Perfume Oil Sampler Set You Choose Three Gothic Victorian Vampire Fairy Diffuser

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Seller: vesperangel (15.839) 100%, Location: Wichita, Kansas, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 133067031886 Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we are always here to help. US buyers: First class shipping is free for most items, or you may choose priority shipping for an additional charge at checkout if you wish. ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL BUYERSPLEASE READ THIS POLICY BEFORE BUYING: WE DO NOT SHIP TO MALAYSIA OR INDONESIA. POSTAL RATES ARE AUTOMATICALLY CALCULATED AND COMBINED WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ITEMS IN YOUR SHOPPING CART. IF YOU MAKE SEPARATE PURCHASES (SEPARATE TRANSACTIONS), AND OVERPAY YOUR SHIPPING, WE WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE. Please be aware of any customs taxes or duties that may be imposed by your country's customs department before ordering, we have no control over these charges. We ship timely, but please be aware that exact delivery time depends on when the customs department in your country releases the package for delivery. We have no control over any customs delays or fees. Please note that first class shipments cannot be insured. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ ITEM DESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY. SPECIFICATIONS SUCH AS MEASUREMENTS, COLOR, STYLE, MATERIALS, AND OTHER IMPORTANT DETAILS ARE DESCRIBED FOR YOU TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE CONFIDENT IN WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE PURCHASING, PLEASE LET US KNOW AND WE'LL BE HAPPY TO HELP. WE ARE HAPPY TO MAKE CUSTOM ITEMS FOR YOU. PLEASE NOTE THAT FULLY CUSTOM-MADE ITEMS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, BUT MAY BE EXCHANGED. All Natural Perfume Oils Our very own, exclusive line of 100% pure and natural, unique and wonderfully fragrant perfume and aroma oils: Our all natural perfume oils are made with only 100% pure essential oils, precious absolutes, resins and herbs and absolutely nothing synthetic. We scour the globe for only the finest, pure oils to create these beautiful, magical, intoxicating fragrances for use as a personal perfume, in diffusers and light rings, anointing oils and more. These oil blends are bottled to order and may take 2-3 days to prepare, depending upon the size of your order. PERFUME SAMPLER SET - YOU CHOOSE THREE We are happy to now be able to offer sample sets of our perfumes so that you can sample smaller amounts before buying a larger bottle, and a way to purchase smaller bottles of the items that you like. Our perfume sample bottles are about 2.3 ml, or approximately one third the size of our regular 1/4 oz. bottle. Sample sets consist of three of these sample size 2.3 ml bottles, and you choose from the list. You may choose all different scents or all the same, or any combination you wish. Please check our list of selections below. This list is constantly evolving and changing, and we will do our best to keep it updated. If there is any particular item that you're looking for that you do not see on the list, let us know. If you choose a scent that is not available, we will let you know as quickly as possible so that you can make another choice. When ordering, please list your selections in the note to seller when you check out. You may also send us an email through ebay with your list of choices (but please be sure to submit your choices at the time that you order so that you receive the samples that you wish). If you do not choose your own selections, we will choose randomly for you. If you would like any help with your selections, please do let us know and we'll be happy to make some recommendations. All of our perfumes are made with only 100% pure essential oils and resins, and essential oil isolates in some cases, and blended with just