ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION ~ Pulp Magazine 371 Rare Vintage Magazines ~ 1 Data DVD

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Seller: classic-ebook-collections (1.902) 99.5%, Location: Bishop Auckland, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 222611936723 asimovs-science-fiction-magazines A S I M O V ' S S C I E N C E F I C T I O N c l a s s i c s c i e n c e fi c t i o n M A G A Z I N E V i n t a g e M a g a z i n e C o l l e c t i o n 371 Rare Vintage Magazines on 1 DVD Magazine Collection Please Note: To keep prices low, these discs come with NO FRILLS - Files are delivered on plain dvds or cds presented in a white sleeve, with only quality content. The images used are are purely for display purposes. Delivered on 1 DVD Collected Together for the first time on this unique DVD disc DESCRIPTION Asimov's Science Fiction began life as the digest-sized Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (or IASFM for short) in 1977. Joel Davis of Davis Publications approached Asimov to lend his name to a new science fiction magazine, after the fashion of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine or Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. Asimov refused to act as editor, but served instead as editorial director, writing editorials and replying to reader mail until his death in 1992. At Asimov's request George Scithers, the first editor, negotiated an acquisitions contract with the Science Fiction Writers of America providing considerably better terms for writers than had been the periodical standard up to that time. CONTENTS 371 Magazines Asimov's v01n01 Asimov's v01n02 Asimov's v01n03 Asimov's v01n04 Asimov's v02n01 Asimov's v02n02 Asimov's v02n03 Asimov's v02n04 Asimov's v02n05 Asimov's v02n06 Asimov's v03n01 Asimov's v03n02 Asimov's v03n03 Asimov's v03n04 Asimov's v03n05 Asimov's v03n06 Asimov's v03n07 Asimov's v03n08 Asimov's v03n09 Asimov's v03n11 Asimov's v03n12 Asimov's v04n01 Asimov's v04n02 Asimov's v04n03 Asimov's v04n04 Asimov's v04n05 Asimov's v04n06 Asimov's v04n07 Asimov's v04n08 Asimov's v04n09 Asimov's v04n10 Asimov's v04n11 Asimov's v04n12 Asimov's v05n01 Asimov's v05n02 Asimov's v05n03 Asimov's v05n04 Asimov's v05n05 Asimov's v05n06 Asimov's v05n07 Asimov's v05n08 Asimov's v05n09 Asimov's v05n10 Asimov's v05n11 Asimov's v05n12 Asimov's v05n13 Asimov's v06n01 Asimov's v06n02 Asimov's v06n03 Asimov's v06n04 Asimov's v06n05 Asimov's v06n06 Asimov's v06n07 Asimov's v06n08 Asimov's v06n09 Asimov's v06n10 Asimov's v06n11 Asimov's v06n12 Asimov's v06n13 Asimov's v07n01 Asimov's v07n02 Asimov's v07n03 Asimov's v07n04 Asimov's v07n05 Asimov's v07n06 Asimov's v07n07 Asimov's v07n08 Asimov's v07n10 Asimov's v07n11 Asimov's v07n12 Asimov's v07n13 Asimov's v08n01 Asimov's v08n02 Asimov's v08n03 Asimov's v08n04 Asimov's v08n05 Asimov's v08n06 Asimov's v08n07 Asimov's v08n08 Asimov's v08n09 Asimov's v08n10 Asimov's v08n11 Asimov's v08n12 Asimov's v08n13 Asimov's v09n01 Asimov's v09n02 Asimov's v09n03 Asimov's v09n04 Asimov's v09n05 Asimov's v09n06 Asimov's v09n07 Asimov's v09n08 Asimov's v09n09 Asimov's v09n10 Asimov's v09n11 Asimov's v09n12 Asimov's v09n13 Asimov's v10n01 Asimov's v10n03 Asimov's v10n04 Asimov's v10n05 Asimov's v10n06 Asimov's v10n07 Asimov's v10n08 Asimov's v10n09 Asimov's v10n10 Asimov's v10n11 Asimov's v10n12 Asimov's v10n13 Asimov's v11n01 Asimov's v11n02 Asimov's v11n03 Asimov's v11n04 Asimov's v11n05 Asimov's v11n06 Asimov's v11n07 Asimov's v11n08 Asimov's v11n09 Asimov's v11n10 Asimov's v11n11 Asimov's v11n13 