Antique Victorian Cookery Cook Book 1875 Decoration Needle Fancy Work Home Farm

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Seller: neetmok (6.036) 100%, Location: South Salem, New York, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 153622803166 Note: Many of my clients are expert chefs and food service professionals, homemakers, and aspiring Chopped Champions seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of cuisine. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book: Recipes, Etc. in this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents Below): Victorian Household Guide Illustrated House Home House-Keeping Housewife Domestic Economy Antique Cookbook Cook Cooking Vintage Cookery Pastry Chef Cuisine Culinary Food Recipe Book Kitchen Guide Instructions Baking Roasting Broiling Boiling Soup Fish Seafood Poultry Chicken Turkey Game Meats Beef Steak Pork Veal Mutton Ham Curry Gravy Sauces Vegetables Salads Pickles Pickling Eggs Omelets Ketchup Forcemeat Bread Rolls Biscuits Buns Rice Breakfast Lunch Dinner Cakes Muffins Pastry Puddings Desserts Sweet Dishes Puffs Tartlets Turnovers Blanc Mange Syllabub Fruit Coloring For Confectionery Ice Cream Ices Creams Preserves Preserving Jelly Jellies Jam Milk Butter Cheese Beverages Tea Coffee Wines Brandy First Aid Cures Home Remedies Domestic Medicine Meat Dishes Vegetables Cheese, Macaroni, Calf’s Head, Sweetbreads Vol-Au-Vents Fish Sausage Meats Forcemeats Pates Bacon Ham Salt Pork Mushrooms Pickles Making Sweetmeats Confectionery Bread Fancy Biscuits Cakes Made With Indian Corn-Meal Puddings Dumplings Ices Iced Drinks Sweets Savouries Cream Dainties Beverages Soups Broths Purees Savoury Pies Seasonings Eggs Cheese Cheese-Making Custards Pies Puddings Patties Cakes Fruits Fruit Drinks Preserves Home-Made Wines Beer Brewing French Soups French Sauces French Dishes French Cuisine Scotch Dishes Christmas Fare Hints On Carving Horse And Farm Breeding Arabian Horse Persian Horse Turkoman India Horses Egyptian European Flemish Norman Hanoverian Spanish Jennet British Scotch Galloway Shetland Sheltie New Forest Pony Exmoor Devonshire Pony Welshman English Lincolnshire Clydesdale Race Hunting Hack Harness Suffolk Cleveland Horses Stable Bridle Riding Driving Farm Livestock Poultry Fowls Chickens Ducks Geese Turkeys Guinea Fowl Cattle Cows Calves Dairy Pigs Slaughtering Curing Bees Bee-Keeping Apiary Bee Hives Honey Household Decoration Furniture Chairs Windows Curtains Bedroom Furniture Bed Dinner Table Upholstery Fabrics Lace Embroidery Cameos Gold Silver Jewelry Books Silk Woolens Leather Gloves China Marble Drawings Prints Tools Mirrors Feathers Boots Shoes Herbs Steel Ornaments Doherty's Description Dried Plants Flowers Britannia Metal Patent Leather Velvet Mantels Mantelpieces Modeling Wax Bronzing Gilding Gutta Percha Ink Quill Pens Gems Stoneware Domestic Servants Cook Housemaid Dusting Scrubbing Cleaning Brass Copper Glass Cloth Paint Parlour Maid Maid’s Uniform Lady’s Maid Laundry Maid Nurse Nursery Maid Governess Charwomen Needlewoman Household Mechanic Tool Chest Brad Awls Brace Bits Chisels Files Rasps Gimlets Augurs Gauges Hammers Mallets Pincers Pliers Planes Saws Vice Wrench Wood Ash Beech Oak Pine Carpenter Doors Windows Blinds Garden Furniture Decorations Rustic Work Summer House Fern Cases Window Gardens Furs Sable Clocks Watches Clockwork Soap Soap-Making Household Firearms Candles Candle Making Wax Spermaceti Lamps Barometers Household Pets Dogs Terrier Poodle Mastiff Bulldog Bloodhound St. Bernard Newfoundland Spaniel Setter Retriever Pointer Dalmatian Cats Cage Birds Rabbits Pigeons Goldfish Guinea Pigs Aquariums Household Amusements Hobbies Arts Crafts Kites Croquet Photography Archery Christmas Easter Valentine’s Day Holiday Activities Seaside Sea Bathing Sea Shells Sea Shell Crafts Fishing Rods Pole Tackle Gardening Walls And Fences Garden Paths Garden Tools Implements Trees Shrubs Greenhouse Ornamental Trees Herbs Herbal Wild Plants Poisonous Plants Decorative Arts Crafts Household Decorative Art Leather Work Albums Scrapbooks Scrapbooking Paper Flowers Modeling Clay Plaster Glass Painting Fans Fancy Work Bead Mosaic Hair Ornaments Hair Art Photography Camera Lenses Neetmok Printing Process Taxidermy Perfumery Needlework Fancy Work Embroidery Point Lace Patchwork Crochet Knitting Tatting Society And Etiquette Weddings Dancing Death Mourning Domestic Surgery Medicine Children’s Dress Toilette Child Rearing Gold And Silver Marks Household Chemistry Silkworms Ice Ice Houses Parasols Mineral Waters Machinery And Contrivances Riding For Ladies Shirt-Making Work-Box Furniture Textile Fabrics Shaving Razors Dressmaking Decorative Glass Work CASSELL’S HOUSEHOLD GUIDE To Every Department of Practical Life: Being a Complete Encyclopedia of Domestic and Social Economy. Undated, circa 1875. Published by Cassell, Petter, Galpin, London, Paris, New York and Melbourne. Two 10” x 8” three-quarter leather volumes. Illustrated with color plates and black and white text illustrations. Volume I = 760 pages. Volume II = 744 pages. Total 1504 pages. Condition: GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Handsome exteriors as shown in photos, with light wear. Firm bindings. Occasional foxing, etc., (remember, these books were used in a kitchen environment). Illustrated plates still look great. No torn, loose or missing pages. A great surviving example of this complete and very scarce Victorian set. Note About Photos: I reused some photos from a previous occasion when I sold one of these sets (2012) since all of the same illustrations are included in the set now at auction. However, all exterior photos of the books, as well as the color plates shown, are taken directly from the books currently at auction. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. DESCRIPTION: In the Victorian age, European and American homemakers became infatuated with the concept of “domestic economy,” or the theory and practice of household management as both vocation and art. To aid housewives in the quest for perfect cookery and spotless, well-appointed homes, publishers on both sides of the Atlantic churned out cookbooks, receipt books, household manuals and etiquette guides in record numbers. But of all the titles published from the 1870s to the 1890s, few could hold a candle to CASSELL’S HOUSEHOLD GUIDE. In terms of useful information and illustrated content, this handsome, four-volume set stands alone. It is at once a fully-stocked cookbook (complete with sections on French cuisine), a household advisor, a furnishing and decorating assistant, an etiquette consultant, a farm and livestock manual, a gardening how-to book, a treasury of hobbies and pastimes, an arts and crafts instructor, and a family home medical guide. Profusely illustrated with full-page color plates and numerous text illustrations. The range of subject matter is as diverse as it is fascinating – cooking, baking, preserving and pickling … how to make home-made wines and beer … how to manage horses and cattle … bee-keeping … how to furnish and decorate a home in the Victorian manner … home workshop and tool instruction … all manner of household receipts … how to oversee servants … soap-making and candle-making … how to care for firearms, clocks, watches, barometers and other household items … how to conduct oneself in social situations … how to handle a death in the household … how to raise well-mannered children … gardening … dogs, cats and other household pets … archery, photography, taxidermy and other hobbies and pastimes … ladies’ fancy work, embroidery, knitting and crochet … dancing and calisthenics … how to make Christmas decorations, Easter eggs and Valentines … household first aid, medicine and how to care for the sick … and much, MUCH more. This rare and complete two-volume set is a priceless window into upper and middle-class life during the Victorian era, so complete that I daresay the only thing missing is Queen Victoria herself (although the book does contain sections on royalty). For your convenience, I have attempted to describe some of the books’ contents below. It would take me weeks to properly and adequately describe the myriad subjects covered in these four beautiful volumes, so we must content ourselves with a brief overview only. Below I have treated many of the main topics and sections for your perusal, however please keep in mind that these books contain many more riches than are mentioned here – for example, all four volumes feature extensive sections on Home Medical Care, First Aid, Personal Hygiene and Fitness, etc., however they are so detailed that I decided it would be better to describe them not at all than to give them short shrift with only a few sentences. Also, there are many sections that defy easy categorization. These I have cited by name only towards the end of my