Petrol Fuel Tank Filler Cap Sym & Chinaroller Rex etc. Models See Text et :

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Seller: 321bestparts (8.052) 100%, Location: Nürnberg, Ships to: Americas, Europe, Asia, AU, Item: 233204376306 Petrol Fuel Tank Filler Cap Sym & Chinaroller Rex etc. Models See Text et : The description of this item has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. An original SYM tank cap, brass color Suitable for:Fancy 50 (F5L3)JET 100Jet 50 E1Jet 50 "M. SCHUMACHER" (G5J3-6)Jet 50 (G5J-6)Jet 50 euro2 (2005)JET 50 race lifeJet BasiXJet Euro XJungle 50 (GA05W-6)Mask 50 Euro 2 BF0W2-6Mask 50 euro2 2005Pure 50 (F5A3-2)Red Devil (G5J2-6)Red Devil red E1 BL05W5-6Red Devil EuroX BL05W7-6Super Fancy (G5H3-6) Includes 1 tank lid! Article Nr: 17620-GS7-671-M1Name: fuel cap with gasketEIA: 28,70 alsofor various China scooters 50 -450 ccmsuitableCompare the pictures and pay attention to the exact model description:AGM GMX 50ATU Explorer City Star 50 YY50QTATU Explorer Formula 2000 50 YY50QT-A6ATU Explorer Formula One 50 YY50QT-6ATU Explorer Level 100 ZS50QTATU Explorer Level 100 50ATU Explorer Retro Star 50 YY50QT-15ATU Explorer Wild Eagle 50 ZS50QTAdly Her Chee BT 50 4-strokeBaja BE500 50 4-strokeBaja BE500 50 4tBaja RT 150Baja Retro 50Baja Retro RT 50Baja SC 150Baja Suncity SC50 4-stroke VIN LAW LXKSBaja Suncity SC50 4-stroke VIN LWGTBaotian BT125T-12C 1 B010Baotian BT125T-12E1 RockyBaotian Tanco BT125T-12F1Baotian BT125T-2ABaotian BT125T-2B2Baotian BT125T 3A2Baotian BT125T 3A4Baotian BT125T-3B 6Baotian BT125T-8ABaotian BT125T-8BBaotian Rebel BT49QT-12A1Baotian BT49QT-12C1Baotian BT49QT-12D HeroBaotian BT49QT-12E RockyBaotian Tanco BT49QT-12FBaotian BT49QT-12GBaotian BT49QT-12P1 TigerBaotian BT49QT-18C1 B010 1E40QMABaotian BT49QT-18E1 Rocky 1E40QMABaotian BT49QT-18F1 Tanco 1E40QMABaotian BT49QT-20A2Baotian BT49QT-20BBaotian BT49QT-21BBaotian BT49QT-22Baotian BT49QT-28A 1E40QMABaotian BT49QT-2A Big PantherBaotian BT49QT-2C FalconBaotian BT49QT-3Baotian BT49QT-6A1Baotian BT49QT-6A4Baotian BT49QT-6B1Baotian BT49QT-6B4Baotian BT49QT-7 Smart RiderBaotian BT49QT-9 SprintBaotian BT49QT-9 dBaotian BT49QT-9F1 EagleBaotian BT49QT-9F3 EagleBaotian BT49QT-9R1Baotian BT49QT-9R3Baotian BT49QT-9S1Baotian BT49QT-9S3Baotian BT50QT-11 RetroBaotian BT50QT-9 EcobikeBaotian Panther Big 50 [BT49QT-2A]BEELINE VELOCE 50BEELINE VELOCE GT 50Benero City Cruiser 50 4-strokeBenero GT 50Benero K2 50Benero New Retro 50Benero QT-12P 50 4-strokeBenero QT-9 F3 50 4-strokeBenero Retro 50Benero Retro Style 50 4-strokeBenero Speedo 50 2-strokeBenero Speedy 50 2-strokeBenero Speedy 50 4-strokeBenero Sunny 50 4-strokeBenero Warrior 50 4-strokeBenzhou City Star YY50QTBenzhou Formula 2000 YY50QT-6ABenzhou formula 3000Benzhou 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SK50QT-AFlex Tech Sprint-12 50 SK50QT-BFlex Tech TVZ 50 4-strokeFlex Tech Thunder 50 4-strokeFlex Tech Topdrive 50 YY50QT-14Flex Tech 50 top speedFlex Tech Venus 50Flex Tech Venus II 50Flex Tech X1 50 4-strokeFlex Tech X2 50 4-strokeFly scooters cadenza 150Fly scooters IL Bello 150Fly Scooters IL Bello 50GT Union Force 50 2-strokeGT Union Manhattan 50 2-strokeGT Union Strada 50 4-strokeGT Union Tempesta 50 2-strokeGT Union Veloce 50 2-strokeGarelli Flexi 50Garelli Tiesse Four 50Garelli Xo 50 4-strokeGeneric Cracker 50Generic Onyx 50 4-strokeGeneric