1.5 Accuracy DC Analog Volt Panel Meter M381 Voltmeter Gauge 120*120mm Any Range

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Seller: electro-radio-device (395) 100%, Location: Lviv, Europe, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 332253432127 M381 is a high quality and durable DC voltmeter with accuracy class of 1.5%. Size (L x W): 120x120mm. Panel setting. Average life service time is 12 years. Warranty: 1 year. Overload resistant! Made in Russia. Quality meets the requirements of Russian certification system. M381 panel meter has wide variety of measuring ranges. There are devices with zero in the middle and zero in the left. Please choose the range from the table below: Ranges of Voltmeter 0 at the left of the scale 0 at the center of the scale Connecting with calibrated wires of 0.035Ohm resistance 0-75mV 0-150mV 75-0-75mV 150-0-150mV Direct connection method 0-3V 0-7.5V 0-15V 0-30V 0-50V 0-75V 0-150V 0-250V 0-300V 0-400V 0-500V 0-600V 3-0-3V 7.5-0-7.5V 15-0-15V 30-0-30V 50-0-50V 75-0-75V 150-0-150V 250-0-250V 300-0-300V 400-0-400V 500-0-500V 600-0-600V Connecting with external additional resistor 0-1000V 0-1500V 0-3000V 0-10kV 0-15kV 1000-0-1000V 1500-0-1500V 3000-0-3000V If you need an Ammeter, you can choose range from this table: Ranges of Ammeter 0 at the left of the scale 0 at the center of the scale Direct connection method 0-500mkA 0-1mA 0-3mA 0-5mA 0-10mA 0-15mA 0-30mA 0-50mA 0-75mA 0-100mA 0-150mA 0-200mA 0-250mA 0-300mA 0-500mA 0-1A 0-2A 0-3A 0-5A 0-10A 0-20A 0-30A 500-0-500mkA 1-0-1mA 3-0-3mA 5-0-5mA 10-0-10mA 15-0-15mA 30-0-30mA 50-0-50mA 100-0-100mA 150-0-150mA 300-0-300mA 500-0-500mA 1-0-1A 2-0-2A 3-0-3A 5-0-5A 10-0-10A 20-0-20А 30-0-30А Connecting with external current shunt resistor 75mV and calibrated wires of 0.035Ohm resistance 0-30A 0-50A 0-75A 0-100A 0-150A 0-200A 0-300A 0-500A 0-750A 0-1000A 0-1500A 0-2000A 0-3000A 0-4000A 0-5000A 0-6000A 0-7500A 30-0-30A 50-0-50А 75-0-75А 100-0-100А 150-0-150А 200-0-200A 300-0-300А 500-0-500А 750-0-750А 1000-0-1000А 1500-0-1500А 2000-0-2000А 3000-0-3000A 4000-0-4000А 5000-0-5000A 6000-0-6000А 7500-0-7500A Connecting with external current shunt resistor 150mV and calibrated wires of 0.035Ohm resistance 0-200A 0-600A 0-1000A 0-2000A 0-3000A 0-4000A 0-6000A 0-8000A 0-10kA 0-15kA 0-20kA 0-30kA 200-0-200A 600-0-600A 1000-0-1000A 2000-0-2000A 3000-0-3000A 4000-0-4000A 6000-0-6000A 8000-0-8000A 10-0-10kA 15-0-15kA 20-0-20kA 30-0-30kA It is possible to make other ranges for your request. We offer a wide or thin voltmeter, please write to us what you need. Wide voltmeter Thin voltmeter M381 is universal device for DC voltage or amperage measurements. M381 can be milli ammeter, mikro ammeter, ammeter, kilo ammeter, mikro voltmeter, voltmeter, kilo voltmeter. Devices with other measurement ranges and with zero in the middle of scale are available in stock.It can have direct and indirect connection method (through shunt or additional resistance): All required shunts and additional resistance are also available in stock. If you need shunts, transformers or additional resistance please contact me. So when you will make your purchase, you have to inform me 3 points: 1. Type: ammeter or voltmeter; 2. Measuring range (displayed in the table above); 3. “0” location: left or center of the scale. Please read this description till the end: 1. You will understand why device M381 costs more than cheap ammeters and voltmeters. 2. You will see M381 benefits over its analogs. Due to design specifics of measuring mechanism and high-quality plastic case (IP54) device is vibration and shock proof. It can be used outdoors because the case of M381 is protected from getting dust on measuring mechanism and from rain and water splashes. Temperature range from -40 ˚ C to +60 ˚ C. This device is NEW (not used). I have a lot of device in my stock. Biggest part of them is 2015-2017 year of manufacture. Some values were made between 1985 and 2015. They are tested and 100% workable. Also I can supply 2017 year of manufacture but this device will be more expensive. Device’s photos may not coincide with nominal value because of the large number of available ranges. You will receive device in accordance with the ordered range. Photos of device M381: Front view Rear view Side view Top view Angle view (please, note the marks below device’s scale) If you buy more, you’ll save up to 4 times for shipping. I do not ship my items for free. High quality and reliable shipping costs money. Products are always carefully