Asimov's v12n01 Asimov's v12n02 Asimov's v12n03 Asimov's v12n04 Asimov's v12n05 Asimov's v12n06 Asimov's v12n07 Asimov's v12n08 Asimov's v12n09 Asimov's v12n10 Asimov's v12n11 Asimov's v12n12 Asimov's v12n13 Asimov's v13n01 Asimov's v13n02 Asimov's v13n03 Asimov's v13n04 Asimov's v13n05 Asimov's v13n06 Asimov's v13n07 Asimov's v13n08 Asimov's v13n09 Asimov's v13n10 Asimov's v13n11 Asimov's v13n12 Asimov's v13n13 Asimov's v14n01 Asimov's v14n02 Asimov's v14n03 Asimov's v14n04 Asimov's v14n05 Asimov's v14n06 Asimov's v14n07 Asimov's v14n08 Asimov's v14n09 Asimov's v14n10 Asimov's v14n11&n12 Asimov's v14n13 Asimov's v15n01 Asimov's v15n02 Asimov's v15n03 Asimov's v15n04&n05 Asimov's v15n06 Asimov's v15n07 Asimov's v15n08 Asimov's v15n09 Asimov's v15n10 Asimov's v15n11 Asimov's v15n12&n13 Asimov's v15n14 Asimov's v16n01 Asimov's v16n02 Asimov's v16n03 Asimov's v16n04&n05 Asimov's v16n06 Asimov's v16n07 Asimov's v16n08 Asimov's v16n09 Asimov's v16n10 Asimov's v16n11 Asimov's v16n12&n13 Asimov's v16n14 Asimov's v17n01 Asimov's v17n02 Asimov's v17n03 Asimov's v17n04&n05 Asimov's v17n06 Asimov's v17n07 Asimov's v17n08 Asimov's v17n09 Asimov's v17n10 Asimov's v17n11 Asimov's v17n12&n13 Asimov's v17n14 Asimov's v17n15 Asimov's n18n15 Asimov's n18n01 Asimov's n18n02 Asimov's n18n03 Asimov's n18n04&n05 Asimov's n18n06 Asimov's n18n07 Asimov's n18n08 Asimov's n18n09 Asimov's n18n10 Asimov's n18n11 Asimov's n18n12&n13 Asimov's n18n14 Asimov's v39n06 Asimov's v19n04 n05 Asimov's v22n01 Asimov's v22n02 Asimov's v22n03 Asimov's v22n04 Asimov's v22n05 Asimov's v22n06 Asimov's v22n07 Asimov's v22n08 Asimov's v22n09 Asimov's v22n10&n11 Asimov's v22n12 Asimov's v23n01 Asimov's v23n02 Asimov's v23n03 Asimov's v23n04 Asimov's v23n05 Asimov's v23n06 Asimov's v23n07 Asimov's v23n08 Asimov's v23n09 Asimov's v23n10&n11 Asimov's v23n12 Asimov's v24n01 Asimov's v24n02 Asimov's v24n03 Asimov's v24n04 Asimov's v24n05 Asimov's v24n06 Asimov's v24n07 Asimov's v24n08 Asimov's v24n09 Asimov's v24n10&11 Asimov's v24n12 Asimov's v25n01 Asimov's v25n02 Asimov's v25n03 Asimov's v25n04 Asimov's v25n05 Asimov's v25n06 Asimov's v25n07 Asimov's v25n08 Asimov's v25n09 Asimov's v25n10&11 Asimov's v25n12 Asimov's v26n01 Asimov's v26n02 Asimov's v26n03 Asimov's v26n04 Asimov's v26n05 Asimov's v26n06 Asimov's v26n07 Asimov's v26n08 Asimov's v26n10&11 Asimov's v26n12 Asimov's v27n01 Asimov's v27n02 Asimov's v27n03 Asimov's v27n05 Asimov's v27n06 Asimov's v27n07 Asimov's v27n08 Asimov's v27n09 Asimov's v27n10&11 Asimov's v27n12 Asimov's v28n01 Asimov's v28n02 Asimov's v28n03 Asimov's v28n04&05 Asimov's v28n06 Asimov's v28n07 Asimov's v28n09 Asimov's v28n10&11 Asimov's v28n12 Asimov's v29n01 Asimov's v29n02 Asimov's v29n03 Asimov's v29n04&05 Asimov's v29n06 Asimov's v29n07 Asimov's v29n08 Asimov's v29n09 Asimov's v29n10&11 Asimov's v30n01 Asimov's v30n02 Asimov's v30n03 Asimov's v30n04&05 Asimov's v30n06 Asimov's v30n07 Asimov's v30n08 Asimov's v30n09 Asimov's v30n10&11 Asimov's v30n12 Asimov's v31n01 Asimov's v31n02 Asimov's v31n03 Asimov's v31n04&05 Asimov's v31n06 Asimov's v31n07 Asimov's v31n08 Asimov's v31n09 Asimov's v31n10&11 Asimov's v31n12 Asimov's v32n01 Asimov's v32n02 Asimov's v32n03 Asimov's v32n04&05 Asimov's v32n06 Asimov's v32n07 Asimov's v32n08 Asimov's v32n09 Asimov's v32n10&11 Asimov's v33n01 Asimov's v33n02 Asimov's v33n03 Asimov's v33n04&05 Asimov's v33n06 Asimov's v33n07 Asimov's v33n08 Asimov's v33n09 Asimov's v33n10&11 Asimov's v33n12 Asimov's v34n01 Asimov's v34n02 Asimov's v34n03 Asimov's v34n04&05 Asimov's v34n06 Asimov's v34n07 Asimov's