (SE11) Gisevius Berlin, PVC rods, 115x81cmL518. Gothic 1 (SE228) Westermann, style Customer Panel, 109x76cmL519. Gothic 2 (K38) Westermann, style Customer Panel, 77x104cmL520. Greek (K36) Westermann, style Customer Panel, 104x76cmL521. Holm at low tide (KR87) the new Schulmann, 4078 or 4079, paper, ok, 92x59cmL522. Heligoland (KR225) the new Schulmann, 4106, ok, some veiling, 92x60cmL523. Hundred Panel (SE186) Tower-Verlag, in linear tens represented, 47x58cmL524. New bottom right in the lignite mining (NE63) V & W, 1966, einstäben, cracked, stained, ok, 115x76cmL525. In the port of Lübeck (KR20) Dr te new, about 1951, above left and right cracked, 97x70cmL526. In the Spreewald (NE65) V & W, 1958, after a painting by Werner Lenz, 113x76cmL527. In the changing of the seasons: autumn Hunter, patina, 83x79cm (SE650)L528. In the change of seasons: summer (SE135) Hunter, 84x61cmL529. JKQ brown grass frog (SE483) Hagemann, zoology 19, 1985, copyright 1954, 82x113cmL530. JKQ hair Moss (HL8) F & M and Hagemann, small error, 84x113cmL531. JKQ Hazel (DB273) Hagemann, above 3 three Angel, 83x107cmL532. JKQ House cat (SE528) Hagemann zoology 2, 82x112cmL533. JKQ Rapae (SE465) habe, 82x111cmL534. JKQ mole (SE511) habe, 83x112cmL535. JKQ rye (KR325) Hagemann, still good, 85x114cmL536. JKQ Sunflower (NU144) Hagemann, 1 small hole top right without the leaflet, 82x113cmL537. JKQ Trichinae (NU209) Hagemann, easy knittrig, 82x114cmL538. JKQ snail (KR37) Hagemann, the top label, 83x114cmL539. JKQ fence lizard (NU194) Hagemann, Nr. 18, 82x113cmL540. Art Nouveau (SE203) Westermann, 109x77cmL541. Camel / Dromedary (NN334) Walter Hamol, top right broken, CA 162x107cmL542. Development of germ and baby care: Artificial nutrition (BG236) habe, 1962, top, 83x115cmL543. Development of germ and baby care: Natural nutrition (BG250) Hagemann, CA 1962, top, 80x110cmL544. Classicism (SE95) Westermann, 109x76cmL545. Coal utilization (G7) Stockmann?, without rods, above a bar, poster, 100x68cm L546. From the dugout to the House (SE478) KÖSTER B1, 12 part images, 90x64cmL547. The Sun and the time (SE612) KÖSTER B2, Alustäbung, 90x64cmL548. Man creates artificial light (SE663) KÖSTER B3, well, legend-13, 90x64cmL549. The development of land vehicles (SE647) KÖSTER B5, 90x64cmL550. In the forest (SE634) Köster B8, 90x63cmL551. Blackboard on Rügen (AH26) V & W, wood and linen, painted upper Rod green, patina, 2 green stains on the screen, scrape off?, 121x74cmL552. Kalaka Grand Panel for the hand of the teacher (SE28) Kalaka/Tower-Verlag, good 85x57cmL553. Land reclamation on the North Sea coast (KR155) Paramasivan007 new, top right from below durech bonding damage, 98x72cmL554. Latin output font (WM181) Publisher unknown, slightly cracked and stained, left 15 cm, 69x96cmL555. Vivid civics table 7 d the land Baden-Württemberg (SE96) habe, 116x82cmL556. blank, white thick Stäbung (KR508) LKT.., 199x198cm, the area WxhL557. Educational boards sex education Panel 3 male reproductive organs (KR262) Hagemann, 1973, 83x114cmL558. JKQ dandelion (DB244) Hagemann, up slightly cracked, 84x112cmL559. Louis Seize (AH71) Westermann, cracks up, glued down at the bar, 99x69cm L560. Church in Central Mexico (SE495) Westermann, 55x72cmL561. Mexico City (SE547) Westermann, 