packed before shipping. Package has a certain weight. And is shipped like a small package, rather than a simple letter. Basic technical characteristics of voltmeter M381: Current type: direct current. Accuracy class: 1.5%. Measuring ranges: - Voltmeter: form 0-75mV to 0-15kV (with additional resistor); - Ammeter: form 0-15mkA to 0-30kA (with additional resistor); (by additional request the devices with 1% accuracy class can be supplied). Dimensions: Setting type: panel. Horizontal or vertical, depending on the order. Front panel dimensions: 120 x 120 x 60mm / / 12 x 12 x 6cm / / 4.72" x 4.72" x 2.36" (L * W * T); Use conditions: Air temperatures: from -40 ˚ C to +60 ˚ C. Humidity: up to 95%. Device’s case: Device is made in high-quality plastic case. Protection degree of device’s case corresponds to IP54: Case is protected from getting dust, rain and water splashes. This allows to use the device in moving objects (trains, ships, electric cars) and outside. For example, these devices are used in ukrainian and russian underground. Front panel material: natural glass scratch resistant. Contains calcium oxide, which provides additional material strength. Overload resistance: Ampere meters and voltmeters M381 withstand current or voltage overload. This device can withstand for 2 hours of load equal to 120% of the upper measurement range limit. Delivery set: - Device M381, 1 pc.; - Clamp, 2 pcs.; - calibrated wires of 0.035Ohm resistance; - Nut (brass coated with nickel), 2 pcs.; - Metal washer (brass coated with nickel), 4 pcs.; - Packing carton box, 1 pc.; - Packing paper, 2 pcs. Please take a look at shunts, transformers and additional resistance at my Ebay store, using the link:ShuntsAdditional ResistanceCurrent Transformers Ammeters, voltmeters, watt meters, var meters, phase meters with other typical sizes are also available in stock: 40х40mm; 48х48mm; 60х60mm; 72х72mm; 80х80mm; 96х96mm; 120х120mm; 160х160mm; 30x30mm; 32х100mm; 37х38mm; 40х21mm; 42х42mm; 50х25mm; 53х46mm; 54х21mm; 63х63mm; 74х26mm; 80x120mm; 83х83mm; 85х85mm; 88х60mm; 90х100mm; 96х30mm; 100х30mm; 120х30mm; 120х60mm; 120х105mm; 121х131mm; 125х110mm; 140х42mm; 144х144mm; 160х30mm; 160х60mm; 160х80mm; 160х140mm; 160х175mm; 230х180mm; 240х30mm; 250x120mm. Device test before shipment:All devices are tested in our certified laboratory before shipment.DC ammeters and voltmeters testing are provided with calibrators (high precision DC generator) P320. Calibrator’s accuracy class is 0.02%. Testing method: selection value of calibrator P320 output signal relative to the nominal value on device M381. Nominal value is that, where the pointer of device M381. Ammeters and voltmeters M381 are more expensive than other cheap analogs. That’s because it has high accuracy and high reliability. Technical characteristics of M381 exceed over characteristics of other cheap devices. If you need reliable, exact and durable measuring device, then you should buy M381. If you are looking for a cheap indicator with low accuracy then choose cheap analog indicators. To make your choice easier, please take a look at a comparative table of device M381 and cheap voltmeter. Parameter M381 Cheap device Accuracy class ±1.5% ±5% or ±2.5% Mean time between failures 92250 hours. (More than 10 years of continuous work) 12500 hours. (1.5 year) Overload resistance The device can withstand for 2 hours of load equal to 120% of the upper measurement range limit. Research was carried out: The device could not withstand for 4 minutes with 120% load. Started to stink, light smoke appeared. Case High-quality, shock resistant plastic. Do not crack or crumble by shocks. Cheap plastic. It cracks from impact or fall. Front panel Natural glass scratch resistant. Contains calcium oxide, which provides additional material strength. 1. Plastic. Has no resistance to scratches and cracks. 