description, but rest assured that each receives due attention in the text of these books. Below you will also find many examples of the beautiful illustrations in these volumes -- but not nearly as many as the books actually contain. These include color plate illustrations and black and white text illustrations, patterns, etc. But enough chatter. On with the show! CONTENTS ARE: COOKERY: MEAT DISHES: Sheep’s Trotters Calf’s Liver, Stewed Sheep’s Feet Pate Sliced Calf’s or Sheep’s Liver, Fried Calf’s Liver Cheese Bullock’s Heart a la Mode Bullock’s Kidney Tripe Normandy Fashion Stewed Tripe Tripe a la Lyonnaise Calf’s Cheek and the Soup from it Sheep’s Heads Fried Fowl Boiled Fowl How to make Parsley Sauce Fowl Stewed with Rice Ends of the Ribs, or Breast of Beef, Stewed Roast Mutton Minced Mutton Hashed Mutton Stuffed Leg of Mutton Shoulder of Mutton, Boned and Stewed Mutton Kidneys, Broiled or Roasted Mutton Kidneys, Stewed or Saute Sheep’s Brains, Roasted Scalloped Sheep’s Brains Haggis Sheep’s Head Boiled Mutton Chops and Cutlets How to make Chops, Plain Fried How to make Cutlets, Plain Fried Cutlets, Broiled and Bread-Crumbed Chops a la Jardiniere Lamb Lamb Chops with Cucumber Sauce Pork Stewed Pork and Vegetables Sucking Pig Plum Sauce Pork Chops and Cutlets Roast Pork Pork and Apple Fritters Pork a la Mode Scambled Pork The Common or Domestic Fowl Roast Fowl Fowl Roasted on a String How to cook Old Fowls Salt Beef Hashed Beef Beef Griskins Beef Tongue with Piquante Sauce Meat Glaze in a hurry Hodge Podge Minced Beef and Boiled Potatoes Tripes a la Mode de Caen Fillet of Veal, English Way Veal Stuffing Stewed Brisket of Veal Brisket of Veal and Rice Breast of Veal a la Marengo Hashed Veal en Blanquette as a white Fricassee Veal Liver Pate White Puddings Nouilles Nouilles with Ham Maintenon Cutlets Fricandeau of Veal Veal Cutlets, without Bone Boiled Fowl Poulet au Riz Broiled Fowl Fricasseed Fowl Fricasseed Fowl a la Bressane Turkey Roast Turkey Bread Sauce Onion Sauce Turkey, stuffed with Chestnuts Truffled Turkey Economically Truffled Turkey Cold Turkey Hashed Turkey Boiled Turkey Guinea Fowl Pigeons a la Crapaudine Roast Duck Duck, done in a stewpan Duck in a stewpan with turnips Boiled Ducks The Domestic Goose Hashed Goose St. Martin’s Goose Roast Cygnet Wild Fowl Wild Duck or Mallard Roasted Stewed Teal Wild Goose Marbled Goose Tame Rabbit, Fricasseed Curried Rabbit Rabbit, neetmok plain boiled Matelote of Rabbit and Eel Roast Hare Fricandeau of Rabbit Rabbit Pie Raised Rabbit Pie Rabbit Pudding Roasted Rabbit and Chestnuts Baked Rabbit and Rice Rabbit Mullagatawny Stewed Rabbit and Rice How to warm cold Rabbit Scallop of Rabbit Rabbits en surprise Meg Dod’s Stuffing Alexandre Dumas’ Stuffing Game Hashed Hare Ovened Hare Hunter’s Hash Harricoed Hare Stewed Hare or Beef Jugged Hare Stew of Hare Stewed Venison Roast Pheasant Roast Partridges Woodcock and Snipe Snipe or Woodcock and Beefsteak Pudding boiled Snipes with truffles Mushroom Sauce for Fowls and Rabbits Mustard Sauce for Rump Steaks Turkey en Daube Goose en Daube VEGETABLES: How to cook Potatoes Mashed Potatoes Stewed Onions Stewed Turnips Turnip Tops Celery Celery Stewed Brown Celery Stewed White Cauliflowers and Broccoli Cauliflowers and Cheese Vegetable Soup Potatoes au Maitre d’Hotel Mashed Potatoes Souffled Potatoes Carthusian Potatoes Stewed Carrots Long-horn or Altringham Carrots as Carrot Soup Boiled Salsify Dutch Sauce Fried Salsify Salsify and Cream Fried Celery Batter for Frying Vegetables Fried Chardoons The Jerusalem Artichoke Leeks Cabbage Plants Cabbage Cake Chopped Cabbage How to Stew Red Cabbage Cauliflower, with Stuffing Couve Tronchuda, or Portugal Cabbage Sea-kale Asparagus officinalis Salmagundi Artichokes Salads Nantese Salad Dandelion Salad Stewed Dandelions Endive Sorrel Patience Good King Henry, Wild Spinach or Goosefoot The Watercress Mushrooms Green Peas, English Way Green Peas, French way Beans and Bacon French or Kidney Beans Broad Beans Scarlet Runner Beans Dried Haricots Plain Boiled Haricots Haricots a la Bretonne Andalusian Rice Stewed Tomatoes Pickled Tomatoes Edible Fungi St. George’s Mushroom Parasol Mushroom Maned Mushroom Champignon Edible Boletus CHEESE, MACARONI, CALF’S HEAD, SWEETBREADS, VOL-AU-VENTS: Cheese Patties Cheese Fritters Cheese Paste Cheese Marmalade Potted Cheese Cheesecakes Fondue of Cheese Ramequins Welsh Rarebits Stewed Cheese Macaroni Pudding Calf’s Head Cheese Hashed Calf’s Head Sweetbreads Sweetbreads, White Sweetbreads, Brown Vol-au-vent of Sweetbreads FISH: Perch, Eels and Small Pike How to make Potted Eels Collared Eels How to make Conger Eel Pie Large Conger, Roasted Skate How to make Liver Sauce Plain Boiled Mackerel, with Fennel Sauce Cods’ Heads Plain Broiled Mackerel Potted Mackerel How to make Pickled Herrings, French Way Fresh Herrings, broiled Siamese Herring, broiled as twins Red Herring The Common Limpet Periwinkles Whelks Mussels and Rice Hustled Mussels, Plain Pickled Mussels Mussels with Sharp Sauce Scalloped Mussels Fried Mussels (Grande Cuisine) Cockles Scallops Stewed Oysters The Razor Fish or Solen Clams Stewed Clams (American) Hashed Clams River Fish Boiling River Fish Court-Bouillon Boiled Salmon Melted Butter Mustard Sauce Anchovy Sauce Lobster Sauce Mock Lobster Sauce Kippered Salmon The Great Lake Trout and Salmon Trout Carp Stewed Whole Stewed Tench Boiled Tench Perch The Mariner’s Matelote Bream and Roach Pike, Boiled Whole Stuffing for Pike Pike Baked Whole Eels Stewed with abcxs Sorrel Eel roasted in ashes Tartar Sauce Sauce Robert Tartar Eels Mayonnaise of Eel Mayonnaise Sauce Grey Mullet Shrimp Sauce Whitebait Turbot, Boiled The Brill The Sole Baked Soles, Norman Fashion Fried Soles The Lemon Sole Flounders and Dabs Water Souchy The Halibut Halibut Souchy Plaice or Flounder with Norman Sauce John Dory The Cod How to make Cod Steaks Baked Middle of Cod Boiled Cod’s Head and Shoulders Oyster Sauce Cold Cod, next day Egg Sauce Cod’s Sounds and Tongues Baked Haddock Finnan Haddies The Whiting The Coal Fish Ling and Hake The Whiting Pout The Gurnards The Red Mullet Oysters Oyster Pie Sea-Urchins The Freshwater Crayfish Shrimps Shrimp Patties The Crab Dressed Crab Scalloped Crab The Lobster Lobster, Plain, Split and Cracked Lobster with Piquant Sauce Lobster Mayonnaise Lobster Curry Lobster Salad Gratin of Lobsters Broiled Mackerel and Tarragon Butter Boiled Mackerel Stuffed Mackerel, Broiled Mackerel a la Poulette, stewed White Plain Boiled Mackerel The Best Way to Cook Preserved Oysters SAUSAGE MEATS, FORCEMEATS AND PATES: Oxford and Cambridge Sausage Meats Pork and Beef Sausages Beef Sausages Pork Sausages Wurtemburg Sausages Beef Forcemeat Veal Forcemeat Strasbourgh Pates de Foie Gras How to collar Pig’s Head BACON, HAM AND SALT PORK: A Good Pickle for Hams to Be Smoked The French Country Way of Salting Pork MUSHROOMS AND PICKLES: How to make Broiled Mushrooms How to make Stewed Mushrooms How to make Mushroom Catchup Mushroom Toast Pickled Mushrooms Wax for sealing pickle jars and bottles Pickled Walnuts Pickled Onions Pickled Red Cabbage Pickled French Beans Pickled Radish Pods Pickled Gherkins Pickled Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Beet Roots Pickled Samphire American Sweet Pickles Pickled Lemons Yellow Pickle Indian Pickle Indian Chutney Household Guide Sauce How to Pot Mushrooms Westphalia Pickle Pickle for Tongues Hamburg Pickle Mutton Hams MAKING SWEETMEATS OR CONFECTIONERY: How to make Candied Horehound Peppermint Drops How to make Ginger Drops Lemon Drops Damson Drops Raspberry Drops Acid Drops Everton Toffee How to make Elecampane or Candy Cake Peppermint Drops Ginger Candy Barley Sugar Drops Acidulated Drops Almond Hard-Bake Almond Rock Sugar Paste Rose Drops Spice Drops How to make Lozenges Cinnamon Lozenges Gum Lozenges and Pastilles Lemon Lozenges and Pipes Vanilla Lozenges Black Lozenges Brown Sweetmeats Cocoa Flake or Rock Cocoas Soluble Cocoas Adulterations How to prepare Caramel or Burnt Sugar Manufacture of Cocoa, Cacaoine and Chocolate Marmalade Cakes Banbury Cakes How to make a Hedgehog in Confectionery Jamelloes Barley Sugar Lemon Drops Another way to make Lemon Drops Sugared Aniseeds How to Ice Pastry Rich Cheesecakes Rhubarb and Lemon Jam Lemon Dumplings Lemon Cheesecakes Lemon and Suet Puddings Devonshire White-Pot Paste for Tarts and Cheesecakes Sweetbread Pasties Rice Tart Rice Cheesecakes Cherry Tart Chocolate Tart Marrow Tart Marrow Sausages Marrow Pasties Another way to make Sugar Biscuits To Candy Rosemary Flowers Lemon Lozenges Wormwood Lozenges Black Caps Reignet de Riz Rice and Milk Gloucester Jelly Rice Milk How to Pickle Elder Tops BREAD, FANCY BISCUITS, ETC: How to make good household bread Bread without yeast Bread-Making Queen’s Biscuits Nuns’ Biscuits Sherry Biscuits Neetmok Biscuits Lemon Peel Biscuits Aniseed Biscuits Savoy