a touch of natural vegetable oil (soy and/or olive) to help this delicious fragrance endure. Each sample set includes three 2.3 ml bottles. Fitted with a reducer so that you get a drop or two at a time (no worries of pouring too much). Use these oils as personal perfumes to apply to pulse points, in essential oil diffusers and tea light diffusers, lamp rings, sachets, aroma lockets and more. **Please note that this product is not to be consumed or used internally, for fragrance purposes only. List of Perfume scents: Sold out Forbidden Crypt: Dark, earthy, resinous and haunting with dark aged patchouli, labdanum, white cedarwood, cedar leaf, sweet balsam, frankincense and a hint of cardamom Sold out Grave Dirt: Dark and mysterious - frankincense, patchouli, amber, cedarwood, vetiver, oakmoss, precious woods, clove bud, lavender and anise. Sold out A Dark Kiss: Deep, dark, soft and sensual, with a bite. Sweet rose, exotic ylang ylang and jasmine; rich amber and white sandalwood, spice and vanilla, raspberry, mandarin, and earth. Black Cat: Velvety and dark with rich amber, patchouli, vetiver, olibanum, coffee bean, sweet vanilla, kashmir lavender, gardenia, jasmine, clove, and lemon peel. Shallow Grave: Fallen leaves, rain, earth, damp moss, roots, misty pine wood, soft fungi and subtle decay, amber, a touch of peach and gentle flowers. Vampire's Orchid: A dark and mysterious flower of nocturnal fantasy. Floral notes of lavender, ylang ylang, champaca, geranium, jasmine and orange blossom with blood orange, oriental amber, white woods and earth. Sold out Black Rose: A dark, earthy rose for the nocturnally inclined. Black patchouli, oriental amber, and frankincense. Sweet damask rose, bergamot, orange blossom and jasmine. For Love of Dark Things: Deep and mysterious with dark woods, black roses and earth, black cloves and smoky leather. Sangria, plum and oakmoss, moonlit petals, blood orange and dark musk. Sold out Autumn in the Air: Fall blend of chilled air and rain, fir, cedarwood and oak, moss and fallen leaves; crisp apples, cinnamon and nutmeg, earth, berry, vanilla, mint, almond, cocoa. Ancient Cedar: Aromatic red Atlas cedarwood, white cedarwood, pungent cedar leaf, juniper berry, balsamic coniferous resin. Mort au Chocolat: Chocolate Indulgence. Amber, laudanum and black patchouli, almond, coffee bean, mandarin and blood orange. Spices, dark cacao, buttery cream and wild musks. Bonfire: Smoky, rich, woody and warm - like a roaring bonfire on a cold night. The scent of charring woods of pine, cedar and orangewood, sizzling resin, cone and twig kindling, citrus, vanilla bean, hints of coffee and warm earth. Faery Hollows: Secret hollows in ancient forests where the fey dwell. Cedars, pine, firs and oak, soft moss, delicate forest flowers and wild herbs, and rich earth. Emerald: Elegant and noble, delicately sweet, vibrant and crisp. Fir needle, cedar boughs and blue juniper berry, white cedarwood, dewy green grass, lime peel and cool mint. Bells of Ireland, golden amber and sweet vanilla. Vanilla Rapture: Like a creamsicle gone dark and sultry, smoky and sophisticated. Sweet vanilla, golden and dark amber, sandalwood and tonka bean, patchouli and soft musk with sweet orange, tangerine and bergamot. Sold out Sanctum - a spiritual blend of essences including frankincense and myrrh, holy sacred woods incense, honeyed amber, cinnamon, mace and cloves, heartwood of cedar, fragrant herbs and the green, leafy essence of the forest and trees. Sold out Catacombs: Musty earth and sweet resin, aged and dusty bone. Old church incense, dead wood and a lingering malaise. Sold out Satyr: Rich, deep, woodsy, earthy and lusty. Dark aged patchouli, swarthy vetiver, musty cedarwood and oakmoss, dark amber, sandalwood and spicy bay. Sold out Forest Rain: The scent of the forest after rainfall. Rain-soaked cedar and pine, damp bark, moss and cones, sweet and musty earth, and the wet green of leaves. Sold out Twilight Amber: Rich, earthy, sweet and resinous. Honeyed golden amber, dark red amber and oriental amber with dark patchouli, frankincense and a hint of citrus. Very sensual. Black Forest: An ancient, majestic, vast forest - primeval and home to fairy folk, legends and tales, and rich history. Mountain air, black spruce, silver firs, damp bark and cold stone. Lush moss and mushroom, fallen evergreen cones, pine and rich earth. Wild forest flowers, blossoming herbs, berry and apple. Sold out Decadence: Irresistible indulgence. Dark amber, vintage patchouli, rose and cherry. Black opium, ripe peach, tabac and leather. Honeyed musk, chocolate and smooth cream. Prince Vlad's Blood of Passion: Sensual, alluring, seductive with sandalwood, blood orange, vetiver, rosewood, dragon's blood, frankincense and golden amber, ylang ylang, a hint of rose, and dark clove. Garden Faery: With the spring season emerges the Garden Faery, who tends all growing things from the earth, and delights in a lush, beautiful garden. Rose, peony, geranium, lavender, citrus, apricot and green leaf. Wild herbs and flowers, berry, grass, sunshine and dew. Strawberry Fields: Crisp, fresh, sweet and nostalgic, like the care-free summer days we love. The sun-warmed green of meadow, wildflowers and herbs, vibrant citrus and ripe, tangy-sweet strawberries. The King's Blend: Rich, robust, and fit for royalty. A blend that leans toward the masculine, but enjoyed by both the lords and the ladies. Amber, vetiver and red cedar, bay rum, exotic spices and dragon's blood. Citrus, frankincense, incense woods, tabac, roses and herbs, musk and leather. Strawberry Chocolate Velvet: Rich and indulgent. Ripe strawberries, dark amber, honeyed woods, citrus, rose petals and creamy chocolate. Chocolate Chai: Warm, spicy, sweet and comforting. Exotic, classic chai spices of fresh ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and anise blend with rich, creamy chocolate. Citrus Bling: A blend of bright, tangy-sweet, delicious citrus including lemon, sweet orange, tangerine, lime, pink grapefruit and red mandarin. Pink Lemonade: Zesty, tart lemons with the blush of ripe, summer raspberries, sweet strawberries, ruby grapefruit and pomegranate. Psycho-babble: For focus, calm, balance and clarity. Lavender, rosemary, sage and basil leaf, bright lemon, cool mint, cedarwood, juniper berry, vetiver and ylang ylang. Witchy Woman: There's a little witch in every woman. Ylang Ylang, hibiscus, mango and lime. Roses, amber, tangerine, lavender and berries. Ginger lily, dark patchouli, cinnamon, smoky woods, licorice, almond and a kiss of chocolate. Lilith: The succubus said to be the inspiration for erotic dreams and who seduces men in their sleep. Amber, dragon's blood, frankincense and sweet orange. Red roses, cedarwood, vetiver and clove. Jasmine, cinnamon and a hint of carnal musk. Sold out Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love and beauty. Red rose, apple, amber, honey, pomegranate, citrus, anemone, and balsamic woods. Sold out Ambre Noir: The dark side of amber. Golden, red and oriental amber, dark patchouli, and vetiver. Blood orange, velvety flora, exotic woods, clove, vanilla caramel, oaky musk and smoky leather. Winter Cometh: Frosty evergreens and chilled air, white birch and sharp mint, frozen sap and icy leaves around a core of warm, smoky wood and a hint of green musk. Sold out Ancient Meditation Blend: An uplifting blend for peace, grounding and a harmonious atmosphere with frankincense, cedarwood, sandalwood, balsam, amber, dark patchouli and oakmoss. Lavender, bay, sweet orange, ylang ylang, cardamom and nutmeg. Sold out Hearth: Woodsy and warm with pine and cedar heartwood, apple wood, evergreen cones, twigs and needles, bark and moss, woodsmoke and a touch of cinnamon. Sold out Cathedral: Fashioned after incense and candles used in prayer and in temples since ancient times. Ethiopian frankincense, musty cedarwood, green cedar leaf, a touch of sweet red cedar