2. Glass is not of great strength. Weight 400g. 100g. Weight with package 500g. 110g. Content of non-ferrous and precious metals: - aluminum 54g. 7g. - copper 36g. 9 g. - silver Silvered contacts 0.02g. NO silver. Manufacturer Plant "ZIP", Russia. The plant has an award "The Red Banner of Labor". This award is given only to very powerful plants. Small factory. Manufacturer price per one item about 25USD. 2.5-3USD. Warranty 1 year No warranty or up to 1year. Mostly it’s only work ability guarantee. You should check device during 45 days after payment. If you haven’t found some technical information please take a look at full listing of M381. If you need some additional information please contact me. Ammeter, voltmeter M381 M381 ammeter, voltmeter - panel meter coil system for measuring current and voltage in the DC power lines. Accuracy class: 1.5. Overall dimensions: 120×120×60mm. Vibration, impact resistant, splash-proof. Ammeters M381 and voltmeters M381 have a measuring mechanism of the magnetoelectric system with an in-frame magnet and a movable part on the cores. The measuring ranges of the M381 devices with the zero mark, and how their connection methods: Type of the device The values of the measuring range of devices with the zero mark Connection method at the beginning of the scale mid span Ammeter M381 0.5mA, 0.75mA, 1mA, 3mA, 5mA, 10mA, 15mA, 30mA, 50mA, 75mA, 100mA, 150mA, 300mA, 500mA, 10mA/100mA, 10mA/200mA, 10mA/500mA, 50mA/250mA, 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A from 0.5-0-0,5mA to 150-0-150mA, 300-0-300 mA, 500-0-500mA, from 1-0-1A to 30-0-30A Directly 30A, 50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 300A, 500A, 750A, 1kA, 1.5kA, 2kA, 3kA, 4kA, 5kA, 6kA, 7.5kA from 30-0-30A to 750-0-750A, from 1-0-1kA to 7.5-0-7.5kA With external shunt 75mV and calibrated wires resistance 0.035 Ohm 200A, 400A, 600A, 1kA, 2ka, 3kA, 4ka, 6kA, 8kA, 10kA, 15kA, 20kA, 30kA from 200-0-200A to 600-0-600A, from 1-0-1kA to 30-0-30kA With external shunt 150mV and calibrated wires resistance 0.035 Ohm Voltmeter M381 75mV, 150mV 75-0-75mV, 150-0-150mV 3V, 7.5V, 15V, 30V, 50V, 75V, 150V, 250V, 300V, 400V, 500V, 600V, 750V from 3-0-3V to 0V-750V-750V Directly 1kV, 1.5kV, 3kV, 10kV, 15kV from 1-0-1 kV to 3-0-3kV With the external series resistor The M381 voltmeters and ammeters admit a measurement error of ±1.5% of the end value of the measuring range - for devices with a zero mark on the left and the sum of the end values of the measuring range - for devices with a zero mark in the middle of the scale. Operating conditions M381 Ammeter M381 and voltmeter M381 designed for use at temperatures from -40ºC to +60ºC. Relative air humidity should not exceed 95% (at +35°C). Panel meter M381 are made in a splash-proof body. Positioning and mounting M381 Ammeters M381 and voltmeters M381 are designed for flush mounting on vertical or horizontal panels made of both magnetic and non-magnetic materials. When mounting M381, the following rules must be adhered to: - installation of equipment should be made carefully, without distortions; - the mounting of M381 ammeters and M381 voltmeters on the panel must be rigid and do not create additional loads; - the panel meter should be located away from sources of strong magnetic fields with a strength above 0.4 kA/m; - devices intended for connection to the network with voltage above 650V are mounted on insulators in a place inaccessible to touch. The manufacturer guarantees that the devices meet the requirements of the technical conditions while observing the operating, storage, transportation and installation conditions. The M381 ammeter and M381 voltmeter comply with the requirements ensuring safety of life, consumer health and environmental protection. This device also can be named as: M 381, M-381, ammeter, amp meter, ampmeter, amperemeter, ampermetr, kiloampermeter, miliampermeter, microampermeter, kilo ammeter, miliammeter, microammeter, volt meter, voltmeter, kilovoltmeter, milivoltmeter, panel meter. Photos If necessary we can take photos of a device from various angles. Technical Documentation In case you didn't find in technical specifications for the device all necessary information you are interested in, feel free to contact me. I will look through the technical documentation for the device and I will be happy to consult you. Also I may speak directly with the manufacturer and find out more specific information about this product. If some technical parameters for the device (error, accuracy, measuring range, operating voltage and frequency) do not meet your requirements, please, e-mail me and I will negotiate with the manufacturer whether it is possible to deliver you a device on the desired specifications without a cost increase and in the shortest time. On delivering the device, electric circuit diagrams and all technical documentation for operation, calibration and maintenance will be supplied. Also there will be documents that testify the accuracy and compliance with specifications. In addition, translation of technical documentation into the customer’s language may be discussed. Delivery set On delivering the device will be