Biscuits Lisbon Biscuits Chocolate Biscuits Jasmine Biscuits Cracknels Biscuit Drops How to make Gingerbread How to make Mrs. Smith’s Gingerbread Egg Powder Cake Cheap Cake How to make Sally Lunn Cakes How to make Muffins Crumpets How to make American Raised Buckwheat Cakes How to make Fried Bread Cakes, American CAKES MADE WITH INDIAN CORN-MEAL: Indian Pound Cake Indian Cake Ginger Cake Hoe Cake Johnny Cake How to make Johnny or Journey Cake, American Corn-Meal Cake Batter Cakes A Cheap way to make Batter Cakes Corn Muffins PUDDINGS & DUMPLINGS: How to make Hard or Suffolk Dumplings How to make Drop Dumplings How to make Plum Pudding How to make Baked Apple Pudding How to make Sausage Dumpling How to make Mincemeat or Bacon Pudding How to make Mincemeat or Bacon Roll Baked Tapioca Pudding How to make Batter How to make Plain Batter Pudding Black Cap Pudding How to make Baked Batter Pudding with Sausages or Bacon Toad in a Hole Batter Pudding, baked under meat How to make Yorkshire Pudding How to make Carrot Pudding How to make Saratoga Pudding How to make Dr. Dobell’s Flour Pudding How to make Gateau How to make Suet Dumpling Plum Dumpling How to make Suet Pudding Good Common Pie Crust How to make Treacle Pudding Sugar Roly Poly Apple Roly Poly How to make Apple Dumplings How to make Potato Dumpling How to make Light Dumplings, Steamed Beef Pudding Black Pudding Potato Pudding Plum Pudding Macaroni Pudding ICES AND ICED DRINKS: Water Ices Strawberry Water Ice Raspberry Water Ice Cherry Water Ice Lemon Water Ice Strawberry Ice Cream Vanilla Ice Cream Raspberry, Currant, and Pineapple Ice Creams Ginger Ice Cream Lemon Ice Cream Italian Ice Cream Orgeat Ice Cream Cider Cup Claret-cup Moselle-cup Sherry Cobbler Iced Cream Soda Water SWEETS AND SAVOURIES: How to make Rock Cake How to make Soda Cake Sponge Cake Sweet Jelly for 20 Guests Coffee Jelly Whipped Cream Syllabubs Blanc-Mange CREAM DAINTIES: Junkets Burnt Cream Rice Cream Cream Toasts Chocolate Cream Cream Cheese Lemon Cream Italian Cream Maiden Cream Sherry Cream Orange Cream Hasty Cream BEVERAGES: How to make Tea and Coffee Coffee Hints On Tea-Making Summer and Other Drinks Wholesome Water Raspberry Vinegar Artificial Chalybeate Water Fruit Essences Ginger Beer Apple Water Lemonade Tisane, for Gout Prune Tisane Tea made Overnight Orangeade Currant Water Tea Descriptions and Qualities of Tea Of Black Tea – Bohea Congou Souchong Pekoe Of Green Teas Hyson Skin Gunpowder Adulterations Soda Water SOUPS, BROTHS AND PUREES: How to make Cabbage Soup How to make Meagre Cabbage Soup Pea Soup Vegetable Soup Shin of Beef Soup Pumpkin and Rice Soup Pot au Feu Ratatouille Ratatouille Curry Chicken Broth Boiled Fowl and Rice Roast Boiled Fowl Broth Mutton Broth White Veal Broth Brown Veal Broth Dr. Dobell’s Beef Tea Beef Tea Van Abbot’s Invalid Soup Meagre Soup Turnip and Potato Soup Carrot Soup Onion Soup Rice and Onion Soup Green Pea Soup, French way Pumpkin Soup Cauliflower Soup Provencal Soup A Garbure Garbure a la Bernaise Tomato Soup Gravy Soup Cheese Soup, Meagre Shrimp Tail and Tomato Soup Oyster Soup Mussel or other Shellfish Soup Clam Soup Eel Soup White Eel Soup Brown Eel Soup Salmon Soup Bouille-a-baise Tapioca Soup Macaroni Soup Julienne Soup White Soups Invalid Broths and Beverages Mock Turtle Soup Forcemeat Balls Egg Balls Ox Tail Soup Cherry Soup Mulligatawny Soup All the Year Round’s Mulligatawny Giblet Soup Cabbage Soup Puree of Green Peas Hare Soups Pea Soup, Puree of Dried Peas Green Pea Soup Cabbage Soup, Maigre Small Onion Soup Broth from Essences and Extracts of Meat A Cheap Vegetable Soup Carrot Soup Mock Vegetable Soup Scotch Soup A Good Pea Soup Mutton Broth for any Sick Persons SAVOURY PIES: Bride Pie How to make a Pork and Apple Pie Lamb and Currant Pie Rabbit Pie Ham Pie Hare Pie Herring Pie Lumber Pie Dartmouth Pie The paste for Dartmouth Pie Dowlet Pie Potato and Sausage Meat Pie Marrow Pies Potato Pie How to make Paste for Meat or Fruit Pies A Rich Paste for Pasties An Excellent Puff Paste White Puff Paste Bride Pie How to make a Pork and Apple Pie Lamb and Currant Pie Rabbit Pie Ham Pie Hare Pie Herring Pie Lumber Pie Dartmouth Pie Dowlet Pie Potato and Sausage Meat Pie Another way to make a Mashed Potato Pie Marrow Pies Potato Pie Another way to make Potato Pie How to make Paste for Meat or Fruit Pies A Rich Paste for Pasties An Excellent Puff Paste Another kind of Puff Paste How to prepare Almond Paste for Crackling Crust SEASONINGS: Seasoning for Soups Curry Powder for Soups Liquid Essence of Curry Seasoning for Forcemeat and for Game and Meat Pies Seasoned Vinegar for Salads Essence of Anchovies for flavoring sauces Another kind of essence of anchovies Chutneys Seasoned Vinegar for Indian Pickles Kitchener’s Essence of Capsicum Seasonings for Kitchen Use Kitchener’s essence of Ginger Spiced Salt How to preserve butter EGGS: The Preservation of Eggs Poached Eggs Fried Eggs Eggs Done in Their Dish Hard-boiled Eggs Scrambled Eggs Beating Eggs Omelettes and Custards Omelette with Cheese Plain Omelette Sweet Herb Omelette Kidney Omelettes Bacon or Ham Omelette Salmon Omelette Sweet Omelette, Plain Rum Omelette Preserve or Jam Omelettes Deviled Omelette Omelettes Souffles Gardiner’s Omelette Omelette Souffle in a Mould Onion Omelette Anchovy Omelette Italian Eggs Spun Eggs Eggs as Snow Choice of Eggs How to Poach Eggs Eggs a la Tripe Poached Eggs in Gravy Eggs in the Shell Eggs au Miroir Fried Eggs Eggs with Fine Herbs Jumbled Eggs Eggs with Green Peas Forced Eggs Eggs en Caisse Eggs with Milk Buttered Eggs Egg Fricassee Egg Salad Sea-Gull’s Eggs Plover’s Eggs Eggs and Spinach, or Sorrel Pickled Eggs Egg Sandwiches Minced Ham and Eggs Eggs in Jaundice A French Method of Preserving Eggs CHEESE AND CHEESE-MAKING: The Making of Cheese Cream Cheese Cream Cheese, American Varieties of Cheese Bath Cheese Cheshire Cheese Gloucester and Somersetshire Double Gloucester Cheese Cheddar and West Rennard Cheese Stilton Cheese North Wiltshire Cheese Cottenham Cheese Sage Cheese Common Cheese French Cheeses Neufchatel Cheeses Dutch Cheeses Gruyere and Parmesan Cheeses German Cheese Schabzeiger Cheese Boiled Cheese Welsh Rarebit Macaroni with Cheese Ramequins Fondue Stewed Cheese Potted Cheese Cauliflower with Cheese How to keep Cheese CUSTARDS, PIES, PUDDINGS, PATTIES AND CAKES: Baked Custard Baked Custard in a Crust Chocolate and Coffee Custards Boiled Custards Eggs in Paper Cases Lemon Tarts or Tartlets Counsellor’s Pudding Italian Pudding Currant Custard Custard and Syrup Curd Custards Baron Brisse’s Rice Pudding Baked in a Saucepan Ground Rice Pudding, Baked Syrup and Wine Sauce Currant Syrup Little Ladies’ Tart Lemon Cheesecakes Sly Bread; Bread Fritters Green Gooseberry Pie How to Preserve Green Gooseberries Rice Souffle Buttered Apples Apples and Rice Charlotte of Apples without a Mould Potato Cake, Sweet Pilgrim’s Potatoes, Sweet Small Sponge Cakes Tea Cakes Tipsy Cakes Light Gaufres Gaufres: Wafers Cocoa-nut Cake Orange Marmalade Pie Crust Puff Crust Standing Crust Mackerel Pie or Pate Veal Pie Small Mutton Pies Lark Pate Eel Patties Eel Pie Oyster Patties Hare Pate Hare Cheese Yankee Cakes FRUITS, FRUIT DRINKS AND PRESERVES, ETC: Dried Plums Bullaces Stewed Prunes Brandied Cherries or Cherry Brandy Rhubarb Jam Damson, Bullace or Common Plum Jam Irish Orange Marmalade Green Gooseberry Jam Vegetable Marrow Marmalade Preserved Siberian Crabs Bottled Fruits Quince Jelly Green Gooseberry Jelly Currant or Strawberry Syrup Hints about Fruit About Oranges and Lemons How to Preserve Lemons Lemon Paste Marmalade of Grapes How to Preserve Grapes How to Preserve Cherries How to Preserve Cherries in Bunches Cherry Compost Candied Cherries Dried Cherries Cherry Brandy Cherry Drink Raspberry Ratafia Raspberry Jelly Raspberry Drops Raspberry and Currant Marmalade Raspberry Drink Barberry Jelly Barberry Syrup Pickled Barberries Another way to pickle Barberries How to candy Barberries How to preserve Barberries Another method of preserving Barberries Barberries preserved with wine How to preserve Apples for winter Apple Paste Another method of making Apple Paste Apple Sweetmeat Apple Cream Apple Tansy Apple Pancakes Apple Pupton Quince Jelly Quince Cakes How to keep Quinces through the year Another way to preserve Quinces Quince Cream How to Preserve Plums Another way to Preserve Plums Quiddamy of Plums How to pickle Plums like Olives How to pickle Plum Buds Plum Marmalade Plum Paste Sweetmeats An Easy Way to Preserve Plums for Pies and Tarts How to Dry Plums The Cherry Tree and its Fruit The Hazel-Nut Tree Cherry Brandy How to Candy Apricots Apricot Chips Apricot Jumbles Apricot Green Paste Apricot Marmalade How to Preserve Apricots in a Dry State Apricot Drink Apricot Wine Almond Tart Almond Jumbles Almond Prawlins Almond Custard Almond Jelly Almond Cheese Iced Almonds Almond Butter Almond