v34n08 Asimov's v34n10&11 Asimov's v34n12 Asimov's v35n01 Asimov's v35n02 Asimov's v35n03 Asimov's v35n04&05 Asimov's v35n06 Asimov's v35n07 Asimov's v35n08 Asimov's v35n09 Asimov's v35n10&11 Asimov's v35n12 Asimov's v36n01 Asimov's v36n02 Asimov's v36n03 Asimov's v36n04 n05 Asimov's v36n06 Asimov's v36n07 Asimov's v36n08 Asimov's v36n09 Asimov's v36n10&n11 Asimov's v36n12 Asimov's v37n01 Asimov's v37n03 Asimov's v37n04&n05 Asimov's v37n08 Asimov's v37n09 Asimov's v38n06 Asimov's v39n01 Asimov's v39n02 Asimov's v39n03 Asimov's v39n04&n05 ********************************* Shipping: All orders are shipped within two days after receiving payment. Refunds: In the rare event you receive a defective disc or your item does not arrive let me know and I will send another to you at no charge. Please Note: THESE ARE IN DIGITAL FORMAT AND ARE NOT THE ACTUAL PAPER COPIES. ABOUT THE DVD These are electronic books - You will receive 1 DVD - This is for computer use only and will not work in a Audio CD Player or DVD player connected to your TV. These electronic books come in PDF format and can be viewed on your personal computer with adobe reader, a FREE software programme available from If you have any questions or require clarification, please don't hesitate to contact me. All materials in the creation of this unique disc have been determined to be in the public domain. No copyrights are infringed. If applicable, characters are trademarks of their respective owners and are only used for descriptive purposes as allowed by fair use law to describe product being sold. Seller has no affiliation with any publishers of the original materials nor trademark owners and no affiliation is intended or implied. The aforementioned product is copyright 2011-2014 and may not be reproduced, copied or resold under any circumstances. Important Note for MAC users: This DVD disc comes with an auto-run menu that loads on your computer as soon as it is inserted in your DVD drive. This is not always compatible with Mac pc's. If in doubt, or to get more information, please let me know. FAO eBay Copyright of the books in my collection. All of the ebooks within my collection are fully compliant with all eBay rules and policies concerning copyright and copyright infringement. All books within the collection are in the public domain in the United Kingdom on the 70+ year rule following the author's death. All dates pertaining to the Author's passing are following the Author's names above. No trademarks or intellectual property rights or rules set down by eBay have been violated. All ebooks have been compiled and placed on to CD-R as per eBay's terms and conditions for selling media products. The ebooks contained within the disc are considered public domain and are facsimiles of the original versions. All of the books in this collection are clearly defined within the listing. Should you have any questions or concerns about this listing, please don't hesitate to contact me via eBay messaging service. This product is placed onto a plain CD-R or DVD-R and is not sent electronically or by any other method that may breach eBay's terms and conditions.. This item does not infringe any copyright, trade mark or any other rights or any of other eBay's listing. Any software contained within this listing are considered OPEN SOURCE released under the GNU Lesser General Public License or LGPL. No trademarks or intellectual property rights or rules set down by eBay have been violated within this listing. Condition: New

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