and earthy, warm nutmeg. Snake Oil (Oleum Serpens): Rich, dark and mystic blend of ancient resins, amber and woods, exotic heady florals and spice, narcotic sweet fruits, vetiver and black patchouli, wild herbs, musk and vanilla bean. The Raven: A potion as dark as its name with aged patchouli, smoky balsam and frankincense, oriental lily, sandalwood, rosemary, clove, amber, immortelle and soft musk. Halloween: Dark, mysterious, delectable blend of Autumn essences with earth and fall leaves, moss and woods, vanilla, spice and sweet orange, cut gourds, apple and amber, dark flora, honey, berries and cocoa. Haunted Forest: A dark, mysterious, foreboding blend with aged cedars and pine, damp bark, fir needle, moss and stone, rain, fungi, earth, dead leaves, with hints of ivy and nightshade. Chocolate Orange: Rich, velvety chocolate with sweet orange, tangerine, and mandarin, bergamot and pink grapefruit, balsam, buttery cream and vanilla bean. Wild: Exotic, overgrown forest with precious woods of cedar, laurel, eaglewood; vetiver roots and earth, amber, green leaf and ivy, grasses, wild flora with basil, coriander, lime and green musk. Smudge Blend: An aromatic, naturally protective and cleansing blend to use just about anywhere. Wild white sage, cedar, lavender, rosemary, juniper, blue spruce, amber and citrus. Peppermint Tree: Like candy canes hanging on a glowing Christmas tree - crisp, fragrant evergreens with cool peppermint and warm, sweet vanilla. Gingerbread Mocha: The scent of spicy gingerbread blended with mocha. Fresh, fragrant ginger root, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg with a hint of anise and citrus peel, with creamy chocolate and coffee bean. SHIPPING TIME: MOST ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED WITHIN 2 BUSINESS DAYS (OR SOONER) OF CLEARED PAYMENT (DEPENDING ON THE SIZE OF YOUR ORDER AND THE TIME IT TAKES TO PREPARE YOUR ORDER FOR SHIPPING). INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: MOST FIRST CLASS AND PRIORITY SHIPMENTS WILL TAKE SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 4 TO 10 DAYS SHIPPING TIME, DEPENDING ON YOUR COUNTRY. MOST DELAYS IN OVERSEAS SHIPPING RESULT FROM PACKAGES BEING HELD UP IN THE CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT OF THE COUNTRY TO WHICH THEY ARE BEING SHIPPED. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER THESE DELAYS SO PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN ORDERING AND RATING OUR SHIP TIME. US BUYERS PLEASE REMEMBER THAT FIRST CLASS CAN TAKE UP TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS (OR MORE DURING HOLIDAYS) TO ARRIVE. EVERY ITEM OFFERING FIRST CLASS ALSO HAS A PRIORITY SHIPPING OPTION AVAILABLE. IF YOU NEED YOUR PACKAGE QUICKLY, PLEASE CHOOSE PRIORITY OVER FIRST CLASS. YOU CAN ENSURE THAT YOUR PACKAGE ARRIVES WITHIN THE TIME FRAME THAT YOU WISH BY OPTING FOR THE FASTEST SHIPPING OPTION. 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We also respectfully ask that you let us know of any problems you may have with your purchase BEFORE you leave feedback - we're here to help and remedy any problem that may arise. We truly enjoy leaving glowing feedback for all of our customers and hope to see feedback from you that reflects a positive experience in all areas of your transaction with us. We leave feedback personally with individual comments for each and every transaction as we feel that our customers deserve that personal attention from us - we NEVER leave automated feedback. Please allow us time to post your feedback (sometimes it just takes us a few days to catch up as each comment is individual just for you). Most of all, please enjoy your visit with us and drop us a line whenever you like, we'd love to hear from you! Condition: New with box, Fragrance Type: Perfume, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Formulation: Oil, Fragrance Name: PERFUME OIL SAMPER, Brand: HANDMADE

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