Cream Grey Crisped Almonds White Crisped Almonds Red Crisped Almonds Apricot Ratafia Apricots Preserved in Jelly Apricot Preserve Several Ways to make Apricot Paste Another way to prepare Apricot Paste Gooseberry Jam Gooseberry Jelly How to Pickle Gooseberries Candied Gooseberries How to Preserve Gooseberries Gooseberry Tansy Gooseberry Wine Gooseberry Fool Orange Pie Orange Sweetmeats Orange Peel Pudding Orange and Apple Preserve Oranges Preserved in Syrup Orange Flower Lozenges Orange Brandy Orangeade Orange Butter Lime Juice Lemonade PRESERVES, ETC: Baked Apples for Children Baked Apples Stewed Apples Dried Normandy Pippins Dried Apples Apple Jam Apple Jelly Orange Apple Jelly Blackberry Jam Strawberry Jam Raspberry Jam Ripe Gooseberry Jam Black Currant Jam Apricot Jam Greengage and Plum Jam Quince Marmalade Damson or Bullace Cheese Currant Jelly Isinglass and Gelatine HOW TO MAKE HOME-MADE WINES: Introduction How to make Four Gallons of Grape Wine How to make Green Grape Wine The Honorable Charles Hamilton’s Method of Making Wine from Unripe Grapes Raisin Wine Quince Wine Raspberry Wine Gooseberry Wine Ginger Wine Red Currant Wine Orange Wine Parsnip Wine Gooseberry Champagne Raisin Wine Sparkling Grape Wine or English Champagne Sweet Grape Wine Sparkling Green Gooseberry Wine Currant Wine Strawberry or Raspberry Wine Damson Wine Cherry Wine Sloe Wine Rhubarb Wine, sparkling Ginger Wine Orange Wine Mulberry Wine Elderberry Wine Parsnip Wine Dandelion Wine British Madeira Concluding Remarks Ginger Champagne How to make a Gallon of Elderberry and Damson Wine Cellar Management Casks and Bottles Racking Fining Bottling Removing Wines Decanting Diseases of Wine Pricked Wine Mustiness Ropiness The Length of Time Necessary for Maturing Wines General Remarks BEER AND HOW TO BREW IT: Materials Malt Water The “Plant” or brewery The Chemical Changes in Beer How to clean Musty Beer Barrels Spruce Beer FRENCH SOUPS: How to prepare Pot au Feu Potage au Naturel avec Pain Potage aux Petits Oignons Blancs Potage aux Carottes Nouvelles Potage aux Navets Potage aux Poireaux Potage a la Pointe d’Asperges Potage aux Petits Pois Potage aux Lailues Entieres Potage aux Laitues Emincees Potage a la Chicorree Potage aux Menues herbes Soupe aux Herbes Maigres Potage Maigre Potage Maigre a la Tyrolienne Julienne Faubonne Potage aux Choux Soupe aux Choux Ordinaire Potage aux Choux Maigre Potage a la Puree de Racine Printanier Allemande Potage a la Puree de Navets Potage a la Crecy Potage aux Concombres Languedocien Croute au Pot Croute a la Kersel Croute a la Puree de Lentilles Croute a la Puree de Pois Nouveaux Croute a la Puree de Haricots Blancs Puree de Pois Secs Potage au Pain et a la Puree Maigre Puree de Lentilles au Maigre A La Viennet Croute a l’Artois Croute a la Chantilly Croute a la Puree de Marrons Potage au Riz Potage au Riz Maigre a la Puree Pois Verts Potage au Vermicelle Potage au Vermicelle au Lait Vermicelle au Lait d’Amandes Vermicelle aux Oignons Vermicelle a la Jardiniere Potage a la Semoule Potage au Tapioca Au Riz aux Oignons Riz Au Lait d’Amandes Riz a la Creole Riz a l’Italienne Riz a la Turque Potage de Sante Potage au Chausseur Potage a la Sevigne Grand Bouillon Bouillon de Perdrix Bouillon de Volaille Bouillon de Lapereaux de Garenne Piece d’Aloyau Bouillie Consomme Blanc de Volaille Consomme de Debris de Volaille Potage a la Semoule au Lait Potage a la Xavier Potage de Nouilles Glace de Volaille en Tablettes Jus de Boeuf Blonde de Veau Bouillon Maigre a la Laugipierre Bouillon Maigre de Poisson Jus de Poisson Eau de Poulet Bouillon de Poulet Bouillon Rafraichissant Panade Bouillon de Veau Potage au Lait Potage a la Citrouille Potage a la Conde Potage a la Colbert Potage au Ble de Turquie Potage a la Tortue Quenelles Potage a la Fecule de Pommes de Terre et aux Oignons Garbure aux Laitues Potage a la Raiette Boeuf en Daube Boeuf a la Mode Bifteck ou Filet de Boeuf Langue de Boeuf Salee et Fumee Langue de Boeuf en Ragout Bresilles de Veau Cervelles Frites Langue de Boeuf a la Broche Miroton de Boeuf Boeuf en Fricandeau Cervelles en Matelote Filet de Boeuf a la Broche Emince de Filet de Boeuf a la Sauce Beurre de Montpelier Aspic Jelly Sauce Mayonnaise Beurre de Ravigote Beurre d’Anchois Beurre de Fines Herbes Beurre d’Ecrevisses Beurre d’Ail Beurre Fondu Beurre Noir Mayonnaise de Perdreaux Tarragon Vinegar FRENCH SAUCES: Sauce Maitre d’Hotel Froide Sauce Maitre d’Hotel Liee Veloute Sauce Aurore Bread Sauce for serving with partridges Sauce a la Crème Sauce Tomate a la Bourgeoise Sauce au Beurre d’Ail Sauce aux Truffes Roux Blanc Puree de Homard Beurre de Piment Bretonne Sauce au Beurre d’Ecrevisses Sauce Supreme Beurre de Homard Persil Hache Vert d’Epinards Vert d’Office Sauce aux Echalotes Sauce Hachee Sauce au Beurre Sauce Poivrade Remolade Vert Sauce Tomate a l’Italienne Sauce Espagnole Sauce a la Portugaise Sauce a la Grimod Sauce au Beurre d’Anchois Sauce Italienne Sauce Romaine Sauce Hollandaise Cornichons Culs d’Artichants Sauce a l’Huile Sauce faute de beurre Marmelade de Tomates Verjus Fonds de Cuissons Jus Jus au Vin Sauce Bechamel Remoulade Sauce aux Anchois pour le boeuf FRENCH DISHES: Moules a la Poulette Ragout de Moules Ragout de Champignons Ragout de Marrons Godiveau Ognons Glaces Ragout a la Morin Concombris Farcis Ragout de Ris de Veau Boeuf Bouilli en Quenelles Hachis de Boeuf Bouilli Essence d’Assaisonnement Ragout de Laitances Ragout de Foies Gras Ragout de Ris de Veau Ragout Mele Pate a Frire Marinade Ecrevisses de Mer Choucroute Tomatoes Abricots Peches Framboises Fraises Prunes Chasselas Sauce Pour Le Poisson d’Eau Douce Sauce au Mouton Roti Sauce de Kari Sauce a la Crème Pommes de terre frites Essence de Gibier Salpicons Palais de Boeuf en Filets Palais de Boeuf Grilles Palais de Boeuf Marine Hachis a la Toulousaine Hachis de Roti de Boeuf Gras Double Grille Sucs de Fruit Haricots Verts Boeuf a l’Ecarlate Eminence d’Aloyau a la Bourgeois Langue de Boeuf a l’Ecarlate Cervelles a la Sauce Tomate Palais de Boeuf Marine Palais de Boeuf Grille Queues de Mouton au Riz Cervelles de Mouton Queue de Boeuf a la Puree Queue de Boeuf a la Sauce Tomate Queue de Boeuf en Matelote Queue de Boeuf a la Sainte Menehould Gras-double Grille Gras-double a la Sauce Robert Boeuf a la Champenaise Cote de Boeuf a la Marseillaise Queues de Mouton a la Puree Queues de Mouton Grilles Pieds de Mouton a la Poulette Cote de Boeuf a la Fermiere Cotelettes de Mouton a la Puree d’Oignons Cervelles de Veau en Mayonnaise Tendons de Veau en Kari Tendons de Veau a l’Allemande Tendons de Veau Frits Gateau de Foie de Veau Foie de Veau a la Broche Poitrine de Veau aux Pois Veau a la Gelee Blanquette de Veau Veau Roti a la Languedocienne Veau en Caisse Quasi de Veau Glace Roti de Rognons de Veau Ris de Veau Frits Ragout de Ris de Veau Veau en Fricandeau Ris de Veau a la Sauce Tomate Ris de Veau a la Puree de Lentilles Ris de Veau en Caisse Langue de Veau en Filets Langue de Veau en Papillotes Pieds de Veau au Naturel Langue de Veau a la Braise Langue de Boeuf a la Braise Oreilles de Veau Farcees Oreilles de Veau a la Napolitaine Pieds d’Agneau a la Sauce Tomate Tete de Veau Farcee Tete de Veau en Tortue Tete de Veau Frite Cervelles et Langues d’Agneau Cervelles de Veau Frites Languesde de Veau Tete de veau a la Sainte Menehould Cervelles de veau en Matelote Cervelles de Veau a la Poulette Cervelles de Veau Frites Cervelles de Veau Braisees Cervelles de Veau a la Sauce Verte Pieds de Mouton a la Sainte Menehould Langues de Mouton au Gratin Pieds de Mouton au gratin Hachis de Mouton Roti aux Champignons Cotelettes de Mouton Farcees Cotelettes de Mouton Panees et Grilles Hachis de Mouton Roti aux Fines Herbes Epaule de Mouton au Ris Epaule de Mouton en Saucisson Emince de Gigot Roti Boulettes de Hachi Frites Agneau Roti a la Bernaise Epaule d’Agneau aux Truffles Langue de Veau Fourree Epaule de Veau a l”Etouffade Queues de Veau Cotelettes de Veau en Papillote Cotelettes de Veau a la Lyonnaise Poitrine de Veau a la Puree Poitrine de Veau Farcie Rissoles de Veau Veau en Papillotes Quasi de Veau Glace Noix de Veau Glace Cotelettes de Veau Grilles et Panees Cotellettes de Veau Braisees aux Truffes Cotelettes de Veau au Lard Cotelettes de Cochon Grillees Cotelettes de Cochon a la Poele Cervelles de Cochon Queues de Cochons a la Puree Pieds de Cochon au Naturel Pieds de Cochon a la Sainte Menehould Oreilles de Cochon a la Puree Oreilles de Cochon a la Menehould Rognons de Cochon au Vin Roties au Lard Hure de Cochon Fromage de Cochon Cervelas Cervelas a l’Ognon Fromage d’Italie Boudins Noirs Saucisses Rondes Andouilles a la Bechamel Jambon Jambonne de Bayonne Jambon a la Mayonnaise Jambon aux Epinard Cochon de Lait en Blanquette Cervelas a l’Italienne Petit Sale Saucissons de Lyon Langue de Cochon Fourree Cotelettes d’Agneau Cotelettes d’Agneau a la Parmesane Ris