completely ready for use. There are all necessary cables, adapters, sensors and spare parts as envisaged in technical documentation. Hence, there is no point in purchasing any additional repair & measurement equipment. Warranty Warranty of this item - 12 month. Before sending a device, all devices are checked whether they comply with all technical specifications. Highly qualified metrology engineers carry out the check-up of every instrument at a specialized laboratory and with the help of master gages. If necessary, we can send you photos or video with the check-up process. I ship only fully working devices complying with all parameters. The warranty for this device is 1 year from the date of shipment from my warehouse. Within 1 year term I will provide the repair of the device for free in case of manufacturing defect or when the technical parameters do not comply with technical documentation. You will have to pay only for delivery. When a device is out of order due to your fault (its fall, it is flooded with water, the power supply does not meet the specified technical requirements, input signals exceed the norm, etc.) or there are conspicuous marks of casing opening (broken warranty labels), it is considered a non-warranty repair. Within 1 year term we can advise you for free on the device operation. After-warranty service After the expiration of the warranty I can arrange a paid repair and technical maintenance of a device as well as I can sell you all necessary spare parts for repair at minimum prices. I always have them in stock. Packaging Immediately after checking, the device will be wrapped in several layers of strong air-bubble film and placed into a strong cardboard box. Extra cardboard plates will be used for fixation. If necessary, wooden box or pallet may be used. For a more reliable fixation foam can be applied. The whole box will be placed in a waterproof polyethylene bag which will be wound with several layers of packing tape. A special handle will be made for ease of transportation. Thus, I guarantee qualitative and conscientious packing of the device that reduces to minimum the possibility of damaging during transportation. Discount (from-10% to -90%) I suggest you a device which is unique in its class and price category with the following specifications: accuracy, measurement range, error, temperature operating conditions, endurance and durability (military performance, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or carbolite casing, shock and vibration resistance, high maintainability and reliability), free measuring kit (cables, adapters, load, fuses, etc.), 1 year warranty. Unused cheap devices with the same specifications, accuracy and durability do not exist. If you consider the price for this device unreasonably high, and you know the similar equipment at a lower price, please, let me know. I will help you to compare these two models. In case your model (which is cheaper) is the same as the device I suggest or even it is better, then I guarantee to sell you a unit at that cheaper price with additional 10% discount. Shipping details Please, mind that I ship from Ukraine (Europe, GMT+02:00), so that the shipping time may differ from your local time. I send goods via AirMailpost. App. delivery time: Europe: 7-15 days; USA, Japan&others - 10-2 days (depends on a country). I will ship in 2-3 business days after payment clearance. The goods may also be delivered by the express mail services such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT or EMS. With express delivery you will mostly receive your goods within 3-7 business days. Payment details I expect payment in 4 days after the auction ends. I accept a PayPal payment as the safest way of payment (preferably). If you do not have a PayPal account you can pay by wire transfer to my credit card. Other options of payment are acceptable, for example in case of pickup way of shipping, I can accept cash payment. (This will be an official purchase on eBay). Please, tell me if you cannot pay in time, we can always negotiate it. When purchasing a few items, you’ll save on shipping. Return policy I accept refunds and returns. If there is something wrong with the device, please, inform me within 5 days after receiving it. I will refund your costs or send you the other item, as you wish (after I receive the previous item). Serious bidders only, please! Condition: New – Open box, Brand: M381, Model: M381, MPN: Does Not Apply

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