Pandora 50 4-strokeGeneric Race 2 GT 50 4-strokeGeneric Sirion 50 4-strokeGeneric Vertigo 50 4-strokeGorilla Motor Works Black Jack 50Gorilla engine works Black Jack II 150Gorilla Motor Works Jet 50Gorilla Motor Works M1 50Gorilla Motor Works M2 50Gorilla Motor Works R1 50Gorilla Motor Works R2 50Gorilla Motor Works RX 50Gorilla Works Blackjack 50Hercules HT50QT-26 50Huatian HT50QT-10 50Huatian HT50QT-16 50Huatian HT50QT-22 50Huatian 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900 50REX Jinan Qingqi SC 125 QM125t-10A AREX Jinan Qingqi Speedy 125 QM125T-10ARS Ultima Techno Classic Edition 50 4-strokeRS Ultima Zero One 50 2-strokeRIDE Flash 50Rieju Paseo 50Rieju Toreo 50Rivero SP 54 50Rivero Toscana 50Roketa Bahama MC-07 50Roketa Bali MC-13 150Roketa Capri MC-16 150Roketa clone MC-22 50Roketa MC-01 Lambda 50Roketa MC-01-50Y 50Roketa MC-01SS-50 50Roketa MC-08K 50Roketa MC-50 109Roketa MC-50 110Roketa MC-16 50Roketa MC-16C-50Roketa MC-98A 50Roketa Maui MC-08 50Roketa Sicily MC-17 50Sachs 49er 50 10 inch FY50QT-5Sachs 49er 50 12 inchesSacom Zero One 50 2-strokeSaro Zero One 50 2-strokeSchwinn hope 150Schwinn Hope 50Schwinn Laguna 50Schwinn Newport 150Schwinn Newport 50Seikel Hunter 50Seikel Knight 50Seiran Zero One 50 2-strokeSprint Basic 50 4-strokeSprint Hawk 50 4-strokeSprint Sport 50Sukida Dolphin 50Sukida Dragonfly 50Sukida Roma 50 SK50QT-9Sukida Sprint-10 50 SK50QT-ASukida Sprint-12 50 SK50QT-BSukida Venus 50Sukida Viper 50SunL SL 150-18B 150SunL SL 150-6 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Ves 50 ZN50QT-27Znen Vpa 50 ZN50QT-30AZnen Wacky 50 ZN50QT-15 4-strokeZNEN X6 50ZNEN X7 50Zongshen Cab 50 ZS50QT-4Zongshen Wind 50 Includes 1 tank lid! Tank lid for vehicles in which the fuel tank is located below the seat or a fuel filler flap.The fuel cap is usually opened or closed by half a turn. Delivery including seal. Since the goods are stored factory loose (bulk) can have little bearing Suren the filler. Other parts, for this and other vehicles that you can find in my eBay If you buy more of these or other items in my store, please note: The automatic payment for PayPal, must be disabled! Once you have created all desired items in the shopping cart.go to the checkout and select Request total.Wait until this email received.This can take up to 48Std.Only by the Combined Shipping will be charged!A subsequent repayment is not possible.The product is factory-less or more parts in the outer carton, you will receive your purchased parts in neutral packaging. All brand names, logos and trademarks are protected by copyright and property of their respective manufacturer or copyright holder.The use of brand names, logos and trademarks in my article descriptions used exclusively to describe the product and its qualitative nature,to interested parties to be able to give an accurate picture of the goods. Herstellernummer 17620-GW3 Hersteller SYM Referenznummer(n) OEM U17620-GS7-671-M1 Referenznummer(n) OEM U17620-GS7-800 Referenznummer(n) OEM U17620-GW3 Referenznummer(n) OEM 17620-GW-671A-M1 Referenznummer(n) OEM U17620-GW-671A-M1 EAN 4051272258350 Condition: New, Manufacturer: SYM, EAN: 4051272258350, Manufacturer Part Number: 17620-GW3, Reference OE/OEM Number: U17620-GW-671A-M1, U17620-GW3, U17620-GS7-800, 17620-GW-671A-M1, Brand: Unbranded

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