d’Agneau Blanquettes de Agneau Pieds de Veau Frits Mouton en Chevreuil Veau Roti Fraise de Veau au Naturel Fraise de Veau Frite Fraises de Veau a l’Orientale Langue de Cochon Fourree Langue de Cochon a la Mayonnaise Chair du Chevreuil Lievre Lievre Roti Filets de Lievre en Civet Lievre en Daube Lapin aux Fines Herbes Lapine Roti Syllabub under the Cow Clear Calf’s Foot Jelly Fromage a la Crème Crème en Mousse Crème en Mousse au Café Crème en Mousse au Chocolat Crème a la Vanille en Mousse Crème en Mousse aux Liqueurs Gateau de Lievre Lapin en Galantine Gateau de Lapin Lapin au Blanc Croquette de Lapin Hachis de Lapin Marinade de Lapereau Lapereau Frit Salad de Lapereau Faisan Roti Lapin aux Concombres Essence de Gibier Gibelotte de Lapin Faisan Roti Faisan aux Truffes Faisan en Salmis Perdrix aux Choux Perdrix a la Puree Salmis de Perdreaux Perdreaux Rotis Perdreaux aux Truffes Becasses en Salmi Becasses Roties Becasses Farcies Canards Sauvages Canard Sauvage en Salmis Cailles Sarcelle Mauviettes Fricassee de Poulets Poulet au Choux-Fleurs Poulets au Celeri Poulet aux Anchois Poulet a la Poele Poulet aux Fines Herbes Poulets a la Sainte Menehould Poulets a la Mulatre Poulets en Marinade Poulet a l’Estragon Poulet en Friture Poulet en Matelote Poulet a la Tartare Poulet Roti Oie a la Broche Oie a la Choucroute Oie Farcie de Marrons Oie aux Navets Oie en Daube Chapon Roti aux Truffes Chapon Braise Chapon Farci Braise Croquettes de Chapon Chapon aux Riz Hachis de Chapon Chapon a la Bechamel Chapon Farci a la Crème Capon en Mayonnaise Chapon a la Nantaise Chapon a la Neetmok Haricots Blancs au Roux Haricots au Jus Haricots Verts Haricots Verts a la Maitre d’Hotel Haricots Verts a la Provincial Topinambour Topinambours Frits Betteraves Celeri au Jus Celeri Frit Asperges Pointes d’Asperges en Petits Pois Concombres Farcis Concombres a la Crème Concombres au Gras Concombres Marines Giraumont Choux a la Crème Choux Farcis Choux aux Lard Choux a la Lilloise Choucroute Choux Rouges Epinards a la Maitre d’Hotel Epinards a la Cuisiniere Oseille au Maigre Oseille au Gras Laitues Laitues Frites Choux-fleurs a la Sauce Blanche Choux-fleurs a la Sauce Brune au Beurre Choux-fleurs en Pain a l’Italienne Choux-fleurs Farcies Gateau de Potiron Salade Crepes Quenelles de Pommes-de-terres Pommes-de-terres Gateau de Pomme-de-terres Fecule de Pommes de Terres Pommes de terre frites au beurre Pommes de terre a la maitre d’Hotel Pommes de terre au blanc Pommes de terre au roux Navets en roux Navets a la Moutarde Carottes au Roux Ognons en Matelote Artichauts au Sauce Blanche Artichauts Frits Chapon au Gras Sel Blanquette de Chapon Chapon en Croute Canard Roti a la Broche Canards a la Braise aux Navets Canards au Marrons Canard aux Petits Pois Canards aux Navets Canard aux Olives Canard a l’Italienne Canard aux Puree de Lentilles Canard Farci Dindon aux Truffes Dindon aux Truffes Roti Dindon aux Truffes Braise Dindon Roule Cuisses de Dindon Dindon en Daube Dindon en Surprise Galantine en Dindon Hachis de Dindon a la Bechamel Capilotade de Dindon Ailerons de Dindon en Haricot Ailerons de Dindon aux Marrons Ailerons de Dindon en Matelote Ailerons de Dindon en Fricandeau Pigeon a la Broche Pigeons en Matelote Pigeons aux Pois Pigeons Frits Pigeouns a la Sainte Menehould Raie a la Sainte Menehould Raie en Marinade Turbot a la Sauce aux Capres Morue Saumon au Bleu Saumon a la Sauce Tomate Saumon a la Sauce Capree Saumon Sale Raie SCOTCH DISHES: Haggis Hotch Potch Fat Brose, Kail Brose, and Pan Kail Brose Sheep’s Head Broth Scotch or Barley Broth Porridge Cock a Leekie and Leek Porridge Pancakes for Tea Oat Cakes Scones Potato Scones Breakfast Scones SPICES: Cinnamon Ginger White Ginger Black Ginger Powdered Ginger Preserved Ginger CHRISTMAS FARE: Roast Beef Roast Turkey Stuffing The Gravy Boiled Turkey Forcemeat Roast Fowls or Chickens Bread Sauce Egg Sauce Boiled Fowls White Sauce Roast Goose Roast Ducks Roast Pheasant or Partridge Roast Wild Ducks The Gravy How to Boil a Ham How to Boil Tongue Roast Beef Sirloin or Ribs Mince Pies Lemon Pudding Dish of Snow Blanc-Mange Lemon Cream Almond Pudding Plum Pudding without Eggs An Economical Plum Pudding A smaller Plum Pudding Family Plum Pudding Plum Pudding with Apples Sauce for Plum Pudding Mince Meat for Mince Pies Mince Pies Old Fashioned Mince Meat Plum Porridge or Broth Raised Pies for Christmas Lemon Mince Meat HINTS ON CARVING: Leg of Mutton Sirloin of Beef Roast Fowls Hare Rabbit Turkey Calf’s Head Shoulder of Mutton Ham Neck of Mutton Loin of Mutton Neck of Veal Loin of Veal Pheasant Partridges Goose Sucking Pig A Saddle of Mutton Fore Quarter of Lamb A Leg of Pork Tongue Bacon Whiting Pike Cod Flat Fish Pigeons Pilchards, Herrings, Smelts, Whitebait, Sprats Loin of Pork Round of Beef Ribs of Beef Rolled MISCELLANEOUS: How to make Potato Pie How to make Potato Bread How to make Potato Cake How to make Matrimony Sauce Sausage Rolls How to make Saffron Cakes or Buns A Good Common Cake Recipe How to make Apple Pancakes Apple Fritters Sausages and Cabbage Epping Sausages Roast Pork and Potatoes, Fried Whole Haricot Mutton Pigs’ Liver Pig’s Head boiled with Vegetables Lemon Quince Pie Egg Mince Pie Orange Cheesecake Orange Biscuits or Little Cakes French Rolls Sponge Cake Queen Cakes American White Cakes Yeast Barley Water Everton Toffy Oatmeal Porridge Frumenty or Furmenty Arrowroot with Milk How to Pot Veal Veal Sausages Calf’s Head, Plain Boiled Brain Sauce Brain Cakes Fine Herb Sauce Calf’s Head a la Tortue Rice Dishes Rice Stew Scotch Broth Vegetable Stew Colecannon Poor Man’s Sauce Cock-a-leekie Soup Potato Haricot Potato Pot Walnut Catchup Oyster Catchup Sauce for Fish or Cold Meat Essence of Lemon Peel Essence of Anchovies Lemon Pickle Quin’s Sauce Flavoured Vinegar French Salad Vinegar Coratch Chili Vinegar How to mix Mustard Curry Powder Cayenne Pepper Savory Herb Powder Kitchen Spice Vinegar Malt Vinegar Fruit Vinegar How to Strengthen Vinegar How to prepare Verjuice Syrup of Currants Raspberry Vinegar Vinegar and How to Make It Sauce Indienne Macaroni How to use up Cold Meat Pepper Pot How to make Broth from Calves Feet A good way to cook Ox-Cheek Onion Sauce Seasoning for Gravy Gravy for Fowls HORSE AND FARM: THE HORSE: Introduction * Of the Different Breeds of Horses * Of Eastern Breeds * The Arabian * The Persian * The Turkoman * India Horses * Western Breeds * Egyptian Horses * South and North American Horses * European Horses * The Flemish Horse * The Norman Horse * The Hanoverian Horses * The Spanish Jennet * The British Horse * The Scotch Galloway * The Shetland or Sheltie * The New Forest Pony and Exmoor or Devonshire Pony * The Welshman * English Horses * The Lincolnshire and Clydesdale * Lighter Horses and their Adaptability to our Pursuits * The Racehorse * The High-class Hunter * The Poor-Man’s Hunter * Structure of the Horse * Hacks and Harness Horses * The Omnibus Horse and Machiner * Cart Horses * The Clydesdale * The Suffolk * The English Cart Hourse * The Clevelands * Other Varieties * Ponies and Pleasure Hacks * The Covert Hack * High-Class Carriage Horse * Light Phaeton and Brougham Horses * Of Single Harness * Coach Horses and Hunters * Irish Hunters * Stable Management and Feeding * General Principles * Hay * Oats * Beans * Water * Green Meat * Stabling * Some Few Accessories to the Stable * Stable and Yard, with its Adjuncts * On Saddles and Bridles * Dentition of the Horse * The Grooming and Condition of the Horse * Condition of the Horse * Riding and Driving FARM & LIVESTOCK: How to build Poultry Houses and Runs * The Feeding and General Management of Adult Fowls * Incubation of Poultry * Incubation of Poultry * The Rearing and Fattening of Chickens * Ducks and Geese * Turkeys and Guinea Fowl * Diseases of Poultry * The Varieties of Cattle * Housing, Feeding and Management of Dairy Cows * Management of the Family or Cottager’s Cow * Pigs * Characteristics of the Chief English Breeds of Pigs * Housing, Breeding and Rearing Pigs * Feeding, Killing and Curing Pigs * Rearing Calves * Winter Food, or Cattle Cookery BEES AND BEE-KEEPING: Introduction * Form of the Hive * Position of the Hive * Danger from Animals and Insects * Collateral Bee Boxes * Bees to Fill the Hive * Directions for Taking the Honey * Food For Bees * Treatment of Bees During Winter * The Honey and Wax HOUSEHOLD DEPARTMENT: THE HOUSE: Water Supply * Drainage * The Store Room * Some Neglected Matters in Connection with House Drainage * Smoky Chimneys * Sinks and Drain Traps for Domestic Purposes HOUSEHOLD: Hints on Decorating the Dinner Table * The General Furniture of the House * Chiffonier * Chairs * Easy Chair * Window Curtains * Chimney Glass * Fenders and Fire Irons * Bedroom Furniture * Kitchen Requisites * The Arrangement of Dinner Tables * Principles of Good Taste in Household Furniture and Decoration * Cleaning