55x72cmL562. Monte Alban ruins in Oaxaca (SE539) Westermann, 75x51cmL563. Panama Canal (SE564) Westermann, somewhat stockfleckig, 75x51cmL564. Sugar cane crop in Cuba (Se516) Westermann, below stockfleckig, 75x51cmL565. Marco Polo at the Court of Kublai Khan (AH72) DrteNeues, very good 94x68cmL566. Medieval city life (S4) Retzlaff, 97x73cmL567. Medieval peasant life (AH197) DrTeNeues, 100x71cmL568. Münchhausen (SE144) Tellus, 100x67cmL569. Jamestown Eisenberg plant in Ontario (SE120) Westermann, 75x51cmL570. Grand Coulee Dam with Roosevelt dam on the Columbia River (AH119) Westermann, 71x51cm L571. Highway at the foot of the Canadian Rocky Mountains (SE490) Westermann, 75x51cmL572. Timber on the St.Lorenz currents (Trois Rivières) (AH120) Westermann, 69x51cmL573. Houston, Texas (United States) (SE626) Westermann, 75x51cmL574. Oakland-Bay Bridge in San Francisco (SE451) Westermann, 75x52cmL575. Oil refinery at Baton Rouge in Louisiana (SE638) Westermann, 75x51cmL576. St.Lorenz sea (at Massena N.Y..) (SE589) Westermann, 75x51cmL577. Steel mills in Pittsburgh (AH128) Westermann, 69x51cmL578. Forest in Canada (Southern Quebec) (SE684) Westermann, 75x50cmL579. Wheat harvest in Minnesota (Hambourg Minnepolis) (SE480) Westermann, 75x51cmL580. Napoleon and Queen Luise in Tilsit (KR223) without data, possibly German, 1 hole left of Napoleon's head, ok, paper, 92x60cmL581. NL of the faucet (AH92) Sener, series 2 table 1, 70x96cm L582. Athens Acropolis / Greece (SE605) Westermann, wavy, 75x51cmL583. Danube and the iron gate (SE471) Westermann, 75x51cmL584. High Tatras with Strabasee (SE567) Westermann, 55x71cm L585. University and Golden Horn, Istanbul: MoHA mosque, Turkey (SE598) some veiling, Westermann 75x50cmL586. Meteora monastery / Greece (SE640) Westermann, left wavy, 55 x 71L587. African animals... (SE157) Author: Koekkoek, 85x62cmL588. Patmos 13 the prodigal son (SE588) Patmos, CA 1963 77x50cmL589. Patmos 15 the Lord's Supper (...) Patmos, 1964, 77x50cmL590. Patmos 19 the carrying of the cross (SE658), Patmos, about 1964, 77x50cmL591. Patmos 20 the crucifixion (SE481) Patmos, about 1964, 77x50cm - The shipping price is valid for a large card over 2m total length including the sticks. For a small card, under 2m, up to 3kg, I can charge you 25,87 . Under reservation. Northern Ireland excluded. Please after the purchase AND before the payment then the total amount inquire.The shipping price is valid for a large map over 2m total length including the sticks. For a small card, under 2m, up to 3kg, I can charge you 26,89 . Under reservation. Please after the purchase AND before the payment then the total amount inquire.The shipping price is valid for a large card over 2m total length including the sticks. For a small card, under 2m, up to 3kg, I can charge you 24,58 . Under reservation. Corsika excluded. Please after the purchase AND before the payment then the total amount inquire.The shipping price is valid for a large card over 2m total length including the sticks. For a small card, under 2m, up to 3kg, I can charge you 34,17 . Under reservation. Balearic Islands and Canary Islands excluded. Please after the purchase AND before the payment then the total amount inquire.

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