Clothing and Upholstery * To Clean Colored Fabrics * To Clean Muslin Dresses * How to Clean Laces * How to Bleach Lingerie, Lace and Embroidery * Wall Paper * Washing Made Easy, Quick and Unlaborious * How to Clean Flannels and Woolen Hose * General Washing Made Easy * The Care of Pictures * Carpets and Other Floor Coverings * Mats for Dinner and Breakfast Tables * The Care of Photographs * The Management of Feather Beds * How to make Nets for Fishing and Gardening Purposes * Folding Serviettes * The Principles of Color, and Rules for Their Artistic Application in Dress, Furniture, Etc. * How to Clean Picture Frames * Dinner Parties * Upholstery Work * How to make Bed Curtains and Hangings * Window Curtains for Bedrooms * Cretonne Chintz and White Dimity * Valances * Chair and Sofa Covers * Sink and Drain Traps for Domestic Purposes * Textile Fabrics in Domestic Use * French Polish * Stationery * How to Make Walking Sticks * Handsome Curtains at Little Cost * Fountains for Drawing Room, Conservatory, or Parlour Windows * Household Linen * How to Cut and Make Walking Sticks OTHER HOUSEHOLD RECEIPTS: A Word or Two About Cameos * How to Loosen Glass Stoppers * Gutta Percha for Mending Shoes * The Quality and Values of Gold and Silver * A Few Words about Dyeing * How to Make Sealing Wax * The Care of Books * Veneering * Inlaying * Marquetry * Parquetry * Jeweller’s Doublets * How to Clean Cloth * How to Make Glue * Acorns as Chimney Ornaments * Hints for the Laundry * Coffee Starch * How to Revive Gilt Frames * American Whitewash * How to Kill Worms and Prevent them from Damaging Books * How to clean Colored or Doeskin Gloves * How to clean a Swans’ Down Cape or Tippet * How to renovate a Black Silk Dress * How to clean Plate * Artificial Teeth * How to Clean Black Silk with very little trouble and expense * Directions for Cleaning Black Merino or any Woolen Stuff * How to renovate Crape * Gloves and Glove Cleaning * Hats and How to Treat Them * How to Clean Wine and Beer Barrels * Washing Clothes * How to keep Moths from Fur and Woolen Clothes * Washing Chintzes * How to clean Paint * Coffee as in France * How to Wash Leather Gloves * How to Mend China * Damp Walls * A pleasant strengthening drink * The simplest method of cooling wine * How to prevent drawn beer from becoming flat * Shoes for infants * How to mount prints or maps * How to clean decanters or water bottles * Pamphlet case * How to Bronze Images * How to stain marble artificially * Fancy method of tarring fences * How to Make Souvenir Albums * How to clean furniture * How to varnish colored drawings or prints * How to sharpen and temper saws and edged tools * How to repair broken walls * How to clean looking glasses * How to clean stone steps and stairs * How to prepare Feathers * A substitute for cream * How to clean bottles * How to cleanse cloth or silk from spots of wax * How to clean carpets * How to cut pencils * Sea Bathing * How to make French Polish for boots and shoes * Herbs * Herb mixture * Steel Ornaments * Orangeade at any time of year * The Barometer or Weather Glass * Contamination by zinc tanks * Anti-macassar * Curtain bands * The best and easiest mode of drying plants * How to smooth muslin dresses when creased * How to clean looking glasses and mirrors * The Saxe Weimar Netted Shawl * How to exclude air from wine or bottled beer * Hanging Flower Baskets * About Parasols * How to repolish Tortoiseshell * How to remove marking ink stains from linen and other materials * How to preserve lemon-peel * French polish * How to Sweeten Butter * How to clean Gilt Jewelry * A hint in packing * How to bleach wool * Ivory Ornaments * Polishing Paste for Britannia Metal * How to polish Patent Leather Boots * Economy in Coals * How to clean and renovate Velvets * How to remove Smoke Stains from Marble Mantelpieces * How to mend broken dishes * How to take ink stains out of paint * How to clean alabaster ornaments * White Marble * How to prepare Emery Cloth and paper * Soapsuds for Manure * Modelling wax * Lavender Water * How to bronze Iron * How to make Gutta Percha tissue * Removing inkstains * How to gild on paper or vellum with leaf-gold * Doherty’s Description * How to prepare gold and silver ink * Permanent marking ink for linen * How to produce a crystalline appearance on tin plate * Caution about ivory * Jet for ornaments * Confectionery * Management of a Watch * How to prevent fishing lines rotting * Quill Pens * The Dutch Method of Salting Herrings * Shirt-Making * Gems and Jewelry * How to Distinguish Artificial Gems * Liquid for Sizing Prints previous to coloring them * Hints on Varnishing * Shaving Razors * Dr. Clark’s Process for Softening Hard Water * How to clean Doeskin Riding Gloves * Laundress’s Starch * Steel Pens * Waterproof Paper * French Mode of Cleaning Kid Gloves * Oil for watches and delicate machinery * How to clean decanters and water bottles * Composition for cleaning brown leather * How to render boots and shoes waterproof * Earthenware * Method of Making Cloth and Leather Weatherproof * China and Stoneware * Porcelain * Simple and Expeditious Method of Imitating Marble * Imitation of Armour * A simple ornament for the firegrate in Summer * How to make a weather house * Paste for Sharpening Razors * German Polish for Furniture * How to prevent flies from soiling picture frames * How to remove paint or tar from the hands * How to clean looking glasses * How to remove stains from scarlet cloth * How to clean gilt articles * How to take oilstains from floorboards * Composition for cleaning tea and coffee urns * How to remove oil stains from stone and marble * How to keep moths from clothes * How to remove egg stains from silver spoons * How to make screws hold in soft woods * Artificial Gold * Colouring of Gold * How Wood Decays * Composition for cleaning brown leather SERVANTS OF THE HOUSE: Domestic Servants and Their Duties * The General Servant * The Cook * The Housemaid * The Housemaid’s Dress * Sweeping and Dusting * Dusting * Scrubbing * To clean Grates * To Clean Brass and Copper * To Clean Marble * To wash Glass * To clean Oil Cloth * To Clean Paint * The Parlour Maid * Parlour Maid’s Dress * Answering the Door * Waiting at Table * At Breakfast * At Luncheon * Tea * The Page or Occasional Boy * The Lady’s Maid * To Clean Trinkets * To Wash Hair * To Wash Hair Brushes * Pomatum for the Hair * How to remove Grease Spots from Silk * How to Keep Silk * How to Clean Kid Gloves * How to Clean Tweed Cloth Cloaks and other Woolens * How to Clean White Satin Shoes * The Teeth * Artificial Teeth * Nails * The Laundry Maid – Washing At Home * Nurse and Nursery Maid * The Governess * Occasional Help: Charwomen, Needlewomen, Sweeps, Dustmen, Etc. THE HOUSEHOLD MECHANIC: Introduction * The Tool Chest * Brad Awls * Brace and Bits * Chisels * Files and Rasps * Gimlets and Augurs * Gauges * Hammers and Mallets * Pincers and Pliers * Planes * Saws * Vices * Wrenches * Wood * Ash * Beech * Oak * Pine * Joints * The Carpenter’s Bench * Doors * Windows * Blinds * Bell-Hanging * Curtains * Locks and Door Fittings * Gas * Garden Furniture and Decorations * Gas Meters * Garden Decorations and Rustic Work * How to Build a Summer House * Household Boilers * Painting * Imitating Fancy Woods and Marbles * How to Construct Glass Houses and Conservatories * Cheap, Simple and Tasteful Home-Made Furniture * How to Make Picture Frames * Making and Fixing Shelves * Ovens * How to Put on a Lock * Glazing and Ornamental Glass * Fern Cases and Window Gardens – How to Make and How to Use Them * Paper Hanging * Whitewashing and Plasterers Work * Soldering * Repairing Furniture * Painting * Bricklaying * Plastering, Cements, Etc * Window Mending * Bricklaying * Meat Safes FURS: Varieties * The Sable * The Hudson’s Bay Sable * The Baum or Pine Marten * The Stone Marten * The Fisher Marten * The Minx * The Ermine * The Fitch or Polecat * The North American Skunk * The Kolinkski * The Musquash or Musk Rat * The Nutria * The Perwitsky * The Beaver * The Otter * The Sea Otter * The Seal * The Fox * The Wolverine * The Bear * The Grizzly Bear * The White Polar Bear * The Brown or Isabella Bear * The Hare * The White Hare of Russia and the Polar Regions * The White Polish Rabbit * The Squirrel * The Siberian Squirrel * The Chinchilla * The Raccoon * The Common Badger * The Cat * The Canada Lynx * The Grebe Muffs and tippets * Sheep-skins * The Astrakhan Goat Skin * Manufacture * Preservation CLOCKS AND WATCHES: Introduction * Clockwork * Eight Day Clock * The Fusee * Anchor Escapement * Dead Beat Escapement * Striking Apparatus * Pendulums * Cleaning Clocks SOAP AND SOAP-MAKING: How Soap is Made * Ball Soap * Common Hard White Soap * Honey Soap * Brown Windsor Soap * Glycerine Soap * Scented Soap * Transparent Soap * Fancy Soap * Carbolic Soap * Silica Soap HOUSEHOLD FIREARMS: Introduction * How to clean Guns * Useful Gun for House Defense CANDLES, THEIR MANUFACTURE, VARIETIES, ETC: Mould Candles * Wax Candles * Mineral Candles * Parrafin Candles * Spermaceti Candles * When to Buy Candles * Discoloured Wax Candles * How to Restore Color to Wax Candles LAMPS BAROMETERS HOUSEHOLD PETS: THE DOG: Origin and principal varieties * The Scotch Terrier * The Skye Terrier * The Bull Terrier * The Poodle * The English Mastiff * Bulldog * The Bloodhound * The St. Bernard * The Newfoundland * The Water Spaniel * The Setter * The King Charles and Blenheim Spaniels * The Retriever * The Pointer * The Greyhound * Sheep Dogs * The Dalmatian or Carriage Dog * Training * Feeding and General Management * Diseases of Dogs THE DOMESTIC CAT: Varieties of Cats * Diseases of Cats CAGE BIRDS: The Canary * Norwich, Yorkshire, Etc * Crested * Clear Belgian * The Lizards * Spangled * Silver Spangled * Golden Spangled * London Fancy * The Nottingham Variegation * Dutch Canaries * Mules * Catching Birds when Loose * Deal Bird Cages * Cure for Baldness * Moulting * A Cure for Cage Birds that are Eggbound * Cutting the Claws * Husky Canaries * Teaching the Canary Tricks * The Chaffinch * The Goldfinch * Flight Birds * How to select a male bird * The Linnet * The Titlark * The Skylark * The Woodlark * The Song Thrush * The Blackbird * Parrots * Lories * Parakeets * Toucans RABBITS: Housing Rabbits * Cleanliness * Feeding * Diseases * Snuffles * Liver Complaint * Varieties * General Management PIGEONS: Our Native Wild Pigeons and the Origin of the Domestic Birds * Nature and Habits of the Tame Pigeon * The Dove-cot and Pigeon Boxes * Stocking the Dove-Cot * How to Distinguish Sex and Age * Food * Diseases * Canker * Megrims * Wet Roup * Dry Roup * Atrophy or Wasting Away * Lameness * Difficulty of Moulting * Parasites * Various Breeds * Homing Pigeon * The Tumbler * The Almond Tumbler * The Horseman * The Dragoon * The Leghorn Runt * The Trumpeter * The Laugher * The English Pouter * The Fantail or Broad-tailed Shaker * The Archangel * The Jacobin * The Turbit * The Owl * The Nun * The Barb * The Mahomet * The Spot * The Magpie * The Helmet * Parrots * GOLDFISH GUINEA PIGS AQUARIUMS HOUSEHOLD AMUSEMENTS & HOBBIES: HOUSEHOLD AMUSEMENTS: The Ball of Wool * The Messenger * Magic Music * Prussian Exercises * The Courtiers * The Dumb Orator * Speaking Buff * The Shopkeepers * Twirling the Trencher * Proverbs * Forfeits * Impromptu Romance * Card Games * The Game of Whist * Single and Double Dummy * Comical Combinations * Acted Charades * How to Make a Wheel of Fortune * Dancing * Miscellaneous Games * Buz * The Knight of the Whistle * Catch the Ring * Scandal * Cardboard Modelling * Beziq ue * How to Make Kites * Croquet * Fancy Work in Cardboard * The Collection of Postage Stamps * Miscellaneous Games * The Game of Patience * Bagatelle * Photography * Modelling with Cinders and Starch Paste * How to make Feather Flowers * Cribbage * Archery * Riding for Ladies * Comical Portraits * The Magic Lantern and How to Work It * Model Ship Building * Pencil and Paper Games * How to Make a Few Impromptu Toys * The Animated Serpent * The Head Which Rolls its Eyes and Wags Its Tongue * How to Catch and Preserve Butterflies and Other Insects HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES:Table Decorations * Christmas Fare * Christmas Decorations of the Home * Decorations for Christmas and Other Seasons * Christmas Decorations for the Household * Articles or Decorations for Christmas Trees * How to Make Valentines * How to Make Easter Eggs SEASIDE AMUSEMENTS: Sea Bathing * Ladies’ Bathing Dresses * Shells and Shell Work * Collecting Shells * Towing-nets for Collecting Shells * Dredging as a means of Collecting Shells * Cleansing and Preserving Shells * Shell Ornaments * Bedroom Ornaments * Fastening on the Shells * Arrangement of Shells * Parlour Ornaments * A Shell Basket * Shell Work-Box * How to make Card or Millboard Boxes * Tools and Apparatus for the Naturalist * Sea Fishing FISHING TACKLE: Making Rods * Making Lines * Fish Hooks * Home Manufacture of Fishing Tackle IN THE GARDEN: GARDENING: Conditions of Town Gardening * The Soil and How to Improve It * Aspect of the Ground * Walls and Fences * Laying Out the Garden * Succession of Plants * The Window Garden * The Small Suburban Garden * Formation of Garden Paths * The Cultivation of Small Gardens * The Cultivation of Small Gardens * The Tool House * The Spade * The Digging Fork * Small Weeding Fork * The Rake * The Hoe * Turf-cutter * Ladder and Garden Steps * Daisy Rake * Hammer * Roller * Watering Pot * Axe * Rotation Cropping of a Small Garden * Pruning Scissors * The Hand Saw and Tenon Saw * The Scythe Stone or Rubber * Shears * The Dutch Hoe * The Pruning Knife * The Dibbler or Dibble * The Trowel * Baskets * Rotation Cropping * Hyacinths * The Vegetable Garden * Garden Walls * Trenching, Ridging, Manuring * Rotation Cropping * The Culture of Vegetables * Ornamental Gardening * Rock-Work, Grottoes, Etc * Portable Screen of Ivy * The Flower Garden * How to Make a Sun-Dial * Planning Flower Gardens * Rockwork * Rockwork and Water * Arbours * The Kitchen Garden * Ornamental Evergreen Trees and Shrubs for Small Gardens * Garden Implements * Lawn Mowers * Planting and Care of Young Fruit Trees * Garden Pests * Climbing and Creeping Plants for Garden Decoration * Evergreen Greenhouse Plants of Easy Culture * Border Edgings * The Cottager’s Garden * Calendar of Operations * List of Fruits * List of Vegetables HERBS, THEIR DOMESTIC USES, PROPERTIES AND CULTURE: Thyme * Sage * Majoram * Savory * Mint * Parsley * Basil * Clary * Tansy * Fennel * Dill * Tarragon * Chervil * Marigold * Rue or Herb of Grace * Hyssop * Rosemary * Lavender * Balm * Camomile * Carraway * Laurel or Bay Leaves * Costmary or Alecost WILD PLANTS SOMETIMES USED AS FOOD: Charlock * Hedge Mustard * Common Stinging Nettle * Wild Hop * Sow Thistle * Burdock * Shepherd’s Purse * Ox Tongue * Spotted Hawk Weed * Wild Rocket * Willow Herb * Fat Hen * Sea Orache * Sea Beet * Chickweed * Sea Holly * Solomon’s Seal * Arrowhead * Common Arum * Dandelion * Bitter Vetch or Mouse Pea * Earth Nut or Pig Nut * Meadow Sweet * Early Purple Orchis or Sago * Silver Weed or Wild Tansy * Marsh Clown’s All-heal * Common Comfrey * Wild Vetches * The Sea Pea * Salad Burnet * Lady’s Smock * Stone Crop or Orpine * Samphire * Sea Bindweed * Sweet Cicely * The Buckshorn Plantain * The Ox-eye Daisy * The Common Sorrel * The Wild Garlic * The Butterwort * Cow Parsnip * Speedwell POISONOUS PLANTS: The Wild Parsley or Water Dropwort * The Water Hemlock or Crowbane * The Common or Larger Celandine * The Wolf’s Banes * The Bane-Berry * The Sumach * Deadly Nightshade * Woody Nightshade * Fool’s Parsley * Thorn Apple * Henbane * The Wild Lettuce * Smallage * Common Hemlock * Foxglove * Bear’s Foot * Water Fig-Wort * Savin Tree * Common or White Briony * Spurge * Mercury * White Hellebore DECORATIVE ARTS AND CRAFTS: HOUSEHOLD DECORATIVE ART: Leather Work * Recipe for Preserving Leaves * How to make Flowers and Fruit in Leather * How to make Leather Figures * How to make Bee Hives in leather * How to Make Diaphanie * Screen-Making * Albums and Scrapbooks * How to Imitate Busts and Statuettes in Marble by Means of Wax * Colored Transparencies * Paper Flower Making * Feather Screens * Pretty and Cheap Table and Other Ornaments * Modelling in Clay for Amateurs * Decorative Modelling * Indian Jars for Pourri * Mantel Shelves * Imitation Ivory and Jet Ornaments for the Table * Casting in Plaster * Ornamental Spills * Indian Painting in Imitation of Ebony and Ivory * Fret-Work and Carving in Wood * Skeleton Leaves * Fire Papers, Stove Boards, Etc * Ornamental Chimney Boards * Glass Painting * Berlin Wool Mats * Glass Painting * Ornamental Jardinieres * Gilding * Fans and How to Make Them * Cardboard Fretwork Flower-Pot Ornaments * How to make an Ornamental Chess Table * Fancy Work with Acorns * Mode of Displaying Minerals, etc. As Drawing Room Ornaments * Ornamental Tea-Pot Cosy and Egg Basket * How to Make Articles for Gifts and Fancy Fairs * The Art and Application of Illuminating * How to make a velvet Spectacle Case * How to make a Velvet Key Bag * How to make a Gentleman’s Toilette Case * How to Make Topographical Models * Imitation of Japan Decoration * Cone Work * Paper Flower Making * Etrusco-Egyptian Flower Pots * Casting from Nature * The Water Bouquet * Leaf-Work * Shell Flowers * Bead Mosaic * Water-Colour Drawing on Wood * How to Do Fish Scale Embroidery * Ornamental Flower Pot Stands * Workbox Furniture * Window Decorations * Temporary Decorations for an Impromptu Ball or Concert Room * Papier Mache Work; Pearl Inlaying * How to Make an Aeolian Harp * Straw Mosaic * Crayons * Decorative Bronzes – Amateur Methods of Reproducing and Imitating Them * Potichomanie * Fernwork in Colors * Picture Screens * Embossing and Illuminating On Glass * Transparent Painting for Blinds and Other Purposes * Ringwork * Wax Flower Making * Bead Work on Wire * Floral Ornaments for Windows and Back Yards WORKING IN HAIR: Materials * Tools and Appliances * Preparing the Hair * Working Designs in Hair * Flowers * The Tomb and Willow * The Prince’s Feather PHOTOGRAPHY: The Camera * Camera Stands * Lenses * Baths * Dipper * The Operating or Dark Room * Glass Funnels * Graduated Glass Measures * A Few Wide and Narrow-Mouthed Bottles * Plate Boxes * Glass Plates * Argentometer * Collodion Bottle * Plate Holder * Printing Frame * The Chemicals * Collodion * Nitrate of Silver * “Test for Purity” * Protosulphate of Iron * Alcohol * Acetic Acid * Pyrogallic Acid * Citric Acid * Ammonia * Bromide of Potassium * Alum * Hydrosulphite of Soda * Mercury Bichloride * Kaolin * Chloride of Gold * How to take a Photograph * Choice of Subject and Light * Focussing * Cleaning the Plate * Coating the Plate * Sensitizing the Plate * Exposure of the Plate * Development * Intensifying * Fixing the Image * Remarks on the Foregoing * Over Intensification * Uneven Development * A Want of Sufficient Acid in the Developer * Dust Falling upon the Plate * Stray White Light falling upon the Plate * Varnishing the Negative * The Printing Process * Sensitizing the Paper * The Toning Process TAXIDERMY: How to Stuff and Preserve Birds and Other Animals, or Taxidermy * Materials * Preservative Compounds (Powders for Preserving the Skins of Birds and Quadrupeds) * Preservative Solution * Preservative Compound for the Skins of Fish and Reptiles * Tools * Stuffing and Setting Up Birds * Skinning and Setting Up Quadrupeds * Preservation of Reptiles * Mounting * “For the Attitude of Seizing Its Prey” * “Flying” * “Surprise” * Proper Methods of Preserving Stuffed Animals from Injury * Management of Animals which Are Intended to be Stuffed * Skinning Birds PERFUMERY: Pomades * Scents * Plants and Their Products Employed in Perfumery * Clove * Tonquin Beans * Cassia and Cinnamon * Caraway Seeds * The Lemon Grass * Mignonette and Lilac * Bouquet de la Reine * Albion Nosegay * Eau de Cologne * How to prepare eau de cologne * Eau de Melisse des Carmes * Eau Incomparable * Eau d’Esprit de Myrtle * Eau de Marechale * Excelsior Perfume * Eau de Ispahan * Eau de Bouquet * Eau de Beaute and Eau d’Elegance * Bouquet d’Armour * Eau d’Ambre Royal * Eau d’Ambrette * Esprit d’Orange * Lisbon Water * Eau de Portugal * Hungary Water * Eau de Miel * Esprit de Jasmin * Esprit de Fleurs * Odeur Sauve * Eau de Lavande de Millefleurs * Perfumed Powder for Sachets * Perfumed Vinegar * Vinaigre Rosat NEEDLEWORK, FANCY WORK, EMBROIDERY, ETC.: Fancy Work Point Lace Work Patchwork Crochet Elements of Needlework Plain Needlework Knitting Tatting Embroidery Monograms and Cyphers The Work Table SOCIETY AND ETIQUETTE: SOCIETY: Weddings * Wedding Breakfasts * Forms of Invitation, “At Homes,” Morning Calls, Etc * Promenades * Garden Parties and Balls * Balls, Suppers, Etc * Juvenile Parties * Open Air Parties, Picnics, Etc * Bouquets, Floral Decorations, Etc * Evening Entertainments: Private Concerts, Music Parties, Etc THE ETIQUETTE OF VISITING DANCING: Glissade * Chassez * Balances * Sissone Balote and Coupe Balote * Balances aux Coins * Chaine Anglais * Chaine des Dames * Chaine des Dames Double * Chaine (La Grande) * Chassez Croisez * Le Moulinet * Demi Moulinet * Retraversez * Traversez * Vis a Vis * Quadrilles * Sir Roger De Coverly * The Schottische * The Cellarius * The Redowa * The Varsovania * The Mazurka * The Galop * The Waltz * Country Dances * The Cotillion OCCUPATIONS ACCESSIBLE TO WOMEN: Art Employment * Officials Under Local Government and Other Boards * Elementary Teaching * High Class Tuition * The Practice of Medicine * Dispensing and Nursing * Music * Suggestions for Employment DEATH IN THE HOUSEHOLD HOUSEHOLD LAW: Law of Master or Mistress and Servant * Domestic Servants * Duration of the Service * Summary Dismissal * Warning * Duties of Employers to Servants * Giving “Characters” * Liability of Master or Mistress for a Servant * Parent and Child * The Duties imposed upon Parents * Education * Power of Parents over Children * Mother and Child * Duties of Children to Parents * Rights, Liabilities of Infants * The Law of Making A Will * Husband and Wife * Serving on Juries PROTECTION FROM FIRE AND BURGLARY OTHER TOPICS INCLUDE: DOMESTIC SURGERY DOMESTIC MEDICINE INCOME AND MANAGEMENT CALISTHENICS FOR LADIES CHILDREN’S DRESS THE TOILETTE LIFE ASSURANCE HOUSE-HUNTING THE REARING AND MANAGEMENT OF CHILDREN THE SOURCES OF OUR FOOD SUPPLY GOLD AND SILVER MARKS COURT MANUAL ~ A GUIDE TO ROYALTY MARKETING OR SHOPPING FOR FOOD HOUSEHOLD CHEMISTRY THE CARE OF BOOKS SILKWORMS HATS AND HOW TO TREAT THEM SEA WEEDS: HOW TO OBSERVE, USE AND PRESERVE THEM ACCIDENTAL FIRES ICE AND ICE HOUSES PARASOLS BLACKING BATHING THE MANAGEMENT OF FEATHER BEDS HOUSEHOLD PESTS MINERAL WATERS INK AND WRITING FLUIDS MACHINERY AND CONTRIVANCES FOR DOMESTIC USE JEWELRY ENGRAVING INCIDENTS IN CHILD LIFE MEDICINAL VALUE OF THE CRUET STAND THE WATER-BOUQUET FACTS WORTH KNOWING ABOUT FISH PARISH LAW BOOTS AND SHOES HEALTH AND COMFORT IN THE SLEEPING ROOMS RIDING FOR LADIES SHIRT-MAKING WORK-BOX FURNITURE TEXTILE FABRICS IN DOMESTIC USE HIGHWAY LAW THE BEARD, SHAVING RAZORS, ETC MODE AND EXPENSE OF ENTERING THE PROFESSIONS AMATEUR TURNING CHINA AND STONEWARE GLASS DRESSMAKING PERAMBULATORS SAVINGS BANKS ENGRAVING AS A BUSINESS HOW TO CUT AND MAKE WALKING STICKS PORTMANTEAUS AND TRAVELING BAGS SMOKY CHIMNEYS THE CARE AND REPAIR OF COOPERS’ WORK DECORATIVE GLASS WORK AS A TRADE I reused some photos from a previous occasion when I sold one of these sets (2012) since all of the same illustrations are included in the set now at auction. However, all exterior photos of the books, as well as the color plates shown, are taken directly from the books currently at auction. Remember folks, this is an 1870s original. This complete four-volume work (in two books) is more than 140 years old. Check out all the RARE ANTIQUE BOOKS ABOUT THE INDIAN WARS, CIVIL WAR, REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE OLD WEST THAT I'M OFFERING ON EBAY THIS WEEK! Please be sure to add me to your List of Favorite Sellers! Don't miss out on any of my latest listings. Click here to sign up for the NEETMOK NEWSLETTER! Winner pays for media mail shipping in the United States of America. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: All international bidders must pay by PayPal. © 2011-2019 by eBay seller neetmok. NEETMOK BOOKS IS A REGISTERED MEMBER OF EBAY’S VERO PROGRAM. Unauthorized use of Item Description Text or Images is a violation of eBay rules, as posted by eBay: "No Copying Allowed! When you prepare your listings you generally should use only material (text, photographs, etc.) and trademarks/names that you created or own yourself or licensed from the owners." Auction page content (i.e., item description text; lists of contents, lists of illustrations/photos; scanned images, etc.) was written/compiled/formatted by eBay seller neetmok and, as intellectual property, is protected by copyright. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF ITEM DESCRIPTION TEXT INCLUDING SUMMARIES OF CONTENTS, ILLUSTRATIONS, ETC., PHOTOS OR OTHER PROPRIETARY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND WILL BE REPORTED TO EBAY’S VERO DEPARTMENT FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION. Condition: CELL PHONE/APP/FIREFOX USERS: YOU MAY NOT BE SEEING MY COMPLETE LISTING. IF IT APPEARS NO DESCRIPTION ACCOMPANIES THIS AUCTION OR IF DESCRIPTION APPEARS TO BE INCOMPLETE: (1) CLICK ON “SEE DETAILS.” (2) SWITCH TO CHROME BROWSER. OR (3) CONTACT ME. -- GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Handsome exteriors as shown in photos, with light wear. Firm bindings. Occasional foxing, smudging, etc., (remember, these books were used in a kitchen environment). Illustrated plates still look great. No torn, loose or missing pages. A great surviving example of this complete and very scarce Victorian set. Note About Photos: I reused some photos from a previous occasion when I sold one of these sets (2012) since all of the same illustrations are included in the set now at auction. However, all exterior photos of the books, as well as the color plates shown, are taken directly from the books currently at auction. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions., Year Printed: 1875, Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom, Topic: European, Binding: Leather, Region: North America, Subject: Cooking, Original/Facsimile: Original, Language: English, Publisher: Cassell, Petter, Galpin, Place of Publication: London, Special Attributes: Illustrated

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